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MONQ Monthly Horoscope – October Blends

We love sharing new ways to use essential oils to support our lives and happiness. In this new feature, we’re exploring how essential oils can help us through challenges in the month ahead. How will you know what’s ahead? Of course, our horoscopes have long guided people over twists and turns in life. So here, we’re looking at what the seers predict for the month ahead. Then we dig through our treasure chest of powerful essential blends to recommend oils that can help you along this month’s path with ease and success.

monthly horoscopeOctober 2018

October will bring energy into love aspects in your life. Some will find new love interests and other be reminded of past loves. Regardless what the fresh fall air brings into your love life, embrace the lessons and release any pain. Here are some suggestions for essential oils that might help each sign cruise through their love lives this month with ease and light.

Aries the ram, March 21 – April 20

Aries, your stars are predicting reality in your path. This can mean that your current perfect relationship will shift, allowing clarity to go even deeper into knowing and supporting one another.  This reality could also bring temptations and surprises. It’s a great time to draw together and visualize the best for your relationship. Your relationship has its challenges, but you choose to not address them? Well, October might be your month to have to face the problems in your love life and be honest about what is acceptable and healthy for you. All relationships will get a push to address money issues this month in a fresh and open way. We suggest Mountain essential oil blend to support openness, clarity, and awareness in love.

monthly horoscopeTaurus the bull, April 21 – May 20

Taurus, the stars look interesting and even complicated in your love life. You might be feeling like it’s time to shake things up. On the other hand, it might be your partner who is creating a bit of wave in your happy love world.  Passions can be high, but don’t let this get in the way of making clear and compassionate choices. Choose the high road, Taurus. Breathe deeply and do what is best for the long run. We suggest Forest essential oil blend to calm you and your partner with a natural grounding and feeling of peace.

Gemini the twins, May 22 – June 21monthly horoscope

For you single Geminis, there are signs of new love interest in the stars in October. The new moon could bring a person of substance into your life. The challenge is that Venus goes into retrograde and that can seem to block the new possibilities. This new person of interest might be just ending a relationship or might be so wrapped up in a work project that their attentions aren’t totally on you. Keep your eyes open and be patient. We suggest Ocean essential oil blend for patience, encouragement and a feeling of refreshment.

Cancer the crab, June 22 – July 23monthly horoscope

For Cancerians, the stars point to a return to the past in love. A relationship from the past might be reappearing in life or in your memories. This might have been a passionate pairing that went awry, and you never were able to let go. Take this time to savor the good and realistically look at the problems. Will, you let go for good, or reunite in a new healthier way? Trust your inner wisdom and do what is best for you. We suggest Happy essential oil blend for clear vision, intelligence, and joy.

Leo the lion, July 23 – August 23monthly horoscope

Leo, October is going to bring you to a face-to-face in your relationships. You’re in some new phase with your love that has been smooth and free. Now the stars are shining their light in a more real way, so aspects of the relationship that you might have romanticized are now a bit less sweet. It’s a normal progression in all relationships, that the things that seem adorable when new might get a bit more tedious over time. The honeymoon might be over but that doesn’t mean the love is gone. Trust your heart and find your way through the challenges with fairness and love. We suggest Love essential oil blend for tenderness, warmth, and passion.

monthly horoscopeVirgo the maiden, August 24 – September 22

Virgo, get ready to talk about it. Venus retrograde this month for you will be challenged in communication. If you or your partner are keeping secrets, this might be the month when the truth hits the fan, so to speak. Don’t fear. Instead, view this as an opportunity to clear out old energies that no longer serve you and let some fresh air into your love life. We suggest Zen essential oil blend for clear communications, confidence, and calm.

Libra the scales, September 23 – October 23monthly horoscope

Libra, you will get to exercise your self-love powers this month. Venus is a ruling sign for you and when it goes into retrograde, you will not feel your usual self-confidence. If your partner is not right there to shore up your self-esteem, this might be a good month for you both to work on this important part of relating. Finances might also be an issue to keep in focus this month. We suggest Sleepy essential oil blend for self-love, tranquility, and gratitude.

monthly horoscopeScorpio the scorpion, October 24 – November 22

Oh Scorpio, you’ve got your work cut out for you. This month is one of great opportunity for you in love if you’re willing to do some work. You know those little personal monsters that you try to hide? This is a great time to gently open that box you keep them hidden in, face the challenges and grow through them. The work you do will pay off in deeper more open relationships in the future. We suggest Pumpkin Spice essential oil blend for honesty, through calming and encouraging.

Sagittarius the archer, November 23 – December 22monthly horoscope

Sagittarians, your optimistic nature keeps you from seeing some of the darker sides of you and your relationships. This month, your rose-colored glasses are coming off so that you can look at your world with more clarity. Sure, you’ll face some challenges but do it with self-love and kindness. Life and love will always work better once you can see clearly what you need to do. We suggest Vibrant essential oil blend for clarity, energy, and insight.

Capricorn the mountain goat, December 22 – January 20

Capricorn, the stars are shifting for you in a way that will make it a bit harder for you to receive love. Don’t fear this. It’s sometimes helpful to look at ourselves and our relationships with some of the romantic volume turned down. If you’re thinking about beginning a relationship, proceed slowly and gently this month building friendships before making long-term decisions. We suggest Active essential oil blend for balance, grounding and a touch of passion.

Aquarius the water bearer, January 21 – February 18

You too, Aquarius, will find some shifts in energy this month. Temptations may appear for you or your partner. Know that the stars will be connecting your actions to your professional reputation. Tread softly if fiery passions arise, focusing on long-term consequences. Standing by a partner facing a similar snare can result in a deepening of a good relationship as you help each other. We suggest Relieve essential oil blend to soothe the restless energy while balancing and soothing.

Pisces the fish, February 19 – March 20

Oh Pisces, you with the kind heart. You can overlook missteps by the one you love. You are the one to forgive and forget. October signs point to a revisit to some problem that you thought was over. Perhaps an indiscretion that another promised would never happen again is back. It’s your time to turn your loving heart on yourself and do what is best for you. We suggest Sexy essential oil blend for wisdom, intuition, and confidence. This month, our thanks to astrologer Maria DeSimone at for her guidance in interpreting the stars. Photo Credits: MarciaStraub/, TatyanaOkhitiha/, TatianaKost49/

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