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Massage helps with any pain relief

Health & Wellness

Massage: The Answer to Practical Pain Relief

Our bodies create pain using a few different methods. Some of these are a direct result of stimulation from nerve endings. We can see this when we get a cut or bruise. Some of these come from perception. We can “think” ourselves into a state of pain. We can either conceive a notion of pain and therefore bring it into existence, or we can think of something stressful that results in a sensation of pain. Another way pain can come about is through the presence of chemicals and toxins that cause us discomfort and various forms of body aches. Regardless of the source of pain, massage can help us deal with it.

women getting a massage How Massage Helps Relieve Physical Pain

When our muscles get knotted up, pain results. This is due to the way our bodies expect and want our muscles to react and the way they are supposed to sit while at rest. There should be a smooth flow of the muscle tissue throughout the muscle. When this is not the case, the body sends a pain signal alerting us to the problem. Massage directly deals with this issue 1 . The massage helps treat the abnormally shaped muscle by returning it to a shape that the body interprets as appropriate. When this is accomplished, there is no longer a need for the pain signal to be sent, and things return to normal. If the muscle is too drastically massaged, however, this can cause minor injury that can create more pain. It is very important, therefore, to make sure the massage is done to the right degree. Otherwise, the person can end up worse than they were when they came in.

Massage and Mental Pain: Relaxation is Key

Relaxation is an important part of the massage. If the muscles around the target area are not relaxed, the target area may get tense we well. When the muscle is tense, it’s going to resist attempts to put it back in the position it needs to be in. Muscle tension can stem from a variety of sources. It can come from the muscle having a problem itself, such as an injury or a cramp. However, more often it is due to it being actively contracted by the brain. This is where things such as essential oils can come into play. Essential oils help relax the entire body and mind. If this is done, the entire body will be better prepared for massage. This way, the target area, which is likely tense due to physical reasons, can be focused on because the muscles around it are relaxed and therefore not affecting it. Without preparation that involves relaxation, the massage therapist may have to spend an inordinate amount of time getting the surrounding muscles to relax enough to be able to start treating the muscles that need it most. Essential oils prepare not just a specific area, but the whole body. In addition, they can be used to target specific areas as well, being massaged in to stimulate an enhanced state of relaxation 2 .

The Eradication of Toxins Through Massage

Our bodies are filled with hundreds of different types of fluids and chemicals. Most of these are necessary, and we use them on a daily basis to perform essential activities. However, there are many that are harmful. They come from the things we eat, the air we breathe, the things we drink and even things absorbed through our skin. Usually, with proper exercise and a healthy diet, we can flush out these toxins without much trouble. However, sometimes they can get trapped. They get stored inside the fibers of our bodies and they can cause us significant pain and discomfort. The good news is that once the toxins are kicked out of “storage,” they get expunged by our bodies naturally through sweat or other bodily waste management functions. Our muscles, packed with intricate fibers, are a perfect storehouse for toxins. Toxins can deposit themselves deep within our muscles and sit there for long periods of time. Massage can help get them out.

How Massage Works to Free Toxins

The fibers of our muscles are much like those of the meat we eat. They are of various lengths and thicknesses, and they connect to each other and work together. They are also very flexible. When put under stress, unless the stress is extreme, they just stretch and return back to their original shape without a problem. When we massage muscle, we are making it stretch in several directions. As the muscles stretch, the spaces between the thousands of fibers are made bigger. This allows anything inside the spaces to come out. This can include toxins. Once the muscles are worked, the fibers stretched, and the spaces between them opened, the toxins can then exit the muscle and go into the bloodstream or the skin. The body can then process them and kick them out. However, without the help of massage, some toxins may take a very long time to exit. This can cause complications that can result in pain. The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to pain is in the cases when it can be eliminated, the source of the pain must be the focal point, not the symptoms. Pain relievers like ibuprofen are great for some types of pain, particularly when the pain cannot be avoided. However, very often, these are not getting to the source of the pain. Hence, when the medication wears off, the pain returns, and sometimes it’s worse than before. Freeing the body of toxins through the use of massage can help to stop the pain at its source.

How Massage Helps Relieve Pain-Causing Pressure

When our bodies are under pressure, pain can be an agonizing byproduct. Massage can help relieve pressure and return us to a state of comfort. This is how it works. As the area that is under pressure is massaged, the fibers are moved around and the causes of the pressure are eliminated. For instance, if a balled up muscle is causing pressure to be applied to surrounding muscle tissue, the smoothing of the ball will get rid of the pressure. Or if there are several areas in a sequence that are misaligned, massage can fix this and get everything back into order.

woman getting a massage with essential oils It is also important to consider the mental “pressure” massage can help relieve. This can easily be transformed into physical pressure and pain if it’s not dealt with. The use of essential oils during massage helps not just the body, but the mind, relax. In a state of relaxation, the mind is not telling muscles to tense up or otherwise misshape themselves. The effect of essential oils on the mind, therefore, spreads to the entire body, putting it in a state where it’s ready to receive treatment. Further, treatment can be minimized because the relaxation may get rid of the problem altogether.

Essential oils are the key, for many people, to helping the body return to a state of healthful equilibrium. This may be a condition with which your body is unfamiliar, particularly if you’ve been under stress for a considerable amount of time. Thankfully, essential oils can be your own personal shortcut to a place of overall well being.

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