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Massage: Are The Effects More Than Skin Deep?

If you're anything like me, just the thought of a truly good massage has a way of relaxing you and bringing a smile to your face. While the effects of massage in stress relief, muscle maintenance, and overall physical well-being are well known, what about the effects on the skin itself? This is an interesting thought, and while there haven't been a slew of studies done on the physical effects of massage on skin, there has been at least some preliminary research on the topic.

While massage can be an amazing healing tool, figuring out its full benefits can be difficult. The effectiveness can vary from person to person and based on the specific situation being dealt with. Some people respond more readily while others are naturally very tense and need to be eased into it. That being said, massage has been proven in a variety of studies to provide healing benefits such as pain relief, faster recovery from injury, reducing stress, and relieving anxiety, among others. 1

 width= Can Massage Make You Look Younger?

Many of us have heard rumors about massage making you look younger and more youthful. While this sounds like a great benefit, depending on the source of that information you might wonder just how much credence you should actually put into it.

While you should rightfully look at any extreme claims with some strong skepticism, the good news is that there are some very real benefits in the youth/looks department when it comes to massage. Massage can stimulate blood flow, it helps relax tense muscles, and it can provide a healthier overall look. It is important to note that there are many different types of massage and the type that you decide to undertake can make a difference when it comes to the amount of effect you see.

The direct skin contact and treatment that comes from massage means your systems function better from pores to sweat glands to your body's natural mechanisms for taking care of things like dry or flaky skin. 2 All of these lead to a more vibrant and youthful look.

How Does Massage Contribute To A Youthful  width= Appearance?

On the medical side of things this happens because of a variety of small impacts of massage that work together to create a huge overall difference. Massage helps plump up skin that has gone slack, increases blood flow, stimulates oil glands, as well as really encouraging an overall healthy skin tone. 3

These are all remarkable physical benefits that help explain why massage can make such a big difference. Getting rid of slack skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increased blood flow means a healthier overall look, and bad skin from acne and dried skin occurs from clogged oil glands. When they are functioning normally, you are going to simply look better than you otherwise would.

This is even before taking into consideration the fact that when massage helps more serious physical ailments like controlling blood pressure and reducing stress, that the side effects from those that age you are no longer in play. That alone can have a powerful "anti-aging" effect on the appearance of many of us.

On the non-physical or non-medical side, the relaxation that comes from ridding yourself of stress and anxiety, or getting rid of pain, can lead to a more relaxed and naturally happy facial expression, which will often appear more youthful. When you feel better, you look better. When you feel stressed and tired, you'll look stressed and tired.

That's the common sense thought that actually works here and is backed up by the science behind how massage affects the body. There's a reason that so many dermatologists look to facial massage as an all-important part of healthy skin anti-aging treatments. 4

So What Does This Mean?

While there's already a lot to love about massage, the fact that consistently scheduled massage can lead to better skin is an added bonus that is hard to argue with. While massage is not a miracle cure that will completely transform skin overnight, as part of a larger anti-aging treatment regimen you will definitely see some impressive results.

Since you're going to enjoy the relaxing benefits from massage anyway, why not add it in as part of your weekly practices to look and feel younger? Many find that massage therapy, especially when coupled with aromatherapy, does wonders.

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