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How You Can Use Trigger Points in Massage Therapy|A physio gives myotherapy using trigger points on athlete woman|young man getting a temple massage|Calf leg pain, man holding sore and painful muscle

Health & Wellness

How You Can Use Trigger Points in Massage Therapy

A study completed by the American Massage Therapy Association states only 15 percent of all Americans have received massage therapy. 1 This is an unfortunate number and illustrates the wide gap between the number of people taking advantage of massages and the number of people missing out.

With this in mind, it's important to dig deeper into the nuances of massage therapy, trigger points, and how it can be beneficial over the long-term.

A physio gives myotherapy using trigger points on athlete woman What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points refer to spots in the body where all of the symptoms resonate. 2

For example, let's imagine that you are suffering from radiating back pain, and it's becoming a serious problem. Most people will start massaging the general area (i.e. your back), however, it's the trigger point that matters most.

This is the source of your pain, and it has to be tackled for prominent relief. This trigger point is the actual cause of your discomfort, and the pain signals are simply a reaction/symptom of this issue. Instead of massaging the symptom, why not go after the trigger point?

Massage therapists are trained to pinpoint these trigger points all over the body and will make sure to handle them appropriately. A lot of research has been conducted into the idea of trigger points, and it has gained tremendous traction among specialists. Most treatment plans now incorporate the use of these trigger points and make an effort to focus on them during a session.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

To better understand the importance of trigger points, it's best to focus on the overarching concept of massage therapy. This is an age-old solution that has been passed down from generation to generation because of the convenience it offers. It's an all-natural solution that is equipped to handle the rigorous nature of pain in your tissues, tendons, and muscles.

With this in mind, here's a look at how massage therapy can help you, especially when the right trigger points are treated.

young man getting a temple massage Relaxes the Muscles

Your muscles become rigid over time, and this is a natural occurrence in people of all ages.

The muscles can become rigid for a number of reasons, and it's essential to get rid of this tension as soon as possible. Most people will resort to simpler solutions, (i.e. heated pads) but those don't get to the crux of the matter. For anyone that is serious about treating their inflexible muscles, the journey begins with a well-directed massage therapy session. This is the only way to go after those key trigger points and loosen the muscles as much as possible.

It often takes more than a few sessions to get rid of those unwanted knots in your body, but it is well worth the effort as time goes on. Most people do find relief with the help of nothing more than a few of these sessions.

Provides Psychological Relief

Along with the physical relief that comes with the help of massage therapy sessions, it's also important to note the psychological angle at play. Many people enjoy the relaxing nature of lying down and getting a massage from someone certified to do the job. This is a game-changer in their eyes and is truly an exciting proposition. When the right trigger points are massaged, it can provide a tremendous amount of relief.

This alone is why so many people around the world appreciate the idea of getting a massage from a professional. It simply works.

Maintains Healthy Circulation

Many people complain about their blood circulation not being as good as it was before. This is normal during the aging process, but it's not something to ignore. You want to act quickly and make sure your body is in prime condition. To do this, massage therapy provides a wonderful list of benefits for you to enjoy. The therapy is going to involve making sure blood flow is a specified benefit of each session.

As the blood starts reaching different parts of the body, it will ease some of the tension in the body. Many people note a difference in how they feel, move, and simply live life.

Prevents Cramping of Muscles

Calf leg pain, man holding sore and painful muscle When a muscle starts to cramp up a lot, it is often assumed to be a sign of dehydration. Indeed, dehydration is a major cause of concern in these cases, but it isn’t always the only problem.

In fact, some people simply cramp up because the muscle is rigid and stuck in a place that is only going to lead to natural discomfort. To tackle this problem, massage therapy is a great way to get on top of things.

Improves Sleep Quality

There are certain aspects of your sleep pattern that can become hindered during your daily routine. This happens all the time, and people don't realize it until it's too late. When the body doesn't feel right, it is going to lead to a bout of insomnia that is difficult to shake off.

To overcome this problem, massage therapy is often recommended. When done right, this is a great way to ease the tension in your body and simply let loose for a while.


In the end, massage therapy is one of the most powerful options available to people and should be used for the improvement of your health. With a better understanding of trigger points and how they work, it's a lot easier to pinpoint why massage therapy is such a great option to consider on a day-to-day basis.

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