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Helpful Advice for Women's Fitness and Health|women supporting women|healthy salad|womans abdominal area

Health & Wellness

Helpful Advice for Women’s Fitness and Health

The path to formidable fitness and better health is paved by daily exercise routines. For women, fitness is about much more than just maintaining a flattering figure. Regularly engaging the body in physical activities benefits the mind, wards off disease, and can lead to a balanced lifestyle.

Exercise throughout a lifetime is essential to avoiding the onset of diabetes, heart conditions, and osteoporosis. Studies have also found that women who exercise regularly found a measure of relief to the symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT). 1

But even more importantly, exercise does wonders for the sense of self-esteem and confidence. Beyond looking great, exercise infuses your life with a sense of accomplishment and greatly enhances the self-image. 2

Of course, most women are fully aware of these benefits. The biggest difficulty for most is choosing an effective approach. With all the theories and philosophies about health and fitness these days, it can be hard to find a favorable option and even discouraging if expectations aren’t met.

To avoid all this, the following article provides a handy guide to establishing a firm foundation for fitness through regular exercise. If you have been struggling to get that essential first step just right, some of the following tips and pointers can set your feet on the path to unimaginable physical accomplishment.

women supporting women

Fundamentals for Women’s Fitness

Address Stress Levels

Much of the initial difficulty with beginning and maintaining a healthy fitness routine will be mental . Adding a demanding exercise routine to an already stressed lifestyle can have negative outcomes. Stress can lead to a large number of health conditions and is even a major cause of weight gain. This can be quite counterproductive to your objectives as a fitness enthusiast.

Stress can also throw a carefully laid dietary plan off kilter and this can affect energy levels, exercise routines and moral. If you are feeling stressed and especially if you are feeling this way because of your fitness plans, slow down. You may want to readjust your plans. 3

Consider Your Objectives

One of the best ways to eliminate stress from the equation is by re-examining your expectations. Goals for specific measurements and weight in 3 weeks will lead to frustration and feelings of inadequacy. The fact is that your path to fitness will be unique. Taking a slow intuitive approach will give you a “feel” for the true progress indicators that will guide you to attainment.

Begin with some long-term goals like increased strength, reduced weight , greater endurance, or improved flexibility. Then make some short-term goals that focus on discipline and commitment to your goals. Begin with two-weeks of completing a specific exercise routine a set amount of times a week. After this, you will be able to decide to continue or swap this routine out for some other exercise routine that suits your long-term goals better.

healthy salad

Stop Dieting and Start Eating

Sadly, the first thing that pops into the mind when considering improved fitness is the oppression of a diet. This highly negative notion is exacerbated by determined exercise efforts being fueled by a scant diet and undernourished body. While calorie deficiency is an important aspect of weight loss efforts, this is not a license for starvation.

Any path to better health and fitness must be built on a sustainable plan to get all the nutrients and proper fuel from healthy food sources. While diet plans can help provide a healthy outline, it is up to the individual to ensure their needs for muscle and brain fuel. Vital nutrients and even enjoyable treats can be eaten but within a healthy balance.

On this note, beware of the popular “cleanse” which so many spas and health centers extoll for better health by toxin elimination. The truth is your body will eliminate wastes and toxins just fine without you starving yourself and the key lies in getting plenty of fiber, water, and raw veggies along with regular meals. Studies have also found that calorie deficits exceeding 1200 calories can lead to higher levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the drug released in times of stress and we’ve discussed what a setback that can be. 4

Actually, the best way to begin eliminating arsenic, cadmium, lead and other toxins from the body is by exercising and working up a sweat. 5

Choosing Your Routines

Look over those objectives you had at the beginning of your fitness plans to decide which exercise routines will be the most efficacious to your final goals. Experts recommend selecting a variety of exercises that provide cardio and resistance training to ensure that the heart, lungs, joints, and muscle systems are regularly energized and activated.

The primary advantage of switching through exercise routines is that it keeps you from becoming bored. Boredom can lead to skipping sessions, lack of enthusiasm, and even a wandering mind which could potentially lead to wasted effort and minor injuries or strains. Changing the way you engage muscles also allows you to avoid the progress plateaus that can leave you feeling lost. 6

Consider Expert Advice

No matter who you are or how far along your path to fitness you may be, the benefit of professional guidance can’t be underestimated. Taking the time to discuss your plans for better fitness with a qualified medical professional, nutritionist, or physical fitness advisor will go a long way in helping you attain those long term goals. This can provide valuable insights into the foods, routines, and supplements that can speed you on your way.

womans abdominal area

Final Notes on Women’s Fitness

The most important components of your ongoing plan for fitness will be plenty of fun and enjoyment. A big part of this is making sure you have the right clothes, shoes, equipment, and environment for your regular physical performance.

Comfortable shoes and proper exercise clothing keep you safe and supported in your movements reducing the potential for injury. Furthermore, snug fitting gym clothes allow you to keep an eye on your form and executions during your routine ensuring the most gains for your efforts.

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