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Health & Wellness

Healthy Relationships and Your Personal Wellness

Throughout daily interactions with coworkers, friends, family, spouses, and pets, it is no surprise that healthy relationships may surround your everyday life. Having healthy relationships among those you come in contact with throughout your life has certain qualities that can affect your wellness in a positive way. While each individual may have a different definition of a healthy relationship, generally speaking, there are qualities that you should be aware of, so that you can build stronger and more meaningful relationships in your life. Let’s take a look at some qualities that are often involved in healthy relationships and how they can potentially affect your wellness.

What are the Qualities of Healthy Relationships?


One of the best qualities you should look for in a healthy relationship is support. Support can range from however it is needed given a particular scenario, but it seems that whenever you are down about something or under undue stress, support can be a big booster. Studies have shown that emotional support provided through your healthy relationships can enhance your psychological well-being. 1 This benefit of emotional support may be enough to prevent bad, or risky, behaviors that can harm health and wellness. Not to mention, these studies indicate that emotional support may be vital for preventing mental health issues as well. Considering that support is such a strong quality in a healthy relationship, it is important to be able to recognize when you are receiving the support and you should consider being a source of emotional support in your relationships as well.

woman and man talking while having coffee Communication

Communication is a vital aspect in everyday life and there are many ways in which we communicate with others throughout the day. The most common form of communication is verbal, however, there are additional forms of communication that can give off signals that affect your relationships. Your body language, gestures, even your feelings can all be a part of healthy communication. A healthy relationship has been defined as feeling safe in communicating feelings, listening to each other, and feeling a sense of value throughout the relationship. 2 With this in mind, a healthy relationship can exist provided you feel safe in talking about anything with your spouse, partner, family, friends, etc. The point is to feel as though you are in a safe zone and to provide this same zone to others you are in contact with.


This can be hard for some, but having a good sense of self-esteem can help to boost wellness in a healthy relationship. Self-esteem is the ability to believe in your own actions which are closely related to confidence. Having a strong sense of confidence, or self-esteem, can lead to healthy behaviors in your relationships and it could lead to taking better care of yourself and doing the things needed to live a healthy life. One way to boost self-esteem in a relationship is to receive or to give support whenever needed. Studies have shown this exact finding, as support within healthy relationships predicted overall better self-esteem. 3 If you want to boost your overall wellness and you currently have healthy relationships, consider providing support in these connections as a way to help boost self-esteem among these individuals.

woman and man in library Take Interests

It should not be surprising, but finding interests in the activities of those in your relationships may be a healthy way to boost overall wellness. It seems that showing genuine care for another’s interests can be a way to nurture a healthy relationship. 4 This may seem easy if you have often found yourself in healthy relationships and fortunately, taking an interest in what others find interesting is a great way to make new friends as well. Consider taking an interest in your spouse’s activities provided that you actually enjoy the activity, as a way to boost the strength of your relationship.


The last important quality listed here is one that should go without any explanation. Respect is often considered to be the most important element in building a healthy relationship. 5 Respect can have various meanings, but elements of this important quality should involve not pressuring others, respecting the opinions of others, as well as having self-respect. In order to be able to respect others, you should have an idea on how to respect yourself, meaning you don’t place yourself in situations in which you are not comfortable. Consider taking a close approach with respect so that you can build healthy relationships throughout your life.

What are Qualities of Unhealthy Relationships?

This section is simply to give notice that unhealthy relationships do occur, even if you are not actively trying to do so. Let’s take a quick glance at some unhealthy traits that you should avoid in your personal relationships.

Thinking you are better than someone else

This is something that closely ties into respect and support in your relationships and it can lead to poor behaviors as a result.

no trust sign No Trust

If you do not trust those in your personal relationships then this could quickly spiral into an unhealthy relationship.

Controlling Behaviors

One aspect that presents in unhealthy relationships is controlling the behaviors of others.


Criticizing others should go without any explanation, but criticizing others is an unhealthy and negative pattern in any social interaction.


Similar to being critical described above, anger in a relationship is unhealthy, negative, and can lead to bad behaviors.

Defining your Wellness with Healthy Relationships

The information above should give you some direction on how to build and nurture healthy relationships throughout your life. Building healthy relationships can help to boost your overall wellness through social interactions, but consider information about social and emotional wellness and how it can affect your health.

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