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Guide for Using Meditation Crystals

Meditation can be very beneficial for anyone. Not only can it prove to be useful for the mind, but it is also helpful for the body and spirit. Meditation is a practice that can help individuals release negative energy and really clear the head of thoughts that might be suppressing positive energy.

Along with this, it can help the body and mind better relax. However, when you combine the powers of meditation with crystals, which have inherent benefits on their own, you are able to really make your meditation sessions that much more effective. In addition to crystals, try adding relaxation-inducing essential oils to your practice for optimal effects.

There are different meditation crystals that you could choose from in order to maximize your meditation sessions, and each can provide you with different energies. Below is a brief guide on which crystals would serve your purposes best and an overview on how to use crystals to enhance your meditation sessions.

Meditation Crystals Choosing the Right Crystals

The first thing step you'll need to take when you are looking to leverage the power of crystals in your meditation sessions would be to choose the right crystals that feature the right properties that are aligned with your personal energy.

There are many factors that you will want to consider when you are looking for the right crystal. Two of the most beneficial crystals for meditation are selenite and quartz crystals. Each of these crystals features strong energetic properties making them very effective for enhancing your focus and energy during each session. 1

Set Your Intentions

Once you have chosen the right crystals to include in your sessions, you’ll want to hold the crystals directly in your hands and allow them to give you energy. Throughout this process, you should be visualizing your intentions in order to provide the crystals with the proper guidance on where the energy should be directed.

Ideally, you will know exactly what the purpose is of your meditation sessions so you can redirect the energy to the right space. For instance, if you are practicing meditation for pain management, you can direct the energy towards the pain. On the other hand, if you are meditating for reducing stress, you will want to focus on calming your mind and relaxing. Doing this will allow the crystals energy to flow optimally during your meditation sessions.

Breathing Is Key Meditation Crystals

As with all of your meditation sessions, breathing is key. You want to focus on your breath while you are meditating with crystals just as you would without. A good way to do this is to close your eyes so you have limited distractions. You also want to give yourself all of the time that you need. Rushing the process is not going to allow you to really visualize what you need and to restore energy directed from the crystals. 2


Overall, meditation alone can be a powerful way to cleanse your mind and body. However, by combining your meditation efforts with the right crystals, you should be able to truly enhance the benefits that you are able to get out of each and every session.

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