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Exploring the Quartz Crystal

In the busy, modern world, there has recently been a renewed interest in learning knowledge from ancient times. While the past may seem simpler, there is a complexity in these older healing practices which are being used more and more in the world today.

The first article on this topic provided a basic overview of crystals and healing stones. In these expansion articles, it’s time to dig deeper.

 quartz Quartz Crystal

One crystal stands alone—universal, powerful, ubiquitous, lustrous, and beautiful. It’s sensible to devote this entire article to this one type of healing stone for its many strengths. With a deeper understanding of this one healing stone, you gain knowledge that will give you a greater appreciation of all crystals.

Quartz crystals are piezoelectric and pyroelectric, meaning they give off energy with pressure or heat. The pressure of a warm hand will activate these healing gems. Beyond emitting energy, they can amplify, focus, store, transfer, and transform energy. Energy can refer to body energy or power of thoughts.

Some use quartz crystals to call in power or wisdom from as far away as the stars. Others use them to assist in intimate communication with plants and animals. These connectors can help synchronize beings with universal wisdom. 1 Welcome these energy sources into your life.

Quartz is a purifier of the body, thoughts, and spirit. In these ways, it can be a helpful tool with persistent habits and promoting energy of love and harmony. Crystals can be worn, carried, or simply placed in your environment. Their energies have been recorded with Kirlian photography, showing an overall increase in energy of a large area around a crystal. Keep them nearby and enjoy the effects.

Configurations quartz

While the basic look of a crystal is known by many, there are many variations in configuration. These variations can give you a clue to better ways of using each crystal.

Basic Formations

Single Point

A single point crystal is any crystal with just one pointed end. Good to move or direct energy or just to keep nearby.

Double Terminated

A double-terminated crystal is a crystal with a point on each end, able to move energy in the direction of either end or in both directions at once.


Clusters are groups of single pointed crystals that grow as a group. These crystals can enhance peace and harmony in groups.

More Complex Formations

Barnacle Crystals

Barnacle crystals contain one larger crystal with smaller ones on it. Helpful for meditation and working with community challenges.

Bridge Crystal

Bridge crystals present one large crystal with a smaller crystal on it which penetrates the larger one. Excellent for connecting the inner and outer worlds.

Channeling Crystals

Channeling crystals have a large seven-sided face on the termination end with a triangular face opposite it. They serve as a way to connect with information from higher sources within or from other planes.


Elestials have natural terminations all over the face of an etched or layered crystal. These crystals assist in connecting heart and intellect and uniting with the higher self.

Enhydro Crystals

Enhydro crystals have a pocket of water trapped inside. In some unusual specimens, there is also a pocket of air so as the crystal is moved, you can see the bubble move.

Etched Crystals

Etched crystals have abrasion lines on their surfaces. These lines sometimes appear as a sort of hieroglyphics. Record keepers have raised, perfectly aligned triangles on their surfaces. Tabby crystals have notches on a flat side which are thought to transfer information when a fingernail is dragged across them. All these crystals are said to carry information on healing from ancient civilizations including Lemuria and Atlantis.

Faden Crystals

Faden crystals contain one or many white threads inside. They are excellent for strengthening connections.

Generator Crystal

Generator crystals have six crystal faces joined together on the termination end and are considered powerful energy generators.


Geodes are created in hollow areas of soil or in bubbles in volcanic rock. Minerals form a hard outer shell which looks like any rock, but the inside is entirely lined with crystals. Geodes can be large enough to actually stand up in like a small cave.

Laser Wand Crystals

Laser wand crystals are long slender crystals with small facets on the end. Often, the termination end is the larger end and sometimes these crystals are curved from forces during their growth. They are excellent connectors in meditation and for directing energy.

Manifestation Crystal

A manifestation crystal has another smaller crystal totally enclosed in a larger crystal. A related and more common phenomenon is the phantom crystal which has a partial crystal or a crystal shape or shadow visible within a larger one. They help facilitate creativity, agriculture, and creating positive change in any area of life.

Rainbow Crystal

Rainbow crystals have internal fractures in the crystal which produce prismatic rainbow effects. They are wonderful for overcoming negativity and recognizing the love in life.

Transmitter Crystals

Transmitter crystals have two symmetrical seven-sided faces with a perfect triangle located between them. These crystals are thought to be well attuned to sending messages and requests to others on this plane or elsewhere.

Twin Crystals

Twin crystals are two stones of similar size which have grown together in parallel alignment. Sometimes, these crystals are called companion crystals and are powerful in relationship building.

Window Crystals

Window crystals have a large diamond-shaped window on the center front of the crystal. These crystals are thought to be teachers and call you to gaze into the window.

quartz Color Variations

While known by their common names, all the following crystals are known as special forms of quartz. Often, they are formed by inclusions of other minerals or the presence of minerals while the crystals were growing.

Amethyst – A crystal with light to dark shades of purple, a multi-purpose powerhouse.

Citrine – A crystal that is golden yellow to reddish orange, thought by some to bring wealth.

Dendritic Quartz – Has branching shapes inside the crystal resembling trees or moss, facilitates a closeness with nature.

Golden Healer – A quartz crystal with a transparent golden yellow mineral coating.

Rose quartz – Lovely shade of rose pink resonating with the heart chakra and thought to call love.

Rutilated Quartz – Contains threads or needle-like inclusions of rutile or sagenite. Good for getting to the root of a problem.

Smokey Quartz – Light to dark shade of warm grey-brown, an intense but gentle balancer that is wonderful in meditation.


When people are just beginning to learn about crystals and healing stones, they often start with a quartz crystal. That is a wise place to begin because of the universality of this crystal. Get to know quartz crystals and you’ll likely not want to be too far away from one for long.

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