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Explore How Crystals Can Help Alleviate Stress

In ancient times, humans were definitely under constant stress. They were exposed to the elements and the dangers of the wild, in addition to lacking many of the modern conveniences that help individuals today feel safe in their environments.

Even so, the modern world is equally stress-filled, just with a different type of stress that is near-chronic. Consequently, this persistent stress has resulted in a decline in the mental health of some individuals, contributing to conditions like anxiety. The reasons for this condition are numerous. However, there are both natural and pharmaceutical ways to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. An exploration of how crystals can help alleviate anxiety symptoms is outlined below.

Causes of Chronic Modern Anxiety

During ancient times, anxiety was usually experienced temporarily because of environmental conditions or when experiencing imminent danger. On the other hand, modern individuals often experience chronic anxiety that is brought about because of lifestyle, work-related issues, and other emotional and psychological conditions. Some examples of what a person can experience when having an anxiety attack include shortness of breath, dizziness, elevated heart rate, and other similar symptoms. 1

Common modern causes that bring about anxiety include stress from personal relationships, work, finances, or school. Personal tragedies such as a death in the family or someone close to you can also bring about anxiety attacks. If someone finds that they have a serious medical issue, this is something else that can bring about these type of attacks.

In many parts of the world, the abuse of prescription drugs and the use of illicit drugs can cause chronic anxiety. Abusing prescription drugs or using elicit ones can bring about feelings of guilt, lead to financial difficulties, and cause erratic behavior that may result in anxiety.

As a person experiences any of the above issues, they may find their lives spiraling out of control emotionally. They lose their inner calm, and life feels overwhelming. Disorders related to anxiety have become one of the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Tens of millions of adults in the U.S. are affected by anxiety disorders.

The Benefits of Calming Crystals

Crystals are believed to have been a part of the Earth from the earliest of times. In fact, it is likely that they formed even before most other life forms. Human beings have used crystals for a variety of purposes throughout history. One of the ways in which crystals are used is to establish grounding and a sense of inner peace. It is believed that certain crystals have frequencies of energy that help the body relax.

It is very common for those who are seeking natural methods to relieve anxiety to try meditation. This type of practice is indeed highly recommended for the relief of anxiety. One of the problems experienced when starting to practice meditation is a person's inability to quiet the mind and find peace. This is one of the ways in which crystals can help a great deal. The frequencies within the crystals help bring a balance to the body and mind and allows for a deeper level of healing.

Four Crystals That Can Help Relieve Anxiety

The energy and frequency within the different crystals will connect with the energy and frequency within a person's body and mind, and this opens the person so that they can transform. As a person becomes more in tune with themselves, they find that they are able to relax. There are several different crystals that are considered useful for the relief of anxiety. 2

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz

Anxiety is a condition often brought about by fear. A person fears that they don't have enough money to maintain their lifestyle or pay their bills, that their job is in jeopardy, or that their marriage is falling apart. These and other similar examples are all reasons why a person begins to feel afraid, and that fear leads can lead to anxiety attacks.

Rose quartz is a crystal related to love, kindness, and compassion. The use of this crystal produces a vibration that helps root out fear, and this brings about a state of calmness. Once a person begins to feel calm and they see the world from a state of love, the anxiety will dissipate. The more often a person finds themselves in this calm and loving state, the more easily they will be able to return to it at will.

Amethyst Amethyst

This stone's frequency is thought to allow a person to connect with their guardian angel and spiritual plane. This means that you are able to get spiritual guidance and begin to feel that you are not alone, helping fear and anxiety dissipate. The use of this crystal produces reassuring energy and relieves stress. It is believed that the energy from the stone will help open a person's third eye and it will focus and balance the energy of the mind.

The energy of this crystal removes a person's chaotic thoughts and worries. Once a person has a clear and calm mind, they will find that their fear and anxiety melt away. Often, the negative energy produced by a chaotic and fearful mind goes beyond the person. They will often create a home and work environment that is cluttered and equally chaotic. This builds up a certain amount of negative energy. The use of this crystal will relieve some of that chaos.

Chrysocolla Chrysocolla

This beautiful stone is said to resemble the Earth itself. As a feminine stone, it is considered to have a motherly vibration that is calming and protective. This is a crystal that many people keep with them just for the purpose of holding on to when they begin to experience an anxiety attack.

When anxiety is being brought about due to fear of having to confront someone over some matter or because you need to know how to say the right thing, then this is the stone that will help bring you comfort. If you are trying to set appropriate boundaries or to get your point across, then this stone will create an energy that helps reassure you and give you the confidence you need to allow your feelings of anxiety to dissipate.

Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline

This crystal is said to contain a frequency that provides protection. Some people will place these in several rooms throughout the home, and if they have children, they will definitely put it in their children's rooms. This crystal is believed to protect against electromagnetic fields. With all the electrical devices that are used in the modern era, it is believed that this is causing an imbalance in the mind and body that is in turn leading to chronic conditions such as anxiety.

Using this stone can help block some of the harm caused by these electromagnetic waves. It also helps to remove negative energy and chaotic conditions. In turn, it creates an atmosphere of positive energy and gives you a feeling of abundance.


Throughout the world, the therapeutic use of crystal is more commonplace than you may think. The Community Health Center, a teaching hospital in Pakistan, conducted a substantial survey to see how individuals in the community viewed crystals from a therapeutic standpoint. Close to 90 percent of those surveyed were aware that this type of therapy was available and almost 40 percent believed that it was beneficial. One-fourth of individuals surveyed were found to be active users of gemstone therapy. 3

This survey is just one that demonstrates the widespread awareness of this type of therapy. It is most commonly used by those interested in natural remedies, as well as those with certain social or spiritual beliefs. As part of effective alternative medicine, it is seen as powerful therapy.

There are many different crystals that are used for bringing about a state of calmness. Each person will find that they will resonate with different ones and should actively look for the stone that really speaks to them.

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