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Essential Oils Meet Crystal Grids

You have crystals. You have essential oils. Today, you get to learn a way to work with these tools in a new and more powerful way. In aromatherapy, we blend oils to accomplish what a single oil cannot, or to accomplish some shift more quickly and easily. Crystal grids are a bit of the same. Combining the energy of several stones or crystals can create more power. Then to pair a grid with essential oils only works to enhance the effects of both.

crystal grid What Is a Crystal Grid?

In nature, crystals are located all over our planet. The energies of all these stones create part of our energy system here on earth. 1 When a stone is removed from its natural location and relocated to, for example, your desk it will retain its original energy and some connection to all the other crystals on the planet. With this basic concept, we can expand on the energy of crystals we have in our homes by thinking of how they are connected energetically with one another and how to enhance those connections.

Crystal grids magnify the energy of crystals through several types of arrangements. Crystal grids can be aligned by:

  • Geometry based on environment (four corners of your home or room),

  • Basic shapes (squares, circles, hearts)

  • Sacred geometry (a very deep field of study of specific patterns in nature which have precise mathematical roots)

  • Intuition or what is pleasing to the eye.

Many operate by one or more of these methods. Choose whatever feels right to you at the moment.

Types of Crystal Grids

There are many approaches to creating a grid. From the largest perspective, there are groups of people all over the world who work to grid our planet with carefully placed patterns of crystals. Their intention is to help support our environment and the planet’s energy. They hope to promote peace, environmental health or just to raise the consciousness of all sentient beings. If that idea resonates with you, try an internet search for planetary crystal grid.

On a more localized level, let’s talk about making grids in our own environments. A crystal grid can be as big as your home or your property and as small as the palm of your hand. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Arrangements in shapes crystal grid

A grid might be thought of as an arrangement of straight lines but don’t let that limit your ideas. Stones and crystals can be arranged by the shape of squares, circles, triangles but also in figure eight (infinity symbol) or in a heart shape. 2 Two overlapping circles might appeal if you are trying to empower a combining of two things (home and family or maybe blending two families.) The space you have to work with, and even the stones themselves, might suggest a shape to you. Be open to the possibilities

crystal grid Sacred geometry

Another way to enhance the power of crystals is to arrange them in accordance to patterns which appear throughout history and in nature. These shapes are referred to as sacred geometry.

I’ll include just two here to hopefully whet your appetite for this very fascinating subject. The first is called the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is a series of overlapping circles. Many see in the Flower of Life a symbol that represents the cycle of creation. To some, this design shows that all life and consciousness arises from one source, relating source with the first circle. It is found in art and writings of many world religions.

To work with the flower of life, print it out and ponder it. You could place stones at the intersections of the flowers with a special stone in the center. I have also seen grids using this honored symbol by placing small stones and crystals at every intersection. Explore the options.

I have also included an illustration of the Tree of Life. This is a Hebrew symbol from the Kabbalah, representing 10 spiritual principles and 22 spiritual paths. Beyond this ancient tradition, this symbol is often visualized over the body, representing the chakras. If you lay the Tree of Life over the Flower of Life, you will see that they align. All things are related at some level.  width=  width= crystal grid

Intention and Intuition

As with many subjects in the world of mystics and energy, intention again becomes our most trusted ally. I can study perfect sacred geometry shapes. I could even buy a gold plated, very precise template to lay my crystals out on but that doesn’t guarantee the most powerful grid. I have found through decades of practice with energy, vibration, and healing, that there is no power greater than loving intention and intuition.

In other words, as with any new practice, sometimes we tend to think we need to go buy lots of “stuff.” Allow me to suggest that whatever crystals you might have on hand, gather them up, take them to a flat surface in a quiet place and lay them down. Slide them around into pleasing shapes. Align them into a sort of circle. Make a square and set one stone in the center. Make the one you choose for the center, the one that appeals to you most. If the crystal grid has a particular purpose or intention for you (we’ll talk more about this) keep that intention or need in mind as you arrange the crystals.

crystal grid What Stones To Use

Here’s where I offer my usual caution in exploring a practice that is new to you. First, use the stones or crystals you have. There is a reason or affinity you feel towards the stones already in your possession. If you have no stones or crystals, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Quartz crystals

Quartz crystal is a universal stone, amplifying energy, calling in energy, used in clearing energy centers of the body and in healing practices. It is also a very beautiful crystal and not expensive. If you want to start working with crystals, quartz crystals are a good place to begin.

A quartz crystal is typically what you might envision when you think of a crystal. It is clear, often with an angled outer surface, longer than it is wide with a pointed end or ends. Chemically, it is composed of silicon dioxide. 3 It is readily available at your local rock shop or online. I recommend that you seek a local place to buy your crystals, so you can hold them in your hand and feel the energy if you can.

Other stones and crystals

I’ll give you some suggestions in the section that follows but don’t let that limit you. Choosing a stone or oil that appeals to me is always my “go to” method for working with these healers. I have made some very beautiful and healing grids on the beach with the stones I’ve found there. Trust your instincts and play as might have done when you were a child.

 width= Getting Ready To Build

Let’s begin with deciding what purpose you wish to accomplish with your grid and essential oil pairing. I suggest writing down your intention for this work. These intentions can be as simple as “Love.” Sometimes a more descriptive intention helps clarify what I’m hoping for and visualizing. Being specific might be your style, for example, “I wish that my job challenges be resolved in the coming month.” Or consider, “I visualize that my home is a comforting, loving and healing space for all who enter. May all here be protected from disturbing energies in our world. May we all work together in love and compassion.”

Write the intention down, by hand. Take this piece of paper, fold it up and tuck it under the center stone of your grid or build your grid on the paper you have written on. You might say the words out loud as you build your grid. Keep this intention in mind as you work.

Assemble the stones you wish to work with. Stones should be cleansed before you begin. Many stones can be rinsed in clean, pure water. Take your stones outside in the sunshine or let them rest outside in the moonlight. Wipe them with a soft cloth. Hold them in your hands. Think about your intention as you handle the stones. Keeping your intention in mind, lay the stones on a sacred geometry shape or create a shape that seems right to you.

Some Pairings of Crystals and Oils To Start Crystal grid

As I researched this article, I was overwhelmed with the choices available through just a few respected resources I worked with. I don’t want to overwhelm you at this phase of learning. So, I’ve opted to describe some basic pairings, to begin with, but remind you that your intuition may also bring you a wealth of ideas. I believe that if your intentions are clear and for the good, you cannot go wrong. Visualize the best and have fun.

Clearing energy in your space

Many of our dwellings, rooms or even the real estate we live on have square or rectangular shapes. I often build a simple square shape to clear the energy, refresh the space or even protect the area. Protection, not as if I’m expecting something bad to enter, but more as if I’m building a buffer where the busy-ness of the world around me won’t cross over into my personal space.

This grid may be as large as your property, meaning you might locate a stone in the four corners of your lot. You might choose to put a stone in each of the four farthest corners of your dwelling or your room. You might also build a square grid on a desk or table. The power of the grid moves well beyond its perimeter. Sometimes I place one stone in some central but practical location. Under this stone, I might place my hand-written intention for the grid. Near the center stone of a large grid or beside a smaller grid, I will also place a small dish or bit of cloth or paper where I place a few drops of an essential oil.

  • Crystals and Stones- Corner stones might be a quartz crystal, selenite, tourmaline or petrified wood. A center stone could be quartz, amethyst, carnelian or fluorite.

  • Essential Oils- Lavender, Vetiver, Sage

Career and Life Path

Our goals, desires, and dreams should never get pushed aside by the basic demands of life. Building a crystal grid for your perfect career or great joy for your family is one way to keep those dreams in sight. Pick a shape that appeals to you, maybe a circle with no beginning and no end.

  • Crystals and Stones- aventurine, pietersite, quartz crystals are all helpful stones in life decisions. Turquoise or iolite might make good center stones for clear vision and bringing alignment between the physical and the spiritual.

  • Essential Oils- Jasmine, Juniper, Orange

Good sleep

Sometimes we can overcome challenges by taking some action. Worrying about you might sleep is a sure way to not fall asleep easily. Perhaps building a simple crystal grid and adding a bit of sleep encouraging essential oil might be a better preparation to help ease you into sleep.

Loving Energy

Whether you want to attract your soul mate or help your kids eat meals in peace, creating a crystal grid paired with essential oils might be the loving boost you’re looking for. Follow your instincts with the shape of your grid… but remember that a heart shape grid might be perfect.

  • Crystals and stones- rose quartz, rhodonite, amethyst, many forms of agate (dendritic agate, iris agate)


Feeling settled and grounded, especially in a new space is so important to peace and connection. Building a grid and pairing it with essential oils might be a great part of blessing a new home or office space.

  • Crystals and Stones- black tourmaline, smoky quartz, turquoise

  • Essential Oils- Spruce, Melissa, Patchouli


You can support the healing of body, mind or spirit for you, others or the world with a grid and aromatherapy pairing.

  • Crystals and Stones- quartz crystals, amethyst, fluorite

  • Essential Oils- Clove, Cypress, Lemon

Chakra Balancing

Creating a grid around the body (see the tree of life illustration) can be very balancing. Most often stones are chosen based on chakra colors. I find that I can lie down, put a stone above my head, one on my heart and one in each hand. Choose as many or as few chakras as you are inspired to work on.

Crystals and Stones

  • Root chakra works with grounding and basic needs- shelter, safety, security and a sense of belonging. This chakra resonates with red or black stones.

  • Sacral chakra relates to our creative and our sexual capacity, vitality and creativity, desires and pleasure. It resonates with orange stones.

  • Solar plexus chakra is about ego, our personal power, and purpose. This chakra resonates with yellow stones.

  • Heart chakra works with love, healing, and compassion in our lives. It connects with pink or green stones.

  • The throat chakra is about finding our voice and personal expression. It vibrates with blue and turquoise stones.

  • Third eye chakra is the seat of intuition. It connects with stones that are deep blue, dark stones, especially ones with glints of color and rainbows.

  • Crown chakra is our connection to the above and is often related to clear or purple stones.

Essential oils- Lavender, Rosemary, Sandalwood

EMF protection

Many of us spend a lot of time surrounded by electronics. That could be true of our whole world today. There is some concern that the energy of these devices and energy fields could have a negative effect on our body. I keep a little grid and oil pair by my computer always.

  • Crystals and stones- amber, hematite, black tourmaline

  • Essential oils- Cinnamon, Frankincense, Thyme

How to care for the grid

Remember that most crystals and stones require some care. Ones kept indoors should be kept clean and taken outdoors to recharge from time to time. Some people like to recharge in the sunlight but I’m partial to full moonlight. Remember that some of your crystals and healing stones are water soluble so don’t leave them outdoors or soak in water or they may vanish.

How long does your grid stay assembled? That is totally up to you. I have a grid that I built around my home that has been in place for over a decade. From time to time, I remove the stones, rinse them lightly and allow them to rest outside in the sun or moonlight. Then with a fresh loving intention, I put them back in place. I have a small grid on my desk that gets rearranged daily, with a fresh intention and a different oil. Care for your crystals and don’t allow them to become dusty or otherwise neglected.

Doing your part

Combining essential oils with crystals and stones is a powerful and very beautiful practice in your home or office. It is a wonderfully healing personal practice. However, I find keeping crystal grids around often invites questions and conversation about these natural healers. I always welcome a chance to help others understand a bit about mother nature’s beautiful healing options. You don’t have to be an expert to share these great vibes; often just showing someone your crystals and allowing them to enjoy essential oils can help kindle an interest. Our world can really use more loving and healthy solutions to the stress and busy-ness of life. Do your part. Build a crystal and essential oil grid to help heal and beautify your corner of the world.

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