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Emotional Healing with Essential Oils and Crystals

Creating an enriching space for your beautiful life is a personal and powerful task. Using essential oils and crystals together can help you create beneficial spaces by affecting the energy and vibration around you. These subtle, yet powerful, tools affect the environment energetically to support, comfort and motivate you. At home or at work, use of crystals, stones, and essential oil pairings can help you achieve your goals in a healthy and holistic way.


How It Works

It’s all about vibration: everything in the universe vibrates. This vibrational energy surrounds all beings, even those objects generally perceived as inanimate. Through the phenomenon of resonance, the vibration of one object can affect another object without its even touching it. This happens because vibration is an energy that travels through space. So, each individual is affected by the vibrations of people and things around us.

This relationship can be used to our advantage. For example, if energy levels feel low, in addition to resting and staying well-hydrated, an individual can select a crystal, stone, essential oil (or a combination of the three) for a pick-me-up.

We all have the ability to intuit things like this, and in time, you might become more comfortable with choosing crystal and oil combinations to help support your intentions. For now, some suggestions to start off are highlighted below.

How To Use Crystals and Essential Oils

Crystals and stones are lovely and subtle additions to any space. You might choose one for its beauty or how it makes you feel, and that is wonderful. It’s recommended that crystals are set in easy-to-see, well-lit places. Clear or translucent crystals look especially lustrous in sunlight. A small crystal can be worn as a pendant or slipped into your pocket. Follow your intuition and enjoy crystals in whatever way seems easiest for you.

Some crystals do need a bit of care. In general, take time to learn about the stones and crystals you use. Some are water-soluble, so don’t soak them in water because it may ruin them. Additionally, crystals like to be recharged. They do that in sunlight and also by the full moon.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. Try using them aromatically in a room diffuser, in a personal essential oil diffuser , straight from the bottle, or in a bath. Alternatively, they can be applied topically after dilution with a carrier oil like almond, coconut, or jojoba oil.

What’s Your Challenge?

Many individuals will read through the list below and feel like they might need help with all of these emotional challenges. However, it’s important to select which one of these is the most pressing issue and which one relates most closely to the space you’re practicing in.

A word of caution: add these new energies into your space just one or two at a time. You’re trying to calm and heal emotional challenges, so be kind with yourself. Think about working on a problem that has been with you a while. Choose some challenge that, if overcome, would make life so much better. Work on that one issue step-by-step, take your time, and enjoy the journey.

Some of us can be easily overwhelmed with choices and options. If working with crystals and essential oils are new to you, here are a few basic tips:

Some crystals and oils are considered “masters” at helping us through our hectic world. Clear quartz crystals are one of those master helpers: calming, energizing, and assisting as needed.

Amethyst is another crystal which is powerfully helpful in many regards. Both are lovely and visually beautiful additions to any space.

Basic, do-all essential oils include lavender, lemon, peppermint, and chamomile.


Maybe your life could use a nice overall sense of calm. When the energy begins to feel a bit chaotic, which is sometimes the norm in a busy world, promoting calmness provides a much-needed break from the stress.


    • Amber is thought to convert negative energy to positive. Also helps calm nerves.

    • A jet is a hard form of fossilized wood. Dispels worry and protects against the negative thoughts of others.

Essential Oils

    • Tangerine and many other citrus oils are calming to the nervous system and support emotional balance.

Clear Thinking and Communication

Not all of us are cool, calm, and collected when we’re working and communicating in groups. If the clarity of thought and expression is your weaker suit, here are some crystals and essential oils that can provide support.


    • Amazonite brings out clarity, clear spirit, and is thought to be a good connector between the heart chakra (love) and throat chakra (communication).

    • Blue apatite is related to helping and service, particularly attuned for communicating and teaching.

Essential Oils

    • Rosemary and basil are both helpful for increased clarity, opening the mind, and supporting the respiratory system.

    • Peppermint is stimulating to the mind, in addition to calming nerves

Open Your Heart, Call in Love

Life can sometimes leave us feeling a bit closed off, especially in the heart department. If you’re looking for a bit of help in being open, receptive and expressive to loving feelings, try these:


    • Rose quartz works with all body systems and emotions to cultivate love, especially self-love.

    • Rhodonite sometimes called the stone of love, balances and helps convey the energy of unconditional love.

Essential Oils

    • Juniper works with emotional balance and the nervous system, evoking feelings of love, peace, and spiritual awareness.

    • Ylang-ylang is a romantic scent thought to balance energies to help two people be in closer attunement and focus their thoughts together.

Confidence in Skills and Potential

When you find yourself stepping into a new challenge or environment, a boost of confidence might be in order. Here are some energetic boosters that can help provide this boost.


    • Hematite can boost mental capability while creating a sense of calm.

    • Sunstone can dispel fears, relieve stress, and some find it even boosts their luck.

Essential Oils

    • Jasmine is thought to produce feelings of confidence, energy, and optimism.

    • Other beneficial essential oils include clove, cypress, orange, and fennel.


Whether you’re expressing yourself in words, visuals or just good problem-solving skills, here are some creativity promoters you might enjoy.


    • Celestite is said to help you express your truths.

    • Kunzite stimulates intuition and creativity, especially during meditation.

Essential Oils

    • Hyssop has been used by those looking to stimulate creativity, deepen meditation, and produce a sense of centering.

    • Cedarwood was used by North American natives to enhance connection with the spirit, support nervous system function.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can be a tough energy-zapper for many. Whether you cope with it through positive thinking, mantras, or medication, adding an additional support might be helpful and comforting.


    • Blue lace agate is an energy-balancer and enhancer between the top four chakras, bringing balance between what we feel, believe, think, and should say.

    • Aquamarine is called the stone of courage, helping an individual feel prepared and protected.

Essential Oils

    • Lavender can help promote a sense of health, love, peace, and general well-being.

    • Lime is an uplifter: stimulating and refreshing.

    • Other helpful essential oils include clary sage, frankincense, lemon, pine, chamomile, and rose.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a powerful challenge to health and happiness in our world today. It is not just a fact of life, but something we must learn to release and rise above.


    • Tiger’s eye has a balancing power to it. It can help bring organization to a scattered brain and a sense of calm in times of turmoil.

    • Clear quartz is considered a master healing stone. If you have no crystals in your collection, quartz is a perfect starting place.

Essential Oils

    • Chamomile has been studied extensively and shown to reduce anxiety and stress response. It also has antispasmodic properties which can help with cramps and discomfort, therefore, promoting balance and overall calmness.

    • Elemi is a wonderful help in calming and centering individuals in times of stress.

    • Other helpful essential oils include grapefruit, lavender, and vetiver.

Good Night’s Sleep

Rest is so important for the body, mind, and spirit. Chronic sleep problems could point to an issue that might require medical attention. However, occasional sleeplessness might be helped with the careful addition of crystals and aromatherapy.

Remember that crystals and essences are about energy. So, don’t store your boxes of crystals under your bed or keep very large crystals near the head of the bed. They can add energy, while sleep is encouraged by lowering and calming energy.


    • Obsidian is a protective and grounding stone that can also stabilize emotions.

    • Sodalite can calm the emotions and lighten the heart.

Essential Oils

    • Other essential oils that can encourage sleep are lavender, marjoram, and neroli.

Grounding and Centering

Often, we find ourselves in the midst of chaotic or confusing energy. These situations can tax our emotions, however, their stress can be alleviated with a reminder of the stabilizing power of the earth. Some crystals are particularly powerful for supporting this grounding and centering.


    • Black tourmaline is a favorite of many in that it helps individuals ground themselves but seems also to deflect unnecessary chaotic energy coming from all around.

    • Smokey quartz is another excellent grounding stone that also brings a great capability to dissolve or breakthrough challenging energy or emotions.

    • Turquoise is another stone that provides centering for the body, mind, and spirit.

Essential Oils

    • Spruce is a popular essential oil in Native American traditions. It is grounding to the body, creating a sense of balance and releasing emotional blocks.

    • Lemon balm essential oil is a wonderful oil for balancing and connecting with the positive, both inside and outside of ourselves.

    • Hyssop is an ancient oil which calms and heals. It also is a wonderful help in centering.

    • Other essential oils that might help include sandalwood and grapefruit.


Taking the time to add essential oils and crystals that can help with emotional healing to your daily routine can provide you with a range of health benefits and serve as a great addition to your current self-care routine. Try out some of the combinations highlighted above, and enjoy these gifts from mother nature.

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