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Health & Wellness

Don't Let Wellness Become Another Stressor

Wellness is an important part of a full and happy life, giving it an important spot on your priority list. If your daily schedule is already full, wellness can improve that situation—not make it worse. Wellness can be about trying new things, but just as often, it’s about knowing when to sit back, relax, and learning how not to do things when you’re overwhelmed.

A lot of our stress in life comes from doing what you think you have to do. Individuals worry about fitting in, meeting expectations, and taking care of the needs of others. On some level, these worries are valid, however, they totally put your focus on what is outside you. The purpose of wellness is to shine the light on you—your needs, your expectations, and the wonder and wisdom that dwells within you.

person painting

Wonder and Wisdom

Wonder and wisdom—yes, those qualities are part of every human born. Watch a child between the ages of five and seven and savor their freedom to express themselves and explore. They aren’t old enough yet to compare themselves to others. If you ask a group of children to dance, they dance. Ask them if they are artists or singers, and most will enthusiastically say, “Yes!” Ask children in this age range if they are strong and most hands go up.

Once children reach the ages of seven and eight, however, they begin comparing themselves to others and notice their differences. They learn who is the fastest runner, who is smartest, and who the teacher seems to favor. This is all part of normal growth and development. The challenge can be in what society asks of children at this age. Society often wants them to conform, be quiet, or sit still for long periods of time at school. This basically encourages them to let go of their uniqueness for the convenience of managing school classrooms, family meals, and peaceful bedtimes.

woman dancing in front of white wall

Is That Wonder Still There?

So now you’re “all grown up.” Are you still conforming to expectations placed on you in childhood? Do you devote a lot of energy into “fitting in,” blending into the corporate environment, or being the sort of person your parents expected you to be?

Often, it’s easy to get in touch with changes you can make in life to increase wellness based on social norms. For instance, most people think a key step to wellness is exercising more. What does that mean to you? Well, most people go to the gym or run because those options are socially popular.

But what if you were a dancer when you were small? Could taking a dance/exercise class or even an adult ballet class open up the doors to your unique you? If the little you loved to dance, maybe you’ll look forward to exercising more if it’s a dance class several times a week rather than three hours a week on a treadmill.

This isn’t to suggest that you should throw off your responsibilities, but it’s important to your happiness and wellness that you get back in touch with your passions. Inside you, as inside the little you, there were distinct choices, preferences, and flair. Taking quiet time to revisit who you were as a child might have helpful keys to the kind of adult you were meant to be.

Final Thoughts

The idea of not-doing involves releasing the assumption many have that there is one way to do things. Take the time to get a grip on what is really most important to you and what you deeply want to accomplish in life. Many corporations today are bringing in experts to help them create an atmosphere where their team members are seen as uniquely skilled individuals.

So, don’t look for the list of things to do for more wellness in life. Instead, stop doing things that don’t feed your soul. Don’t adopt activities you don’t enjoy just because that’s what others do. Don’t try to fit yourself into someone else’s mold. Wellness is about relaxing into the true you and making time for those activities and passions that bring satisfaction, wellness, and great joy to your life.

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