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Discover More Ways To Use Healing Stones

In our hectic world, there is comfort in finding simpler solutions from a deeper knowledge of ancient ways. The past can bring us tools to calm, heal and reveal our best selves. Healing stones are one such ancient tool.

Our first chapter in this presentation provided a basic overview to crystals and healing stones. In these expansion articles, there’s time to dig deeper.

 width= More Ways to Use Stones

As you hold your favorite crystal in your hand, imagine for a moment, where it grew. Visualize if you can, that it didn’t grow alone. There could have been dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other crystals nearby. When a crystal is removed from its original place, it retains the energy of that location. The stone carries with it the conditions of its formation and minerals available at the time it grew.

When you bring the stone home and place it with other crystals, the energies of all these healers reach out and combine in a way. It’s sort of like having dozens of spices in your kitchen. All of them bring different flavors and colors to your soup of the day. In the same way, crystals and healing stones add their own specialness to the energy mix. When cooking, you know to throw the spices in a pot. Here we give you ideas on how to best to combine energies of crystals.

There is a recent article here on using crystal grids with essential oils. That article has information about using stones that you’ll find informative.


Crystals and healing stones have diverse powers and affinities. If you have a particular goal or healing need, you can program your crystals. In this way, your crystal can focus all its energy on the need that is most important to you.

In the first, overview article, there were instructions on cleansing, clearing and allowing your crystals to recharge. This is especially important with a stone that is new to you. Once the crystal is cleared and charged, take it into a place that is light- outdoors if that’s possible. Hold the stone in your hands and meditate on it for a bit. Your mission is to calm your mind and listen to your higher wisdom as to how this healing stone might help you best.

Once you have a sense of how you can best use this crystal, hold it in your non-dominant hand and hold your dominant hand above it. This allows the energy chakras in the palms of your hands to put the stone in a very active energy path. Now calmly and clearly, hold your intention for the crystal in your mind. Visualize or imagine how you and the stone might accomplish new goals, reach higher levels of health, healing, happiness or awareness. Some like to inhale deeply then breathe out this positive vision onto the stone.

Meditation  healing stones

You might have a mental picture of a gypsy gazing into a crystal ball to tell fortunes. Gazing into crystals, however, is a fascinating practice for anyone. The gentle peering into the depths of a crystal can be a relaxing meditative practice. Research has shown that people often access images and ideas that are stored in their subconscious mind during practice. So, gaze at that crystal to access your own wisdom.

A labyrinth is also a meditative practice in which you can incorporate crystals and healing stones. You likely are familiar with the practice of walking a labyrinth’s winding path but if there’s not one nearby, try printing out an image of a labyrinth-like the one here. You can achieve deep calming by placing small crystals and healing stones along the path of the labyrinth one… stone… at… a…time. In either of these meditative practices, you are asked to keep your mind calmly at the moment, enjoying the beauty of the stones or the gentle practice of carefully handling them.


Some people get a bit nervous when we talk about healing. Take a deep breath and relax. Your body innately has a desire and great power to heal itself. Adding the energy from crystals could help things along. Crystals and healing stones are great for minor issues you normally deal with on your own. With more serious medical issues, follow your medical professional’s advice then add these beautiful healers to the prescribed protocol.

You will find many resources suggesting which crystals and healing stones benefit each part of the body. Here, let’s stick to generalities. The most common healing stone is a quartz crystal. It is easy to find, very beautiful and not terribly costly in most cases. Amethyst and jade are also powerful healers. You may already have one or more of these stones in your collection.

For a headache, try lying down in a darkened room with a towel rolled up behind the neck for support. Place a small piece of quartz or amethyst on the third eye (between the eyebrows) and rest.

Coming down with a cold? Do all the things you might normally do but keep a piece of quartz or jade in your pocket. Reach in your pocket from time to time to remind yourself that it is there. Try setting the stone on your desk so you will see it often during the day. The touch and visual reminders keep you aware that the crystal is working to help you.

You can do no harm by adding a crystal or stone or two to your healing arsenal. Consider it a sort of “signal booster” adding to the effectiveness of whatever other treatment you have chosen.

healing stones Attraction and Intentions

Crystals can act as a sort of amplifier. If you wish to attract something good to your life or perhaps add some new positive intentions for change, healing stone can send the message out to the universe, enlisting the help of whatever you see as the source of all good.

Write your goals or intentions on a piece of paper. Place that paper is a place where you will see it regularly, like where you read, meditate or even work. Arrange crystals around it. These crystals act as a sort of transmitter, sending your desires out to the universe. They can also have the effect of drawing your desired dream or change to you. The presence of the healing stones in a visible place is also a good reminder to keep your attention also on your goals.


The energy from crystals and healing stones radiate all around. You can use them to charge water, then drink the water. This is just one more way to pull the energy of the healing stones into your body.

A safe and very effective method is to put the stone into a small clean glass jar (clean inside and out) with a lid that seals. Put your pure water in a larger glass container, then float the small jar with the stones in the container of water. Exposing the water to sunlight or moonlight can enhance the effects. Just use caution to keep your elixir water clean in the process.

Here are some suggestions for stones to try in elixirs:

    • Amethyst- a multi-purpose healing stone but with special powers for people letting go of their addictions.

    • Carnelian- elixir water can be helpful in healing cuts and abrasions.

    • Rose quartz elixir might draw more love into your life or allow you to act in more loving ways.

    • Citrine is a wonderful balancer, especially between intellect and emotions. Ancient traditions also consider it a wealth stone

    • Jade has strengths to help you prioritize and can energize heart, kidneys, skin, and hair

    • Blue lace agate is known to strengthen the skeleton and can help with arthritic issues and maintaining overall health

    • Snowflake obsidian has a very helpful strength in helping you to recognize and release habits and patterns which are holding you down

    • Turquoise is a healer of the spirit and brings peace of mind

    • Quartz crystal is a universal healer, energizing your water to strengthen body, mind, and spirit.

In all our suggestions for your work with crystals and healing stones, the intention is to give you starting points. There are no hard and fast rules here as you begin working with crystals and healing stones. Follow your intuition with intentions for good, healing results and you can’t go wrong.

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