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Which Crystals Pair with Which MONQ Blend Crystals

Health & Wellness

Which Crystals Pair with Which MONQ Blends?

Crystals have a lot of beneficial properties that can give you a variety of benefits. However, each crystal has its own unique properties that make it ideal for specific situations, much like essential oils. If you are looking to pair crystals with the benefits of essential oils, you will want to factor in which pairings would have the most synergy. In this article, we will discuss some of the pairings you might want to explore. [post-carousel /]

Which MONQ Blends Are Best To Pair With Different Crystals:


Rose Quartz

This particular crystal is typically referred to as the ‘love crystal.’ It is usually referred to as such because it can be very beneficial for those in relationships and those that are looking to attract affection of some sort. Along with this, it can be beneficial for helping maintain deep connections. Because of this, the ideal blend to pair with rose quartz would be MONQ Love. The Love blend features cacao which has been shown to amplify pleasure not only through digestion due to featuring phenylethylamine which is a chemical that stimulates pleasure but also through olfactory sensory neurons.1 By combining the two, you get a strong combination that will not only positively alter your energy to encourage healing and emotional balance, but you will be able to enhance your ability to open your heart and embrace the warmth of love.

MONQ1.5 zen


This crystal is one that is well known for its ability to help connect spiritually. It does so by imparting a sense of balance and relaxation. Thus, it is a good option for those that are looking to reduce the stress they might be experiencing or even situations with increased stress. It is great for helping deal with stressful situations and emotions. For this reason, it would be a great crystal to pair with the Zen blend from Monq. The Zen blend is a good pairing primarily because its purpose is to help provide greater relaxation and a better overall mind and body connection. It is capable of helping restore balance and offer better peace and clarity.



Fluorite is typically known as a protector crystal because it has the unique ability to help keep away negative energy from those that might give it off. Those that give off negative energy can really create unrest and improper balance in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is a good option for those that are looking to restore a sense of balance of energy in their space. Therefore, if you have negative energy at your workplace or even at home, you could utilize this crystal as a means to ward off the negative energy completely. A good option to pair with fluorite would be MONQ’s Happy blend as the entire blend was formulated to help provide invigorating effects and repel negative energy. Fennel, in particular, is said to have the protective benefits of being able to push away negative energy. Whereas, thyme and vanilla both offer mood balancing benefits along with a reduction of irritability.

focus MONQ R


This is a crystal that is typically used for those that are looking to have a renewed sense of optimism. It also has the ability to help eliminate negative energy surrounding it. For this reason, it can be good in situations where you might be dealing with uncertainty. A unique and good pairing with one of MONQ’s essential oil blends for citrine would be the Focus R blend. This particular blend would offer a great pairing because the focus blend is intended to help provide greater levels of clarity and vision. Therefore, if you are looking for answers and you leverage the power of citrine along with the Focus blend which features bergamot and cardamom, you should be able to fully understand what you need to do and have the optimistic energy needed to accomplish it. Clary sage is also known to help reduce the stress that can interfere with this type of energy.2 Having a certain level of clarity and vision is needed when you are faced with uncertainty.

MONQ R Ocean


Celestine is a crystal that is great for those that want to be much more balanced and calm. It is a good option to really become much more peaceful overall. Thus, it can be good to use in times of stress and hormonal imbalance. A good blend to pair with Celestine would be the Ocean blend which features different essential oils aimed at helping reduce stress and restoration. Those that are dealing with high levels of stress will benefit from being able to pair essential oils together that can help restore balance and aid in relaxation.

Desert Rose

This particular crystal is a good one for those that want to experience greater mental clarity. For this reason, it is typically used during meditation sessions as it can help one tap into both better insight and it can help one achieve greater overall awareness.  A good pairing for desert rose would be the Zen blend as frankincense is an essential oil that is well known for its ability to help balance the mind and spirit and decrease stress levels.3 Along with this, sweet orange has the ability to provide clarity to the mind and ylang-ylang can help to sooth the body and boost overall relaxation allowing for a better mind and body connection in total. Overall, there are plenty of different crystals that feature unique healing properties which can be enhanced through the pairing of the right essential oil blends. The ideal pairing of crystals with essential oils comes down to what you are looking to get out of it. Typically, you want to pair the blends that invoke the same kind of physical and spiritual reaction which can only serve to enhance the benefits you can get each. Utilizing crystals and essential oils can be great whether you are aiming to reduce stress, curb negative energy, achieve greater clarity and focus, or anything else. Photo credits: MiriamDoerrMartinFrommherz/, KolbakovaOlga/, olpo/, ColdmoonPhotoproject/, ColdmoonPhotoproject/, Amineah/

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