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Crystals for Beginners|rose crystals|smoky crystal

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Crystals For Beginners

Crystals For Beginners

If you are developing an interest in crystals and are still at the beginner stage, then you'll be glad to know that there's evidence to suggest that humans have used crystals for thousands of years. The earliest records of crystals indicate that they were used to form tools and weapons and also for jewelry. As humans start to understand that crystals were formed over thousands of years, they begin to recognize their connection with the Earth.

The General History Of Crystals

Crystal quartz is one of the most common gems and it is formed in the crust of the Earth from silicon and oxygen. Early human civilization believed that these crystals were permanently frozen ice. Because quartz has a high thermal conductivity it will often feel cool to the touch and this is likely to have reinforced this belief. There is evidence that ancient civilizations used crystals for a variety of reasons. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans and even the Japanese are thought to have used them for jewelry, to make tools and weapons, for healing, and to connect to the energy of the Earth.

Throughout much of human history, there has been a belief that crystals have metaphysical properties and that they are able to heal the body and to provide a source from which to connect with psychic abilities. These formations are considered to be vessels of positive energy that can produce healing in the body and can help to remove negative energy. Over the last half-century, rock crystals have grown in popularity for their metaphysical applications.

In more recent years, the marketplace has produced charms and other jewelry made of crystal to produce a sense of personal power within the wearer. Because of this increased interest, almost half of all crystals purchased within the US are marketed according to their metaphysical applications. Nowadays, crystals are also used as objects of art. The state of Arkansas is one of the major producers of decorative crystals and gemstones.

A number of states throughout the US produce a large number of crystals each year. Some of these states include North and South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. 1 In Arkansas, a large vein of crystals is found within the Ouachita Mountains. The area runs from Little Rock to the edge of Northern Oklahoma. These crystals are beautiful and some are clear and colorless. California is another state that produces a significant number of crystals. Many crystals have been found in ancient channels and streams in the state, while San Diego alone has produced hundreds of kilograms of fine quality rock crystal.

New York is similar to Arkansas for its production of quality crystals. Raw crystals are commonly placed in earrings, pendants, and charms and can even be found as beads on a necklace.

Best Crystals For Beginners

rose crystals Rose For Peace And Love

This crystal is believed to bring reassurance and has been thought to relieve stress. It is considered to bring about a feeling of calmness and is looked for to purify the heart. If someone is hoping to attract love then this is a good crystal to take advantage of for that purpose. The crystal is believed to not only attract love but also empower you to give more love. It may also allow you to accept and love yourself more. 2

If someone is holding on to negative emotions then this crystal is believed to help bring relief and to allow the person to let go of those emotions. If someone is experiencing long bouts of grief, then this is a good choice to help let go of that. It creates an energy that promotes trust and allows for self-forgiveness. For health, it is considered helpful for the kidneys, blood circulation, adrenals, and for the heart.

Clear Quartz

This is considered to be the most powerful amplifier of positive energy and is considered to be a powerful healer as well. When a person is trying to work on themselves, it is a great choice. If they have a poor memory or they have emotions that are holding them back, this crystal may prove to be the right choice for them. It is thought to improve memory and allow the release of negative emotions and to get in touch with the more positive aspects of an individual. It is also considered to bring balance to a person's life and to significantly boost their immune system.

smoky crystal Smoky Quartz

This stone is recommended when someone is experiencing a great deal of stress in their lives. It may help to detoxify their body and mind and help to eliminate other factors that may be causing stress to linger. If someone is experiencing nervous feelings or negative emotions, this might be a good stone to try as it is thought to bring relief from several of those factors. If someone has a problem accepting their physical body then this is a good choice as well, as it is believed to help bring an overall feeling of acceptance.

These are just a few crystals that you might consider when getting started as a beginner. There are many others and some of them include amethyst, fluoride, tourmaline and many others. Crystals are now even being used to study the conditions of Earth at its earliest stages. Areas in Australia have revealed ancient crystals that are among the oldest ever observed. These crystals are given scientists a glimpse in time in Earth's formation that was earlier than had previously been studied. This demonstrates that crystals have been with us from the very beginning and this is an indication of their power.

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