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Common Healing Stones and Their Uses-2

Health & Wellness

Common Healing Stones and Their Uses

Despite all the wonder that comes with a busy modern life, there is still comfort in learning simpler solutions, building deeper roots, and acquiring more knowledge of ancient ways. In fact, the past can bring insights and tools for achieving better health and living a better life.

The first section of this series provided a basic overview of crystals and healing stones. In these expansion articles, it’s time to dig deeper.

More Common Stones and Their Uses

It’s a challenge to choose just a few of these powerful stones to share. Here is a continuation of the information offered in the overview of crystals and healing stones, including stones that are easy to find in addition to being powerful and versatile. As always, trust your instincts when choosing crystals and healing stones. 1


Color: Many color variations, often with bands of color.

Agate is a crystalline type of quartz called chalcedony. Agates are balancers of the yin-yang energy and body, mind and spirit energies. Some types include blue lace agate (energizing the spirit, helpful with skeletal issues), Montana agate (stimulates crown chakra while grounding), moss agate (emotional balancing, strengthening positive personality traits) and many others.


Color: Turquoise green with yellow, grey, or white.

Amazonite is a type of feldspar which is a soother for emotions. It pacifies individuals by releasing aggravation and other negative energy. Amazonite also acts as a balancer, especially with the masculine and feminine energies. Its soothing properties are thought to benefit the nervous system and metabolism.

amber stone on white background Amber

Color: Golden to yellow-brown.

Amber is a fossilized resin, sacred to Native Americans and Eastern Indians. Amber promotes healing by changing negative energy to positive ones, calming nerves, and uplifting the disposition. This stone stimulates the crown chakra and opens one to the power of unconditional love. Amber relates to choosing or being chosen and is used in some wedding traditions. It is used as a cleansing and healing stone, an is especially supportive for the health of the throat, kidneys, and bladder.


Color: Commonly thought of as blue but also occurs in white, yellow, orange, red, and red-brown

Celestite is powerful for stimulating thought processes, especially in resolving complex ideas. It is a balancer, supports clear communication, and promotes pleasant temperament. Some use it in exploring astral travel. It can help with dream recall. The energy of the stone is very supportive of creativity, especially music and fine arts.


Color: Blue to green, sometimes with brown and black.

Chrysocolla is a powerful healer for all the chakras and is very supportive in stressful situations or those calling for endurance. This stone has a strong connection to the earth and is cleansing and purifying of its surroundings. Chrysocolla helps one connect to the wisdom of the universe in regards to what is needed by body, mind, and emotions to achieve higher states of health.


Color: Grey, smoky brown, and brown-black.

Flint is a variety of chalcedony that is highly connected to the transference of thought, emotion, or information. Flint can help with shyness and releasing negative emotional ties. It was used in ancient times to dispel negativity and even to clear hauntings. Flint can help with insights into the character of others and can support better money management.

jasper stone on wood background Jasper

Color: Dark red, orange, yellow, tan, brown, green, grey and blue, often with banding or stripes.

Jasper is another variety of chalcedony, known as a nurturer encouraging individuals to remember their connection to others. Jasper is worn by shamans as a form of protection and magical assistance. It serves to protect against negativity, as well as to ground and balance. The stone can help sustain those with low energy during illness or a long fast.


Color: Blue, grey and black with white, green, yellow, and pink.

Kyanite is one of the minerals that never needs cleansing. This unique characteristic is indicative of its unlimited energy. Kyanite can align and clear all chakras. It is also able to align the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Kyanite brings tranquility and clarity, which helps facilitate meditation. It is a balancer of the yin-yang energy and can also remove energy blockages, gently moving energy to where it is needed in the body.

Lapis Lazuli

Color: Deep blue.

This ancient stone is said to have existed before “time was born” and is used by many to help understand ancient texts and esoteric studies. Lapis lazuli fuels awareness in the intellect and consciousness. Placing a stone over the third eye is thought to bring clarity to dreams.


Color: Light to dark green.

Malachite is called the stone of transformation, bringing balance and a clear path towards a goal. It can stimulate intuition and psychic abilities, especially in seeing solutions to physical illness. Its strong healing energy is well attuned to the heart and throat chakras.

obsidian stone on stone background Obsidian

Color: Varied.

Obsidian is volcanic glass with inherent abilities to reflect one’s flaws or clearly show changes that are needed. It is a strong grounding stone and helpful to the root chakra. Obsidian can work as a shield to negativity whether the source is from within or outside the wearer. Different colors have different strengths. Black, grey, and brown are used in shamanic practices for insights into the future and to promote sincerity in actions.


Color: Pink to rose red, but also brown-red, green, yellow, and black.

Rhodonite creates balance in yin-yang energy, aligning one with higher spirituality and assuring a sense of calm. Rhodonite is powerful in matters of love, activating, stimulating, and healing the heart chakra and encouraging unconditional love. In groups, it can build common energy of serving and generosity.

tiger eye stone on wood background Tiger Eye

Color: Most commonly golden brown but also red, cream, black, and blue.

Tiger eye combines energies of the earth and sun in a clarifying, grounding, or even organizing way. Its energy is uplifting and optimistic, providing insights into internal emotional dilemmas. Tiger eye helps attune individuals to the oneness of people and the planet.


Often, learning a bit about crystals and healing stones can encourage individuals to learn even more. Trust your intuition as you learn more about these healing beauties. All of them will interact with you differently, as they are as unique as you are. Enjoy!

Photo credits: IgorBoldyrev/, MatusMadzik/, fullempty/, marcozampieri/, HollyMazour/

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