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Tips for Choosing the Right Crystals and Gems-2

Health & Wellness

Tips for Choosing the Right Crystals and Gems

Crystals have been used for many years by various cultures for their healing properties.1 Each crystal has its own unique properties making it ideal for specific situations. Therefore, choosing the right crystals and gems for situations is key to get the most out of them. Below, we will be going over some of the tips for choosing the right crystals and gems. [post-carousel /]

Tips For Choosing The Right Crystals And Gems:

Dealing With Stress Stress is a very common issue among people in today’s society. After all, many people lead busy lives and deal with all kinds of chaos. For some, they might be looking for ways to leverage the power and benefits of crystals and gems to help alleviate stresses they might be faced with on a daily basis. One of the best crystals to combat both stress and anxiety would be the amethyst stone. This particular stone is typically referred to as the ‘all purpose stone.’ The reason why it is referred to as such is that it can help one deal with various things including reducing stress and feelings of anxiety to helping better ones mood and boosting overall immunity. It is also known to provide enhanced clarity in situations that need it. Dealing With Relationship or Emotional Issues For those that want to leverage the energy from stones to better their relationships, there is no better option than the rose quartz. This particular crystal is very effective at helping with relationships because the energy it outputs encourages one to open their heart and to be open to forgiveness. The crystal itself releases energy encouraging love, peace, and harmony which makes it the ideal crystal to pair with someone that might be struggling with emotional situations, relationship issues, and an inability to forgive. Wanting Better Protection For those that might be struggling with the idea of living in an age with harmful frequencies surrounding us on a daily basis, the black tourmaline stone might be a good fit. This particular stone is capable of protecting you from harmful electronic frequencies that exist all around us in the form of cellular frequencies, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more. It can also be a good stone to place at your doorways in order to effectively ‘wash’ anything from the outdoors that you don’t want to be brought into the house. Thus, it can help to create protective boundaries for those that want to keep negative energy out of their homes. Increasing Motivation A lot of people might struggle with motivation in their lives whether it’s to get in better shape or dealing with a specific task. If you are looking to leverage the power of crystals to better your motivation levels, you should look to using the carnelian stone. This particular stone is capable of emitting energy levels that can naturally boost your ability to stay motivated. It does so by removing and blocking negative energies that typically wreck your ability to remain motivated. Therefore, it can be a good stone to place in your home gym or even near your work/study desk in order to provide you with the positive energy needed to boost your motivation levels where and when you need it the most. Boosting Luck and Confidence If you are looking to bring forth new opportunities or give yourself better luck, you will want to look towards the aventurine stone. This particular stone comes in a variety of colors and it is typically referred to as the ‘luck stone.’ This particular stone can help to boost your confidence levels and allow you to maximize your personal growth because of it. This is a good option for those that might be looking to land a new job or those that might be looking to pursue a new course in life. There are plenty of different crystals and gems that can help you in specific situations or even deal with specific moods. Some are going to be better suited than others at particular times in your life and some will offer better results with the proper placement throughout your home or office. Therefore, you should look to pair the right crystals and gems with your unique situation and moods in order to leverage the natural power of them to use them to your advantage in your life. Pairing aromatherapy with crystal use can increase the effects of both; MONQ Vibrant R personal refillable aromatherapy diffuser is a great choice for many crystal combinations. Photo credits: EdalinPhotography/,  StefanMalloch/,  Berke/,  Napoleonka/

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