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What Exactly Is Buteyko Breathing

Health & Wellness

What Exactly is Buteyko Breathing?

The Buteyko breathing method is one that focuses on slowing down the breathing rate and helping to regulate the overall rhythm of it.1 It is meant to correct hyperventilation and the negative consequences of shallow breathing. According to the medical doctor that invented the breathing practice, those that suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma tend to hyperventilate and end up releasing too much carbon dioxide from the body as a direct result. Because of this, the bodies then develop a mechanism to correct this issue in the form of tightening the airways and increasing the production of mucous surrounding the airways in order to cause blockages. These blockages allow less carbon dioxide to release as a result.

The Many Benefits Of Buteyko Breathing

young woman touching throat sitting on couch suffering from asthmaReduce Symptoms Of An Asthma Attack

One of the main benefits that can be gained from implementing Buteyko breathing practice is the ability to severely reduce the overall symptoms of an asthma attack. Because this type of breathing is meant to correct the issues that typically cause asthma-related symptoms in the first place, it is a good option for long term asthma sufferers. Those that implement this type of breathing technique or breathing practice will notice a decrease in asthma-related symptoms primarily because it can help one learn how to better control their breathing patterns and it can help one maintain breath control which can limit the chances of feeling panicked during an attack which can exacerbate symptoms dramatically.

Good For Overall Health and Wellness

Not only is it going to be beneficial for your fight against respiratory diseases and problems like asthma, but it can also be very good for your overall health. Because it can help to effectively stabilize CO2 levels in your lungs, it is going to allow you to feel much healthier overall. Along with this, it can impact your immune system in a positive way as well.

different types of medicine for asthma treatmentReduce Dependency On Medicines

Another significant benefit that can be gained from using this method and continue implementing it is the ability to reduce your overall dependency on medicines related to respiratory problems like asthma. Because you will be able to reduce the symptoms that occur during hyperventilation, it should allow you to begin to learn how to breathe normally because your body will not be trying to over-correct itself by blocking air pathways and more.

Virtually No Side Effects

Unlike medication, you are not going to experience any side effects when you implement this type of breathing method in your life. It is a completely non-invasive routine that you can implement with the assistance of a trained practitioner which will allow you to experience some of its excellent benefits allowing you to breathe with much greater control.

How Exactly Does Buteyko Breathing Work?

There are all kinds of different approaches to this type of breathing method. However, the majority of them involve exhaling fully and breathing out even more once you feel as if you have exhaled as much as you can. You should feel your abdominal being sucked in towards your spine during the process. This entire process is to eliminate all of the CO2 in your lungs in order to empty your lungs completely. Then, you will want to remain in the exhaled state for as long as possible. Once complete, you will want to begin to breathe back in slowly in order to fill your lungs back up. The entire process of breathing back in and filling your lungs should be done very slowly and methodically because you want to be in complete control over your breaths. Once that is complete, you will go back to breathing as you normally would rest. Then, when ready, you can go back to the practice performing the same exact steps you initially did. This ultimately will help you learn how to better control your breathing and it can really help you normalize the levels of CO2 in your lungs which can help to minimize the chances your body looks to make corrections that can interrupt your breathing. Those that end up practicing this type of breathing exercise typically learn how to exhale fully and hold the position for longer periods of time and they learn not to begin to breathe in too quickly once finished exhaling. Ideally, you want to spend around 20 minutes every single day on this type of breathing exercise. That way, you will be able to give your body enough time to see the positive benefits that the breathing exercise is capable of offering. There are plenty of different variations that you could consider, but the main key is to learn how to breathe easily and relaxed instead of over-breathing which is what a lot of asthma sufferers end up doing due to increased CO2 levels in the lungs.

young woman sitting on yoga mat in grass deep breathingProof of the Effectiveness of Buteyko Breathing

There is a good amount of evidence that shows that these kinds of breathing methods and practices can, in fact, help to improve an asthma patients experience of the disease and reduce the reliance on medication as a direct result.2 Also, this type of breathing training has been shown to help asthma sufferers learn to effectively increase their breath control and it has been shown to have biomechanical, biochemical, and psycho-physiological benefits as well.3 The Buteyko method has helped a lot of asthma sufferers really learn how to better live with the condition. While there is still a lot more research to be done on the subject, there is enough compelling evidence that points to its effectiveness that makes it a worthy option for those looking to reduce their dependence on asthma medication. It has shown to not only help to normalize CO2 levels within the lungs, but it has also shown to have a direct and positive impact on overall health and wellness in those that practice it regularly. That being said, you should be discussing implementing this method with a doctor prior to doing it if you are someone that suffers from respiratory-related problems.

In Conclusion

Buteyko Breathing is useful for anybody that wants their breathing to increase their sense of well-being and health. Aromatherapy can increase feelings of healthiness too, like MONQ’s Zen R personal refillable aromatherapy diffuser. It encourages deep and meaningful breathing with a calming blend of Orange, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang. Photo Credits:  wavebreakmedia/,  OnlyZoia/,  LyubovLevitskaya/,  fizkes/

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