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Health & Wellness

A Guide for Charging Crystals

Crystals are well-regarded for their healing qualities. However, what happens when the crystals start to age and aren't the same as they were before? Are they able to still provide similar benefits? These are the questions people are left asking, and that's why a guide on charging crystals becomes essential. This guide is going to explore the topic of charging crystals and how this connects back to the healing powers of specific crystals.

What Is Charging?

Imagine having a smartphone in your hand, and its battery starts running out. You will look at the top of the screen, and it's going to say “five percent” with a red battery symbol. What is your first reaction as soon as this pops up? You’re going to rush over to the charger.

The same principle applies to your crystals because their energy will also drain with time. This is all about understanding energies associated with crystals and not exhausting them to the point of no return. As a result, you want to be able to explore the idea of charging and make sure your personal crystals are in good shape year-round. To do this, you will need to not only recognize the value of charging crystals but also move forward with the process.

Remember, crystals are used for a multitude of purposes whether it involves promoting digestion, maintaining healthy blood circulation, or even alleviating stress. 1 With this in mind, you want to keep your crystals in prime condition at all times in order to effectively tap into their qualities whenever you want to. 2

How To Charge Crystals

solar energy Solar Energy

The sun is a powerful source of energy and is well-regarded for its charging abilities. Crystals often extract energy from the sun, and it's never a bad idea to use it as a charging source. If solar energy is the way forward, you will want to take out the crystals, put them down under sunlight, and keep them there for at least four to five hours.

This should be done in the heart of the afternoon so you are able to get the sun's powers at their peak. This is when the charging process is going to be most effective.

Gold-Colored Cloth

Most people will associate charging with natural elements like the sun, but it doesn't have to be like this. In fact, you are also able to take out a gold-colored cloth as a way to connect to the universe's hidden energies.

To do this, you are going to need to take out the gold-colored cloth, put it down on a hard surface, and then place the crystals on top. Now, the goal isn't to leave the crystals on top of the cloth and call it a day. Instead, you have to also focus on tapping into those universal energies as the crystals remain in place. This is how the charging process is going to be completed correctly. This can often be a challenging process, but it is an important one nonetheless.

moonlight Moonlight

For those who may not want to go out into the sunlight for long hours, it might be a great idea to look for another powerful organic source of energy: the moon. The moonlight is a beautiful sight, and it is also an extraordinarily powerful source of energy while charging crystals.

You will start to realize the power of moonlight as soon as the crystals are charged and begin to offer tremendous value all over again in your daily life. Whether the crystals are used to heal you or keep you safe, you will notice their abilities heighten after the charging process.


For some, it is best to make use of the soil beneath their feet for charging crystals. You will want to take a bit of soil and use it as a way to hold the crystals in place. This is something that has to be done with a lot of care so you don't harm the physical qualities of your specific crystal.

The Earth is a remarkable source of energy and is a great charging option. When done right, this is going to help charge the crystal in a few hours.


Water is ideal when it comes to harnessing the aura of a crystal and tapping into the universal energies the Earth has to offer. To do this the right way, a person needs to take out the crystals and submerge them in a glass of natural water.

Please note, the water should be clean and cannot be spoiled with impurities as that is going to take away from the authenticity of your charging. If possible, you should be making use of seawater and keeping the stones submerged for at least five to seven hours.


To wrap up this all-encompassing guide on charging crystals, it's always important to charge your crystals correctly and following all of the steps carefully to ensure that your crystals are undamaged and aligned with your specific needs.

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