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Health & Wellness

8 Ways You Can Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss

Weight loss, in many cases, is the go-to task for improving your health. The benefits aren't just for your physical health but can be advantageous for your mental health too.

Weight loss yields benefits like boosting your self-esteem, improving your confidence, reducing your risk of quite a few diseases, preventing diabetes, and eliminating fatigue. It's quite possible you know all this from first-hand experience having lost some weight in the past, but maybe you didn't lose the amount you were hoping for.

Finding long-term and effective weight loss tactics that can lead you to a lifetime of success is a very different animal than doing crash or fad diets. Below we’ve highlighted eight ways to continue your healthy living in weight loss beyond the first few pounds.

woman writing on paper

Jot Down Every Nibble, Bite, and Morsel That Goes In Your Mouth

Recent research has shown that people who maintain a consistent and daily food journal wind up shedding double the number of pounds as those who do not practice this. Track the individual foods as well as the portions you consume, and don't neglect beverage calories while you're at it. You'll get the most benefit from daily tracking, but you can also find a happy medium. The mindfulness and awareness this creates are perhaps more important than the actual number crunching, but both are useful. If you don't want to make this around-the-clock everyday lifestyle, try out doing it on weekdays only, just to create a habit out of it. 1

eating clean

Eat Cleanly

Studies have looked to solve the long-running debate about whether it's better to enjoy a low-carb diet or a low-fat one. The stunning results were that both produced roughly the same yields. Weight loss was similar in both approaches, yet neither was truly sustainable, as the necessary dietary restrictions simply can't be maintained for a lifetime.

So, what's a weight loss fanatic to do? Eat as many veggies as you can. Choose whole foods based on their quality and nutrition, and then limit anything that's already prepared. Cook for yourself at home as much as you can, and in doing so, avoid sugars, trans fats, and refined carbs like flour. 2

Set Goals Properly

You’ve already taken the first step in setting the right goal, to lose weight. However, that's just the starting point. Double down on the specific diet and fitness regimen that will achieve this goal. In short, you need to learn how to break down your general goal into specific objectives. So, you might decide to “work out more often.” A great start, but a measurable and attainable goal, such as jogging 20 minutes for four days a week, is a much more realistic starting point to keep you motivated but not discouraged. 3

Know Your Triggers

Do you face circumstances that make you want to just sit down and eat? If so, start paying attention to them. For instance, it might be work stress, or boredom at home while you play video games or watch Netflix. Find other ways to deal with your impulses. Also, consider hiding your treats or just ridding your home of them. When they're within your line of sight and easy to reach, you're most likely going to eat them.

The above reasons are important tasks to accomplish and mentalities to embody when trying to keep the weight off, but as an aromatherapy company, we thought the final four reasons should revolve around the essential oils that can help push you toward the goal of long-term weight loss.


Grapefruit Essential Oil

Once upon a time, the Grapefruit Diet was hugely popular. Interestingly, some of the science behind it might have actually been truthful. Grapefruit has fat-burning properties, and as it happens, so too does grapefruit essential oil. Both do this by supporting the breakdown of fat in the body by activating the body's own enzymes. When your metabolism is boosted and your lymphatic glands are cleaned out, it means your body can carry more nutrition to all your various tissues. The potency of grapefruit is actually why a number of medications can't or shouldn't be taken alongside grapefruit juice.

If you want to promote the chances of reducing your waist circumference and the annoying belly fat, try massaging grapefruit oil directly onto your stomach. Research indicates doing this will actually help you feel better about your body. Just be mindful of the fact that not every essential oil is safe for skin application. Having said that, grapefruit oil is safe to ingest one or two drops at a time in a cup of water if you'd like to minimize your cravings for food. 4

lavender field

Lavender Essential Oil

If you're at all familiar with essential oils, then you know this workhorse does quite a few things. Some of them really help out in terms of weight loss, as you can increase your mental activity, calm down feelings of restlessness, and minimize your nervous exhaustion. Lavender promotes the sleep you need for exercise and even enhances proper digestion. You can use it simply by putting two drops, twice daily, on your wrists, or just by applying it to the soles of your feet when you go to bed. 5

lemons and essential oil

Lemon Essential Oil

You might have heard that lemon water helps out with weight loss. What you might not know is that lemon essential oil may just be the very best thing out there for weight loss. Lemon essential oil provides robust support for detoxification, and when you cleanse toxins that accumulate inside the body, you're reducing the buildup they create and the weight that attaches to them. Furthermore, detoxification rejuvenates the body, boosting energy levels and enhancing the digestion of fat. Lemon essential oil is also a good source of support for lymphatic drainage, which rids the body of wastes that can lead to states of inflammation, on top of numerous other health complications that can make weight loss difficult. If you want to enjoy these benefits, all you have to do is diffuse five single drops of lemon essential oil into the water you put into your humidifier.


Cinnamon Essential Oil

A significant source of weight gain is how the body manages sugar and carbs. Cinnamon essential oil is something that can help our body convert blood glucose into active energy, rather than tucking it away as fat. As that happens, your sugar cravings should go down. As you use it, you'll speed up your weight loss while also enhancing your general well-being. 6

Final Thoughts

Too many people try to stimulate fast weight loss using shakes, powders, and pills. Some of them actually do work, but they might create new issues or have side effects. Also, can they result in long-term success? Even with their individual powers, essential oils won't be a magic trick that makes things easy for you, as you need to focus on also exercising and eating mindfully. Whatever you do, aim for natural methods of weight loss so you can avoid hurtful side effects, avoid the risk of addiction to anything and potential dependence on pills, while also enjoying the lower costs of these particular tactics and methods to lose weight effectively over the long term.

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