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The Biggest Differences Between Growing Up in the Country Vs City|country field|city

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The Biggest Differences Between Growing Up in the Country Vs. City

The urban world offers amazing advantages to young people beginning their lives in an exciting and fast-paced society. But is this really better than the quietness and serenity of living far away from maddening traffic in the natural surroundings of the countryside?

In the following article we will take a completely unbiased view of the greatest differences between growing up in the country and the city.

country field Growing up in the Country Vs. City


Life in the country will not cost as much as maintaining any type of lifestyle in the big city. In a small town you can eat a good meal and have a cup of coffee for the same price of a single beverage at an upscale venue in New York City. Furthermore, friends, neighbors, and community you have known since birth will care little about the designer clothes you wear, how many shoes you purchased in the last year, or how much time you spend at the stylist.

And this doesn’t even mention the considerable price difference in living costs. Whereas a small studio apartment in a convenient location in the big city can easily cost the better part of a million dollars, the same cash will buy you a sizable country estate complete with a grand oak tree and even a pool for those balmy summer afternoons.


There is so much world outside of the cramped and crowded city limits. In the big city, humans congregate into massive apartment complexes like sardines in a cannery. Take a step outside your home and you will have to walk many blocks or even take a bus ride to the central city park to get away from the crowds.

But out in the country there is such an overabundance of space that country kids hardly think about it. Even homes that do not have their own yard are not far from wide open spaces where children frolic with their dogs, play a ball game, or thrill to the dance of the fireflies. As night falls, there is even more space as the eye can see clearly into the vast expanses of the universe and glimpse the Milky Way sweeping across the night sky.

Stress-Free Living and Longer Lives

Things simply move at a slower pace out in the country. Out there, personal plans and important time frames are more closely connected to natural cycles and processes can’t be rushed.

While the situation can be grave in medium cities and smaller metropoles, in big cities stress and anxiety conditions have reached epidemic levels. There is just something about so many humans living in close proximity and partaking of the same resources that can create sharp elbows and lead to mental conditions.

Not a thing you would have to worry about as you leave the big city and enter smaller towns where generosity and hospitality between neighbors is a hallmark of rural communities.

city Growing Up in the City


Do you want to get a major endeavor rolling or push your professional career as far as you can possibly go? Than better wipe the mud off your shoes and head on over to big city where everything you could possibly need is right at your fingertips.

One of the greatest advantages is the highly efficient transportation systems that won’t require a car to get everywhere you need to go and at an affordable price. There is also superior medical attention available. Serious conditions and injuries can be handled faster than they would in a rural setting with limited medical availability.

Then there are multiple job opportunities, a larger variety of educational institutions, and the potential to make connections in the far corners of the globe. No matter your direction, the chances of finding greater opportunities for furthering your goals only get better as urban sprawl bigger.

Never be an Oddball

Cities attract people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe to meet together and share a thriving home. Those who feel out of place in the small town environment can thrill to the social diversity and open-minded nature of the big city. You can even attend that medieval club and hone your skills in an honest-to-god sword fight.

No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political convictions you will find a warm welcoming community within a big city that will be your family away from home. This is something that can be harder to find in a small town, where local customs and traditions can limit cultural diversity and plain creativity to any extent.

Cultural Opportunities

Whether it is enjoying authentic Indian samosas or attending a musical presentation, you will discover things in the big city that just aren’t available anywhere else. Museums, art galleries, lectures, and conventions can take the impressionable mind on a journey of cultural enlightenment.

There are also concert halls where the world’s greatest musicians and performers will regularly present their talents. Furthermore, just being in the company of such a diverse population teaches the individual important lessons on cultural acceptance and open-mindedness and is the ultimate cure for bigotry.

Final Thoughts on the Country Vs. City

As you can see, there are some considerable differences between growing up in the city or country. The only way one would be better than the other comes down to the preferences and needs of the individual.

Nevertheless, as times change and new solutions are found to improve the quality of life, we can expect both of these living environments will see dynamic changes in the near future.

Photo credits: RudmerZwerver/, pisaphotography/, images72/

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