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Forest Bathing

Hiking and Forest Bathing

How Hiking Changed My Life Completely

I work in an office, and I have to admit: it gets rather boring. Plus, I started developing health issues from sitting in a chair all day. So, I decided to change my habits. Now I get outside and hike at least one day each week. This was a dramatic change from my city life of going to the next mall or club in my spare time away from the office. This is a change that I am very happy I made. Going on hikes has changed my life so much that I cannot even believe it took me this long to get out in nature. To breathe nature. I challenge you to breathe nature, too. If you can't start with a hike, start with Forest and make your way to a trail in your time.

So how exactly did hiking change my life?

man hiking Health Improvements

The main thing that I noticed when I started to hike more was that my health started to come back to me. Through my office job, I had noticed that even the slightest task I was doing started to make me winded, leaving me feeling like I had run a marathon when all I did was walk from one meeting room to the next. Because of that, when I first started hiking I was really nervous and figured I would do a short hike on a paved trail, which ultimately benefited me in the end.

After hiking for a fair amount of time, I began to notice that I was no longer as winded as I once was and that I was able to walk more without feeling tired than before. This made me think more about what changes I had been making in my life, and the change that kept coming to mind was the decision to change my habit of walking in malls and start walking in the woods. In the beginning, this proved to be more of a challenge, but ultimately it allowed me to do more, and workout more of my muscle groups. Not only was I working out more of the muscle groups in my body, but I started to notice that I was actually having to look for new clothes because I was losing weight and had a different outlook on myself.

The main difference that I had initially made was to hike longer trails and increase the difficulty of the trails that I was on. Not too long after that, I began to notice that my clothes started to fit loosely. Overall, this was really a major improvement on my health and definitely an improvement that I know I will keep for years to come.

Forest MONQ What I Do When I Cannot Hike

Unfortunately, a big issue that many face when trying to plan a hike is an issue with weather. If it starts to rain or storm, hiking trails turn muddy or become flooded. This minor inconvenience means that I will likely have to do something inside rather than get my relaxing fix from the woods and nature. So what do I do? In this case, I tend to start using essential oils more.

One of my favorite essential oils is pine essential oils. This scent allows me to recall my favorite hiking trails and even helps me visualize the beauty that is seen on the trails as the oils are strong enough to help me remember. Other essential oils that remind me of the outdoors and hiking are scotch pine and douglas fir as they help to remember being outdoors throughout different times of the year.

Another scent that is a personal favorite is mint essential oils. Often times in the summer, I will find wild peppermint growing on my hike. When I get to these wild areas I tend to run my hands over the leaves and enjoy the wonderful aroma of the peppermints. So when it is not readily available I tend to have an essential oil diffuser running with peppermint.

Being able to go into the woods, hike, and enjoy nature is something that I love to do now. I went from spending my free time constantly indoors to going into the woods and exploring the world around me. Not only has this led to me connecting more with nature, but also has allowed me to finally get to see a healthy and new me. All of this I have to thank from simply just changing up my routine and going hiking whenever I can.

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