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Forest Bathing

Founder's Message: New Year Balance


Thank goodness—it’s time to close the door on 2020! What started as a year of focus and optimism has left many of us feeling exhausted, depleted, and disconnected.

Yet, despite feeling run-down and a bit ragged, we now know we are resilient and have the fortitude to rise to any challenge. So, in 2021, let’s take the challenge to reconnect with and rediscover our natural wellness.

At MONQ, we believe there is no substitute for the healing power of nature, which has been proven by practices like forest bathing. These immersive sensory experiences allow us to breathe the fragrant terpene-rich air while experiencing the sights, sounds, and textures of nature, resetting our bodies and restoring a natural balance.

Now more than ever, our bodies and minds are craving the fresh, clean, paleo air that we evolved to breathe. It not only helps us feel better physically but also lifts our spirits and invigorates us with energy to invest in our relationships and ambitions.

When we are outdoors, we find connection—with ourselves, the earth, and even our communities—as we appreciate and discover shared spaces and experiences. That connection is exactly what we need to stay the course as we strive for community wellness and our own wholeness.

So, take the challenge to get outdoors in 2021 and find your natural balance. When you can’t get into nature to reset, let MONQ bring wellness to you. All of our handcrafted, pure essential oil blends are designed to maximize their terpene profiles so you can feel the way you want! Choose from our current MONQ and MONQ +cbd blends and look forward to new offerings to move through 2021 feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for the challenges ahead.

From our MONQ family to yours—may your new year be filled with wonderful opportunities to pursue wellness, in all its forms, so you may feel better, do better, be better the whole year through.

Be well,

Eric Fishman, M.D.
Founder & CEO

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