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Essential Oils

Top 3 Essential Oils for Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is a term used to describe a period of the fall and winter months when single individuals try to look for someone to “cuff” themselves down to a serious relationship. It's about the long nights, cold weather, and prolonged periods of indoor activity that causes single people to get lonelier than usual, hence, the increased desire to get cuffed to someone.

If you're on the hunt for a cuffing relationship or want to spice one up with essential oils, then keep reading to learn about the best essential oils options for cuffing season.

cuffing season Unwinding from the Hustle and Bustle

One of the benefits of meeting someone during cuffing season is having someone you can just be you with at the end of the day. The early months of cuffing season are filled with major holidays, with Halloween starting things off before Thanksgiving rolls up weeks later, followed by Christmas and New Year’s serving up the December double whammy.

Sandalwood is a great essential oil to start the season off with. It's also one of the oldest known essential oils, having been used for a least 4,000 winter seasons before this one. It's potent for relieving tension, as it helps relax muscles and alleviate stress.

The scent of it alone is enough for most users to experience relief from the stressors of the day, whether they were dealing with trick or treaters, putting up with obnoxious relatives at the Thanksgiving table, or just doing holiday shopping. Not only does sandalwood help ground you down at the end of an anxiety-filled day, but it also puts out subtle signals that are quite sensual. This can help you find your cuff mate, or improve relations with the one you’ve already landed. 1

Sports, TV, and Movies  width=

Once the craziness of the holidays passes, or if you just need to play turtle at home and avoid it all, it might mean that date night is nothing more than chilling in front of the screen for Netflix or sports. The NFL owns a day of the week in this season, and NHL and NBA action are just getting started.

If you'd like to relax while watching TV with your cuff mate, then try vanilla essential oil, which is considered one of the most comforting scents. 2

cuffing season New Year Blues

Cinnamon is great for the later months of cuffing season. The middle and late weeks of January are often described by psychologists as the most depressing time of year. The weather is still miserable, the nights are really long, and the holidays are long over. It's also prime time for the colds and flu, but the scent of cinnamon can help stimulate your immune system. Even better, it's an oil known to promote sexual harmony between partners.

Not only has cinnamon essential oil been shown to support reproductive health, but this serious libido enhancer can also heal sexual issues keeping you and your cuffer from fully enjoying each other's company. By the time Valentine's Day rolls up, if it's still winter where you live, using this oil should be a no-brainer. 3 , 4

How Can You Use Essential Oils During Cuffing  width= Season?

Love can be in the air, even when that air is dry and biting cold. The right essential oils can help out intimate moments. Depending on the suggested use of each specific oil, you might consider dropping a little in bath water for you two to enjoy together. Alternatively, you can use some of these essential oils topically after diluting them with a carrier oil, lotion, or massage oil. For a scent that lasts, try adding a few drops of them to a room diffuser, or for an on the go option, use them in a personal diffuser like Love or Sexy MONQ.


Cuffing season could also be called cuddle season, as being indoors so much is a great time to curl up by the fire with someone until the spring thaws the world out. Depending on your latitude, winter for you might be drastically colder or longer than others, so finding a cuffmate might be more important than you think.

Use these three essential oils to allure someone into your orbit, and then maintain the spark between the two of you. Having the right person around in the fall and winter means everything from not being alone at night to having someone to be your date to holiday parties.

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