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Seasonal Scents

Essential Oils

Seasonal Scents: Essential Oils for Every Season

Essential oils are a great way to have the scents of any season and the memories associated with that season readily available. Though they’re a great way to improve health and wellness at any time of year, some essential oils may be better-suited for some seasons. Scent is strongly tied to memories, so using certain essential oils, whether through a room or personal aromatherapy diffuser, can allow you to relive moments, transport you back to your favorite city, or remind you of your favorite season all from the comfort of your own home.1  

woman holding ocean MONQ in handScents of Summer

Summer is a time of joy and celebration, life, love, and happiness. The warm days at the beach or walking around national parks are something that most of us have happy memories of. We enjoy barbecues and lemonade stands, sports games and sunbathing, lazy days by the pool, and lazier nights watching the stars. Summer is a time that is vibrant and fun, and the scents of summer reflect that. Lavender is without a doubt a summer scent that will remind you of blooming summer fields, summer sunrises, and relaxing lazy days out in the sun. To remind you of summertime or enhance your summer days, try using a lavender-based lotion, burning a lavender candle, adding lavender essential oil to a room diffuser, or using a personal essential oil diffuser like Sleepy, Happy, Sexy, or Ocean MONQ for a sliver of summer on-the-go. sleepy MONQ R on blanketChamomile is another flower that smells of summer. Its essential oil brings with it memories of sitting outside with family or friends enjoying a great meal that you just pulled off the grill or long summer walks in the park. Remind yourself of those memories year-round or enhance them at the moment by breathing chamomile essential oil with the Sleepy diffuser. Remember: breathe gently into your mouth and out through your nose. MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs. As mentioned above, summer is vibrant, and Vibrant diffuser embodies that brightness and renewal with a blend of ginger, lemon, and spearmint. Ginger can help improve mood and promote better concentration. Lemon is zesty and uplifting, and spearmint is both restorative and stimulating. In the cold of the dreary days of winter when you might be feeling down, remembering those vibrant summer days with the smells of summer are sure to lift you up. On the other hand, keeping these scents close to you in the summer can make for a more productive, energetic, and well, vibrant, day.

woman holding pumpkin spice in fieldScents of Autumn

In autumn, the weather starts to change. The leaves turn brown, and the breeze gets stronger. Autumn is a time when the weather is cooler, and the scents of autumn—of crisp leaves and spices—take you back to childhood memories of jumping in leaves or annual Thanksgiving dinners. And as the weather cools down, the scents of autumn become warmer and spicier. woman holding Love MONQ with the city in the backgroundCacao essential oil definitely triggers autumn memories and enhances autumn days, from trick-or-treating and rushing home to pick out the chocolate, to baking brownies on cool autumn nights. For a quick return to that nostalgia, try burning a fall-scented candle with cacao as one of its main ingredients, using a cacao-based body butter, or breathe cacao essential oil with the Love diffuser. Another great autumn-scented essential oil is patchouli, which is a reminder of walking outdoors during harvest times, whether you’re apple picking, walking through a pumpkin patch, running through a corn maze, or going on a hayride. For a blend of essential oils that takes you back those chilly, fresh autumn nights, try Mountain diffuser, a blend of juniper leaf,2 peppermint, and scotch pine. Peppermint is a great energy-booster, scotch pine is an immune booster, and juniper leaf stimulates and clears the mind.3   Alternatively, try the Pumpkin Spice terpene pen which features a blend of allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg and is designed with nostalgia therapy in mind. Just as autumn is a time for wiping the slate clean as the leaves fall and the wind and rain comes, the essential oils in these blends have the power to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body. Keep it with you on-the-go for a whiff of fall anywhere, anytime.

woman holding cheer MONQ with Christmas tree in background

Scents of Winter

Some of us love winter, some of us hate it. You can go two routes with your winter scents: spicy scents that bring memories of the holiday season or forest blends, specifically of pine trees. Forest MONQ blends black spruce, douglas fir, and sandalwood essential oils—a perfect combination for what can be a draining time for many. Douglas fir is often used to open the airways and help us breathe more deeply.Sandalwood is useful for meditation, and black spruce has been historically used to reduce inflammation.  Frankincense is definitely another characteristically “winter” essential oil that brings with it memories of the holiday season spent with family and friends and can be found in Cheer MONQ, along with palo santo and myrrh. This is another blend designed with nostalgia therapy in mind, taking you back to those happy holiday memories during any time of year. 

relieve monq on tableScents of Spring

Now that winter has ended, it’s time for the season of rebirth and renewal. Lemon and lime are a couple of scents that come to mind when with the mention of spring, as their citrus kick pairs with this idea of rejuvenation with the coming season. Sandalwood is another essential oil with a strong connection to spring. It brings with it memories of finally getting outdoors after a winter cooped up inside, and of getting back out into nature as it’s beginning to bloom all over again. In addition to being a time of regrowth and renewal, all of this regrowth also means that it's time for allergy season. If you're looking to ditch the allergy symptoms this year, try Relieve. This blend contains ginger, helichrysum, and spikenard and is designed to help with aches, pains, and mild allergy symptoms. Keep in mind that essential oils that remind you of the spring-time are great at any time of year if you’re looking for some energy or that renewal. Try applying these essential oils topically when diluted with a carrier oil like coconut, almond, or jojoba oil, diffuse in a room diffuser, or try in a portable essential oil diffuser like Zen, Sexy, Sleepy, Active, Vibrant, or Ocean MONQ to reap their wide-ranging health and wellness benefits.

Which Scent Do You Choose?

Whether you’re trying to enhance your quality of life during a particular season or looking to relive the happy memories from a season that has already passed, essential oils are a great way to do it. From the vibrant smells of summer filled with lavender, chamomile, and spearmint; to the warm, scents of autumn, fresh like mountain air; to the smells of pine forests in the winter; all the way back to active renewal with lemon, lime, and sandalwood in the spring—essential oils have you covered.5

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