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Essential Oils

Roll-On Essential Oils: What You Should Know

If you’ve checked out our essential oil library, then you already know that essential oils have been shown to provide a range of health benefits. From reducing stress to reducing discomfort to helping support the mind essential oils and the terpenes they contain offer important benefits to the human body.

Additionally, essential oils are versatile. You can use them aromatically in a desktop diffuser, room diffuser, or personal diffuser. Alternatively, you can inhale their scent directly from the bottle or an essential oil medallion.

Another way to experience the effects of essential oils is to localize them through topical application. Using essential oils in a roll-on form makes topical application easy because the essential oils are already diluted with the perfect ratio of carrier oil. Highlighted below are the benefits of roll-on essential oil application.

Benefits of Topical Essential Oil Use  width=

Topical application refers to using essential oils directly on the skin, typically after diluting them with a carrier oil—such as almond or coconut oil—to reduce the potency of the essential oil and prevent an adverse skin reaction. 1

Because the skin is permeable, meaning that substances can pass through it, it effectively absorbs substances that are applied to it—including essential oils. Additionally, because essential oils have a smaller molecular size and are lipid soluble, they can pass through the skin especially well, increasing their effectiveness and allowing them to provide positive benefits in localized areas.

Some of the most popular places to use essential oils topically include the bottoms of the feet, under the nose, on the forehead, on the temples, and in any areas where you may be experiencing discomfort.

Essential oils can be used topically in a massage, as a lotion after dilution with a carrier oil, in roll-on form, and in many other ways depending on your needs and the particular essential oil.

In short, topical essential oil use is especially effective because it allows you to localize the effects of the essential oil. So, if you feel tension coming on, apply essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, or lavender to your temples to help ease the discomfort. 2 Alternatively, if you struggle with the occasional upset stomach, topical application of ginger or black pepper essential oil to your stomach may help. 3


Why Roll-On Essential Oils?

So, it’s clear that topical essential oil use can provide a range of benefits, especially if you want to localize those benefits to a particular area of your body. But if there are so many ways to use essential oils topically, what makes roll-on essential oils the preferred option?


The biggest benefit of roll-on essential oils compared to other types of topical application is their convenience. Having essential oils already packaged in bottles with a rollerball that dispenses a fixed amount of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil means that you don’t have to worry about the mess that comes with mixing essential oils with carrier oils and getting the proportions just right.

Additionally, roll-on essential oils are a great option for on-the-go. Having a bigger bottle of an essential oil might be inconvenient if you’re only carrying a small bag. Plus, there's the risk of a larger glass bottle shattering and spilling. That bottle would also only allow for aromatic use.

Roll-on essential oils allow you to experience the topical and aromatic benefits of essential oils. Plus, roll-on essential oils are so small that they can fit in your pocket. This makes them convenient on-the-go.

Great for Sensitive Skin  width=

Topical essential oil use can be daunting for some people because it requires testing out dilutions of essential oils to make sure that the concentration is just right for you. Roll-on essential oils take care of these dilutions for you. Although it’s still important to conduct a patch skin test to make sure you don’t experience an adverse reaction to the blend, pre-made roll-on essential oils take the worry out of getting dilutions just right.

Good for Travel

Between TSA regulations and airline restrictions on baggage, packing essential oil bottles and carrier oil for trips just isn’t feasible for most people. However, traveling is an especially important time to reap the benefits of essential oils—whether its to calm down the stress of travel, moisturize your skin, or soothe your stomach after a long plane ride.

Roll-ons are great for travel because they provide a hassle-free way of experiencing the benefits of your favorite essential oils.

Final Thoughts

Given the benefits of topical essential oil application, and the ease of roll-ons, consider changing up your essential oil routine.

The MONQ Roll-On essential oil blends create an added layer of convenience by offering three blends to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re using Sleepy to help you get a good night’s rest, or Relieve to ease your discomforts, there’s an essential oil blend for everyone.

Now, all you have to do is pick which one is right for you and prepare to experience the convenience and benefits of roll-on essential oils.

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