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Essential Oils

Preparing for the Seasons with Essential Oils

Whether you're just beginning to build an aromatherapy collection or looking to replenish your favorite oils, it's always a good idea to consider the upcoming season and the challenges it may bring. The allergies that come with spring or the common cold season of fall don’t have to just be suffered; you can actually prepare for these problems with the right essential oils. Below is a look at the seasons, their unique challenges, and the best oils to help you overcome all they can throw at you!

couple on the beach in the summer Summer

For many people, summer is the most exciting part of the year. From airy June nights to the calmer warmth of September, it's when many people use their saved vacation time to travel abroad or spend time at the beach. And, if you're a parent, then it means your kids are likely out of school and spending a lot more time around the house. You might also find yourself fighting summer allergies caused by weeds and grass, and fending off insects.

Preparing an aromatherapy for the summer should focus on combating the heat and the air, so it's a good idea to consider oils that help relieve stress, offer allergy relief, and help fight the discomfort caused by sunburn. Here are a couple of essential oils that do just that.

ylang ylang plant Ylang Ylang

Summer is meant to be a fun and exciting season, but it comes with plenty of stress. There is often stress caused by planning a big vacation or by having the kids back at home around the clock. You’ll want to leave the stress from work behind as you prepare to travel to the beach and relax. Ylang ylang essential oil is a great tool to have to do just that.

The ylang-ylang tree is native to parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Polynesia. The flower that grows on those trees has a powerful sweet aroma that has impressed natives for centuries. They eventually began to cultivate these flowers and use them in perfumes, cleaners, soaps, cosmetics, and for medicinal purposes.

There are many interesting health benefits tied to the ylang-ylang flower and the oil that is extracted from it. In particular, studies have shown that it can reduce stress and offer relief of depression. 1 These benefits make an essential oil blend with ylang-ylang in it a great choice to help fight the stress of a long day or to reset the slate before starting a fun activity.


Even though pollen usually leaves the air by July, there are still plenty of other particles floating around in the air that can cause allergies to flare up. These new allergies are often caused by specific plants, grasses, and weeds that grow during the summer months. Though not as many people are allergic to these summer plants, they still are all around in the air and can get in your nasal tract regardless. Relief from the cluttered air is just as important, if not more so, during summer as it is during spring.

Most of us are very familiar with the symptoms of summer allergies. They include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, watery eyes, and itching. Luckily, there happens to be a unique essential oil that can combat many of these symptoms. Ravensara is a clove nutmeg that comes from Madagascar, and its essential oil is great to combat allergies and clear your nasal tract.

Ravensara contains several chemicals that have been used for medicinal reasons. They include limonene, estragole, and methyl eugenol. The oil has been studied for its ability to combat allergy symptoms due to these parts. One of the most recent studies used a blend of ravensara, frankincense, and sandalwood in an aromatherapy setting to create a significant reduction in all of the symptoms mentioned above. 2

peppermint leaves Peppermint

One final essential oil worth considering this summer is peppermint essential oil. Though it may sound perfect for winter (and it is!), it’s great for summer too and its use is two-fold. Firstly, it has an impressive SPF value of 6.668. That is the highest among a number of essential oils that were tested in a recent study. 3 Peppermint oil is also a natural analgesic and can help to alleviate the discomfort caused by sunburn. 4

Combining peppermint oil with sunscreen is a great way to bolster your protection against the sun at the beach, and to soothe your skin and smell good too! The analgesic properties of peppermint oil can help with discomfort through aromatherapy, just by breathing in the wonderful smell of peppermint. Combined with other essential oils, the benefits can be astounding and make you feel great.

During summer, it’s important to keep the sun, allergies, and bugs in mind, and choosing an essential oil that can help with all of these is very important. Feeling great and relaxed for those long summer beach days or backyard bonfires makes you feel better.

winter Winter

The winter season is a beautiful time of the year. Millions of people love to celebrate Christmas and spend time with their family listening to Christmas music and exchanging gifts. Though it may be cold outside, there’s always a nice warm fire inside with loved ones.

But unfortunately, it's also a time when cold and flu season both reach their peak. This can be taxing on your the body and ruin even the best holiday plans. Many also find that the lack of natural light can be a little dreary for the months of the winter season.

Essential oils for this season should work to prevent the two major problems of winter: the flu and the down feeling that less natural light can bring. Choosing the right essential oil to feel better can be the reason you spend the holidays enjoying your family and friends while feeling great.

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the young twigs and leaves of the Australian blue-gum tree. This massive tree can reach heights of 300 feet despite the unforgiving climate of Australia. The leaves were used frequently for medicinal purposes by Australian Aborigines. It was later exported to Europe where it became popular in a number of applications.

Medical experts have discovered a number of benefits associated with this oil. Some of those include its ability to combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This makes it a great tool to have during the height of cold and flu season. However, even more, impressive is its ability to stimulate and reinforce the immune system in multiple ways. 5 Diffusing this oil can help to strengthen your immune system so that it can better fight off any foreign agents that are hanging around in the winter air.

lavender Lavender

It can be very common to feel slightly down in the wintertime because of the lack of light. In places where there is a lot of snow, it is not uncommon to go days at a time with the sun not showing through the gray clouds. Furthermore, if there is a lot of snow, it can be unwise or impossible to go outside, and it can force some people to be stuck in their homes without the ability to go out for fresh air.

The good news is that some essential oils can help to promote a brighter mood during long winters. Oils like those from lavender have been known to lighten moods with their scents. Many report feeling much better after having diffused lavender during the winter season. Adding essential oil blends with lavender in them to your collection is a great way to fight those dreary feelings during the winter season so that you can focus on enjoying time with friends and family.

During winter, you should look to stock up on essential oils that promote good immune health and lighten your mood. Essential oils like cinnamon, orange and clove are perfect for the relaxed, content mood that should be with you during the holidays, and it will certainly brighten your day!

autumn Autumn

The three months of Autumn are filled with beautiful colors, vibrant smells, delicious foods, and exciting holidays. Candied apples, falling leaves and fall festivals are all great parts of this season, and there’s so much to do as the temperature gets to be perfect. Unfortunately, it's also the beginning of the cold season just as it’s getting cold.

If you want to prepare for autumn with a unique set of essential oils, then you should consider blends with strong seasonal aromas, oils that can help reduce the risk of catching a cold, and perhaps something to help you digest all of the extra candy and food you'll be eating this season. Luckily, there are a few different oils for each of these tasks.

allspice in a bowl Allspice

There are so many smells associated with fall that choosing just one is nearly impossible. But if you only had one option, then allspice essential oil would be an admirable choice. As a seasoning, allspice is found in apple cider and mashed sweet potatoes, and it also happens to be the primary component in pumpkin spice.

As an essential oil, allspice can be diffused to reproduce the aroma of a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner spent with loved ones all around. The feeling of nostalgia that the scent produces makes mind and body both feel good. It can remind you of past days that you really loved, and that can make you feel whole and fulfilled during the Thanksgiving season.

There are additional benefits linked to allspice essential oil that is specific to its chemical nature. Interestingly enough, two of its major benefits are perfect for the autumn season. Allspice contains the polyphenol eugenol, which stimulates digestive enzymes and has analgesic properties. 6 This means it can alleviate symptoms of the cold and the pain that comes with it, and it can help reduce indigestion after a big meal.

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano is commonly found in kitchens in its herb form. Its scent may not be as closely linked to the fall season as allspice, but its benefits are just as important. Oregano essential oil has very potent anti-viral properties thanks to its active ingredient, carvacrol. 7 And as you may know, the common cold is a virus. There are actually more than 200 viral strains that can cause the common cold and diffusing oregano oil in a room is a great way to cleanse the room of many of them.

Additionally, oregano’s essential oil can still help even if you've already got the cold. When used aromatically, the vapor goes to work inside the body to cleanse and alleviate many symptoms. One study revealed that a blend of oils containing oregano oil could greatly reduce a sore throat, cough, and hoarseness in patients suffering from a respiratory infection. 8

Autumn is a time of family and friends and beauty all around, and you don’t want to miss any of it because of the cold.

spring Spring

While it may be a few months after the start of the year, the first day of Spring symbolizes a new cycle. The cold winter months are finally coming to an end and the temperature will begin rising over the next few months as people across the country prepare for summer. It's a time to get energized and clean the home or plant new gardens. It can also be a time to suffer from pollen allergies if you don’t do anything to fight back.

Essential oils for the springtime should focus on keeping your energy levels high while fighting the symptoms caused by pollen allergies. There are many great oils for this, but orange and lemon essential oils are two of the best.

orange Orange

Whether you prefer wild orange, blood orange, or sweet orange, orange-based oils are perfect for fighting fatigue to keep your energy levels high. 9 The ways in which aromatherapy can boost energy are many and oftentimes powerful. Aromatherapy can produce stimulating effects in the brain and help the body with certain tasks, allowing you to spend less energy so that you can do more fun things in the springtime. Orange essential oil promotes both of these to help you feel more energized and less spent.

In general, citrus-based oils are good for boosting energy because they stimulate parts of the brain that lead to the production of serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are responsible for regulating your mood and have a significant impact on your energy levels.


Lemon essential oil is the perfect scent for springtime. Not only will it help alleviate allergy symptoms, but it will also boost energy levels similar to orange oil because it is citrus-based.

Lemon essential oil is very popular and has been the subject of numerous studies. One study involved the use of lemon oil in a nasal spray used to treat allergic rhinopathy. That study revealed that lemon oil was highly effective at fighting the symptoms of seasonal allergies and could be used as a reliable alternative to conventional medicine. 10

Lemon essential oil is a great choice to elevate your energy levels for springtime activities like Easter egg hunts and county fairs, and can definitely brighten any mood further!


Just like during summertime, allergies can be a real problem for many in the spring. Ravensara is the best bet to help with allergy symptoms, and its essential oil can help to clear sinuses and nasal tracts to get rid of all that pollen. If you suffer in the springtime from pollen allergies, ravensara is a perfect essential oil to help relax your allergies.

Spring is a wonderful season full of promise and bright, flowery scenes. However, its beauty can’t be fully appreciated if you don’t have the energy or suffer from allergies, so essential oil blends and aromatherapy can be a great way to make sure you take full advantage of the season.

essential oil bottle with blurred background Essential Oils for All the Seasons

All of these oils have several different health benefits, and many overlap with each other. By combining some with common benefits, the effects to alleviate allergies, brighten mood or raise energy can be astounding. Additionally, you should not feel limited to making use of them only during specific seasons, though that may be when their benefit is the greatest. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these oils with one another or with additional oils to get the greatest combination of benefits. In any case, you should keep the above oils in mind when expanding your aromatherapy collection for the coming seasons.

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