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Essential Oils

Parsley Seed Essential Oil - Aromatherapy's Secret Ingredient

Parsley seed essential oil is one of the lesser known, but more interesting oils around. It's primarily comprised of the terpene limonene which is why it has so many antioxidant and restorative abilities. It is commonly used as a secret ingredient in natural perfumes and scents as it lends a balancing woodsy spice aroma with a hint of bittersweet in the background.

Uses in Aromatherapy

Regulates Menstrual Cycles

This is perhaps the oldest application for this oil and can be used via aromatherapy with great success for women with irregular periods. Many women have also found relief from painful symptoms and excessive bleeding due to conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS. Parsley seed is an emmenagogue and abortifacient and should not be used while pregnant. 1

Promotes Weight Loss

One important terpene found in parsley seed is parsley apiole. Some studies have shown that it is able to help combat the formation of cellulite and that it can help break it up as well. This is one reason that this terpene is often added to weight loss blends, helping create an environment where the body continues to burn fat long after a workout and where the amount of cellulite in the body is slowly reduced over time. It works best in conjunction with other methods and should always be supported by other oils for optimum benefits.

Decreases Duration Of Illness

During illness, the use of parsley seed can help flush the body and regulate pain and other symptoms that often extend the duration of illnesses. Some use has been found in terms of indigestion, making it a great oil for use after dinner to ensure better digestion and to prevent a gastric upset. Using this oil after a bout of nausea may also help calm you quickly and ensure that you are not struck down by nausea for extended periods of time.

It is also known to be antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Combining this with the possible antioxidant qualities ensures that this oil should be included in any blend being used during times of sickness.

Reduces Water Retention

Again mostly aimed at the health of women, parsley seed to reduce the amount of water retained during illness or menstrual-related periods of time. Again caution should be taken not to use the oil while pregnant, and it is generally not considered suitable for use, even in late-term pregnancy. During regular menstrual periods, it can be used both via skin based application and vapor based methods to help shed excess water for a more comfortable life.

Increases Breast Milk Production

Because the properties that make it so good for menstruation mostly have to do with affecting the uterine wall, this oil is safe to use when nursing and has been used to increase the flow of breast milk in women around the world for many years. Both ingestions of raw parsley and inhalation of a blend that has it as a base scent will help with production. Care should be taken that the oil does not come in contact with infants as with any other essential oil. 2

Act As A Natural Insecticide

As with many oils that have a medium scent but are slightly spicy and generally described as being “fresh,” Parsley seed oil is known to help keep away insects. Many people choose to apply it topically or to use a diffuser before they leave the house to ensure that the scent lingers.

However, benefits can also be achieved from portable diffusers. Combining it with other oils for this purpose is a great way to enjoy music festivals and other summer events without using harmful traditional insecticides with a higher number of side effects. 3

Parsley Seed Infographic

Parsley Seed Additional Information About Parsley Seed Essential Oil

This oil has a medium strength smell, making it a great base note for larger aromatherapy blends. It can completely cover low aroma oils, but will not contrast with pungently scented oils. This has made it a strong choice for years in many woman's aromatherapy blends and it continues to be suggested for the use of women struggling with uterine health-related issues or abdominal pains.

The oil is also reactive with the sun, making it important to store it away from light and do not apply it before going into the sun.


Parsley seed’s fragrance and health benefits have made it a valuable source for aromatherapy.

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