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Essential Oils

Palmarosa Essential Oil - Wake Up and Smell the Palmarosa

Though its name, Palmarosa, makes it sound like it might be a tree or a rose plant, Palmarosa essential oil actually comes from a grass with the botanical name of Cymbopogon martini. Found in two varieties, Motia and Sofia (also referred to as chemotypes), there are two ways it can smell, though the differences in aroma vary only slightly.

Like many premium essential oils, Palmarosa is steam distilled and comes from grasses that are harvested and dried before they flower. It is noted for having a very sweet and floral scent that is soft and uplifting. This floral strength is why it was given a name reflective of its rose-like aroma. It is so close to it that it may even be used as a substitute or to adulterate rose oil to keep production costs lower. Though it can be used in foods and beverages, Palmarosa essential oil is most commonly used in cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, and oils.

Properties of Palmarosa Essential Oil Palmarosa

Some of Palmarosa’s health benefits include:


The oil is able to inhibit and kill bacterial growths, including internal bacterial conditions as serious as colitis, urinary issues, prostate problems, and kidney concerns. Externally it is ideal for topical treatment of skin infections and is safe, when properly diluted, on delicate areas such as the eyelids and the ears. 1


Ideal for wound care, infections and any worries about bacteria as well as to use as a topical solution to stop bacterial growth and the prevention of sepsis.


Because it can inhibit and curb the growth of viral strains, it can be incredibly helpful in eliminating them. Unlike bacteria, viruses are very challenging to overcome, but Palmarosa essential oil can act immediately upon contracting active viral strains.

Cell repair

Surprising to many, Palmarosa essential oil is cytophylactic, which means it is capable of promoting cell growth and even helping to recycle cellular matter. That means it is an ideal anti-aging treatment but is also fantastic at wound and scar healing or repair. It is also considered ideal for the immune system. In addition to preventing scars and supporting wound healing, its natural antiseptic properties further enhance cell repair and prevent infection.


By stimulating the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach, it ensures that foods are properly broken down as they enter the next phase of digestion. This is great for nutrient absorption and for making digestion both easier and more efficient.

Hydrating substance

Few realize that this oil is beneficial when dehydration is a potential risk. It helps the tissue in the body retain moisture and helps to balance moisture throughout the cells. This is why it is also considered helpful to those who require anti-inflammatory treatments or those who want to improve the appearance of their skin.

Reduces fever

Thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties, this oil is noted for soothing the body and reducing fever


Spread on athlete's foot, cracked or dry skin, open sores, and other areas of irritation and its many healing properties improve many conditions. It "helps treat dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis… as well as boils, abscesses, and acne, as well. Animals may also benefit from this gentle plant oil. Specifically, dog skin disorders and horse skin fungus and dermatitis are just some animal skin conditions palmarosa oil can help treat…" 2

palmarosa infographic

Additional Benefits of Palmarosa Oil

It is noted as a good agent for balancing sebum production in the skin, thereby reducing acne breakouts. Its uses also include " relieving stress, anxiety, and nervous exhaustion, and alleviating arthritis and rheumatism when massaged onto the affected areas. It's also noteworthy that modern research has found that aromatherapy with palmarosa has beneficial effects in treating neuralgia, epileptic conditions, and anorexia."

Naturally, in addition to those medical benefits, it is also very popular in aromatherapy. Its appealing and soothing aroma is used to:

    • Relax (nerves and muscles)

    • Combat nervousness

    • Overcome fatigue

    • Reduce a sense of anger

Naturally, that makes many wonders just how to go about using Palmarosa essential oil as a form of aromatherapy. Let's consider the most popular…

palmarosa Using Palmarosa Essential Oil

As is the case with most essential oils, Palmarosa can be used in any of the traditional ways, including diffusers, vaporizers, and with sticks that slowly absorb and the release the scent. You can also add it to bath water and massage oils. Just a few drops in traditional skin care products (hand or body creams) can allow you to turn them into more fragrant, infection-fighting compounds. You can also apply it with massage oils to improve skin condition. Blend a few drops of Palmarosa into coconut oil and you can create an anti-aging treatment, as well.

As an aromatherapy option or even as a perfume, it blends well with other essential oils, like:

    • Australian Sandalwood

    • Cedarwood Virginian

    • Egyptian Geranium

    • Rose

Experiment to determine the ideal blend for your personal preferences and try to consider the medicinal benefits of using specific blends in addition to the benefits of their aromatic properties.

Precautions With Palmarosa Essential Oil

Interestingly enough, there are really no worries about using this oil. It is safe, non-irritating, non-toxic and non-sensitizing. Yet, most experts agree that it is best to use any essential oil in a diluted format. Palmarosa essential oil works particularly well with mild carriers like coconut oil.

This wonderful Indian native offers one of the most appealingly soft, green and floral scents, and just a few drops of it can provide an amazingly long list of benefits. Be sure to purchase it from a premium supplier and check that you are getting only pure essential oil.

Final Thoughts on Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa and its benefits can help in your life, particularly to help to enhance and control your moods. If you’re just starting off using an essential oil, consider using it because of its versatility and ability to match with several other essential oils.

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