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How College Students Can Survive Cold Spring Semesters

If you are a student going to college, depending upon the university that you are attending, the initial part of the semester could be quite cold. Whether you are in the United States, or if you are attending a college in a different country at a higher latitude or elevation, you may find yourself very uncomfortable due to how cold it has become. If you have transitioned there from a very warm area, this could even be more difficult. Here are a few tips that students can use to survive the early portions of their spring semester at a college, along with recommendations on essential oils that can be very helpful.

Wintertime Blues Basic Strategies for Staying Positive During Your Spring Semester

Most college students that are entering into a spring semester have been there the prior semester. It may have started out relatively warm, but as the months passed by, the cold winter weather started to appear. By the time you start your spring semester in January, you will be right in the middle of some of the coldest temperatures at that college campus. To keep warm, you can purchase warmer clothing, or change your lifestyle to suit the colder temperatures that are happening every day. You might spend more time in your dorm or apartment, or you might go out with friends to places that are indoors more often. One problem that many college students face is feeling down in the dumps. They may feel homesick, or perhaps they will get tired of overcast frigid days. It is possible to distract yourself with your roommate, if you have one, or friends that you have made at college by going to parties, gatherings, or even shopping at the local malls. There is one other strategy you can use which involves the use of certain essential oils that can literally change your mindset moments after using them.

The Best Essential Oils for College Students to Avoid  width= the Wintertime Blues

There are certain essential oils that are well-known for shifting a person's mindset. By diffusing essential oils, you can experience the benefits that they can provide. Your olfactory system, better known as your sense of smell, can play a large role in improving the way that you feel. Essential oils are able to work with your olfactory system to improve your mindset substantially. Specifically, there are essential oils that have been shown to help people have a more positive outlook, aromas that can change how you are thinking and feeling within seconds. These will include ylang-ylang, rose geranium, lavender and Roman chamomile. 1

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil  width=

Ylang-ylang has an aroma that is both floral and fruity, a very sweet aroma that will work directly to help you feel calm. Moments after you breathe this in, you can start to feel its effects, and may even detect that your breathing becomes more manageable.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose Geranium contains citronellol and geraniol, two components that can help reduce your stress levels rapidly. It can help shift your outlook and encourage movement and motivation. Your stress levels will diminish, and you will start to feel more balanced.

Wintertime Blues Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most well-known essential oils that is used by people all over the world. It's sweet herbal scent is well recognized, used in many products that we can purchase today. Some people use this to help them relax, such as when lavender oil is in a bubble bath, and it can also support a better nights sleep. 4

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is often associated with a type of tea that people drink when they want to relax. Roman chamomile is even more effective when used for aromatherapy. It has soothing qualities, similar to the others, and can be used to promote reducing tension in the body and relaxing your mind. This essential oil, like all of the others, can be obtained at stores in your area, or you can have it shipped to you online.

Although changing your lifestyle while you are enduring your spring semester can be helpful, it's also beneficial to use essential oils to help you feel better. Although some people prefer the cold, there are others that will react in a negative way, especially if the weather stays cool for extended periods of time. If you are a college student that is feeling down and you would like to augment your situation in a positive way, the use of these essential oils can be beneficial. It is important to find a company that not only has these essential oils but may even mix some together, to create an even more beneficial effect.

Once you start using essential oils to augment your mood, you will realize how powerful they are. It is one of the easiest ways to almost instantly change your mood from negative to positive while you are attending your spring semester of college.

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