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beware_ essential oils and pets don't mix, unless...

Essential Oils

Beware: Essential Oils and Pets Don’t Mix, Unless...

At MONQ, we love our furry (and feathery and scaly and hairless) family members. So, it’s important to us to keep them safe and healthy! This is why it’s important to learn about the effects of essential oils and pets.

We’ve long known that essential oils and pets don't always mix. Between the risk of ingestion, possible skin irritations from oils, and sensitive respiratory systems, we recommend exercising caution. And so do veterinarians, like Dr. Beth Malinich, featured in this news story. We agree with Dr. Malinich, they don’t mix—that is unless you have the right diffuser.

The Safe Way To Mix Essential Oils and Pets

At MONQ, our personal aromatherapy diffusers filled with blends like Zen , Forest , and Happy don’t release essential oil droplets into the air; they don’t store water (and so, they don’t spill); and you can control when and where they are used and how pets are exposed to aromatherapy. While we believe our diffusers are appropriate to use around your pets, you can choose—use your MONQ diffusers anytime, anywhere.

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