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Essential Oils

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite Prevention

Cellulite is the appearance of dimpled, orange-peel like skin that tends to form on the thighs and buttocks. It affects both men and women, although women are more prone to it. Additionally, individuals of any age can get cellulite, and it is not an indicator of being overweight. Indeed, many people who are at an ideal weight according to body mass index (BMI) still have some cellulite.

It is not dangerous and quite common, but a lot of individuals don't like how it looks. Because of this, fighting cellulite has become big business. Luckily, there are many natural remedies and lifestyle choices that have been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

cellulite About Cellulite

The prevalence of airbrushed models and super-toned athletic bodies in the media means that some people are inspired to go to extreme lengths to try to get rid of cellulite. Some people even seek out liposuction, although medical professionals say that liposuction isn't really a treatment for cellulite. While liposuction can sometimes help with cellulite, it often makes it worse by damaging the skin. 1

Really, if you want to improve the appearance of cellulite, you need to look at two factors: the buildup of fat under the dermis and the health of the connective tissue. Cellulite occurs when fat buildup penetrates the dermis, creating a bumpy appearance. This build-up is sometimes caused by excess fat or by a weakening of the skin's connective tissue.

Cellulite tends to occur less often in men than in women because the skin of men has a different connective tissue organizational structure. This means that it is more difficult for cellulite to penetrate the skin and cause cellulite in men. 2 Meanwhile, 80 to 90 percent of women experience some level of cellulite throughout their lives. 3

Though it’s difficult to completely remove cellulite, it is possible to reduce its appearance. Cellulite is often more noticeable when individuals gain weight because the increased fat puts more pressure on the skin tissue. Because of this, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite by losing weight and strengthening the muscles in the areas where cellulite occurs. This can help make the cellulite less noticeable.

Sadly, there is no evidence to show that creams or lotions can help remove cellulite. So far, researchers have not discovered an active ingredient that will break up cellulite or repair the connective tissue. Some people have tried laser treatments and massages or acoustic wave therapy, and these have been found to be effective at making cellulite less noticeable by breaking up the fat and thickening the skin. 4

Additionally, it is possible that individuals who swear by creams are getting the benefit of massage and improved circulation rather than benefit from the cream itself.

Another potential avenue that creams may work through is that certain creams contain diuretics, which can help dehydrate the cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The downside of this sort of treatment is that it required daily application to maintain results.

Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite with Essential cellulite Oils

Because removing cellulite is incredibly difficult, the best course of action is to prevent it from appearing in the first place. A part of the process of developing cellulite is genetic. Some people who are very lean still develop it because their skin is naturally thin, and the connective tissue is naturally prone to breaking down.

In those cases, the best that you can hope for is to reduce the appearance of cellulite by remaining as lean as possible while staying at a healthy weight, exercising, and taking care of your skin, both internally through proper nutrition and externally.

Using essential oils won't magically make cellulite disappear, but they have been shown to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite, keeping you looking and feeling your best.

Improve Skin Health

Essential oils are great for the skin. They can help to reduce the effects of aging, decrease inflammation, prevent infection, and serve as a powerful moisturizer.

If you’re going to use essential oils on the skin, remember that it's important that you use a good carrier oil like almond, coconut, or jojoba oil because many essential oils can cause irritation if applied undiluted because of their potency.

Carrot seed essential oil is great for rejuvenating the skin. Some people use it to help fade scars, but it can also help balance out skin tone, smooth out wrinkles, and defend against free radical damage.

Frankincense essential oil is another great option for individuals who want to prevent wrinkles and reduce the appearance of scars. It can also help soothe chapped or dry skin, as well as reduce the appearance of pores as well.

Promote Fat Loss

Another area where essential oils can be useful is for controlling weight. Essential oils have been shown to boost metabolism and promote fat burning. Some essential oils are also powerful appetite suppressants.

If you're close to your ideal weight and still have cellulite, then you'll find that reducing its appearance comes down to small changes.

That's where essential oils come in. If you're trying to reduce the appearance of cellulite by shedding those last few pounds, then you need to make sure that you’re eating right, drinking enough water, and staying active on a day-to-day basis. Oils like peppermint, lavender, bergamot, and grapefruit can be helpful in promoting and maintaining these behaviors.

Stop Snacking

Peppermint essential oil has been found to help reduce cravings and the tendency to snack. Carry a handkerchief with a few drops of peppermint oil around with you and breathe a few breaths worth of the scent each time you feel like snacking between meals.

The scent will trigger the part of your brain associated with cravings and distract you from the craving in this way. After a few minutes, you should find that you no longer crave whatever it was that was so tempting to you, and you'll be able to make it to mealtime without indulging.

Bergamot is another essential oil that can help with this and has also been found to be beneficial for promoting fat loss. 5

Feel Fuller Longer

There are many essential oils that can help increase satiety. Cinnamon is a particularly good choice. While the aroma of cinnamon is something that individuals usually associate with wanting to eat delicious baked goods, cinnamon is also good for appetite control because it makes the body's cells more receptive to insulin. 6

This means that they are better able to take up glucose, temporarily reducing blood sugar. If blood sugar levels are stable, then you are less likely to crave sugar.

Alleviate Stress

Lavender essential oil is a great choice for relieving stress. 7 Stress is associated with emotional eating and also increases cortisol levels, which can lead to increased fat storage.

Using lavender essential oil can not only alleviate stress but prevent the poor eating habits that have been associated with excess stress levels.

Other Ways to Reduce Cellulite cellulite

As mentioned above, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced using diuretics. However, it's not a good idea to take diuretic substances for that purpose alone because excessive diuretic use can have unpleasant side effects. Instead of relying on diuretics or even caffeinated beverages that happen to have a diuretic effect, it makes more sense to just drink a lot of water.

Drinking water helps fight cellulite by helping prevent water retention and suppress hunger cues.


If you're lucky, then losing a few pounds and toning up with light resistance training will help reduce the appearance of cellulite for you. If you're lucky enough to not have cellulite, then following the tips above might be enough to ensure that you never develop it.

If, however, you do develop cellulite and can't get remove of it, try not to get too frustrated. Know that most women do have some cellulite. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to look perfect. Everyone has something that they dislike about their body, and some features can be changed but others cannot be.

The important thing in the long term is that you find a way to be happy with who you are. If you’re looking after your health—eating right, exercising, and getting enough rest—then you're doing the best thing for you.

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