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Essential Oils

Ancient Essential Oils from Around the World

Essential oils are not some untested new product that people are just beginning to use. These oils are not some kind of fad. Essential oils that are extracted from plants have been used for medicinal purposes, as a product that helps induce calmness and relieves stress, they have been used for a number of religious purposes, different aromas have been used to attract mating partners and for a whole host of other activities for centuries. The earliest findings of evidence showing the use of essential oils are from around 18000 BC. 1 These oils can be found all over the world. Below are some of the most versatile oils and a few of the places where they can be found around the world.

ancient essential oils Fast Pain Relief from Rosemary Essential Oil from the Mediterranean

Some of the oldest indications of the use of rosemary oil come from Egypt. It was used by both the Pharaohs and some slaves. This oil was used on soldiers who had been injured as well as slaves working on the pyramids so that there was no loss in those Egyptians to keep performing their duties.

This essential oil is also used to have a positive effect on your levels of motivation and concentration. This means that it's a great essential oil for students and for business people who want to stay focused and clear. If someone wants to stimulate growth or if they have respiratory problems then this would also be a good choice of essential oil to use for those conditions.

This oil typically comes from the plant leaves more than other parts. The plant itself is part of the mint family and related plants include basil, myrtle, sage, and lavender. When used under the right conditions this essential oil can be highly effective.

Lemon Essential Oil from Italy ancient essential oils

Lemon essential oil is a powerful antioxidant. Some of the health benefits that it carries with it have been scientifically established. It is most well known for its ability to cleanse toxins, but it also can be used to fight fungi and bacteria, can be used to purify the skin, and it can invigorate a person's energy.

The plant from which this essential oil comes from is believed to have arrived in Europe around 200 AD and its origins can be traced to Asia. European Sailors would use it as a way to fight off bacterial infections and even protect them from illnesses such as scurvy. The peel is where the densest nutrients and other components come from.

Within the essential oil, there are esters and alcohol's as well as aldehydes and terpenes. The scent that these give off is invigorating and refreshing. There has been some scientific research that has found conclusive evidence of this oils powerful antioxidants. These can be used to help decrease inflammation in the body, which is believed to be associated with many modern chronic conditions. It also can be used to help improve digestion.

ancient essential oils Frankincense Has Been Used Since the Days of The Old and New Testaments

Throughout the Bible are references to the use of frankincense in religious practices. But this is not the only use of this essential oil. This oil was considered so valuable that it is believed to be one of the gifts given to Jesus when he was born by the three wise men. All over the globe, there are those who use the fragrant resin of this oil.

It is said that frankincense can relieve anxiety and calm feelings of anger. It is used for stress management and to bring about peace of mind. Some scientific evidence suggests that it can promote cell regeneration and help cells remain healthy. With these important uses, it is no wonder that religious leaders in the Bible highly valued frankincense.

The French word for this oil translates to English meaning "quality incense." The tree from which it comes is native to India and it has anti-cancer compounds and is considered to be an anti-inflammatory. This oil can be absorbed through the skin or its scent can be breathed in. When it is used directly on the skin it does require a carrier oil to be mixed with it. 2

It's important if you're going to use this for medicinal purposes that the bottle says essential oils rather than perfume or fragrance. The perfumes and fragrances are often synthetic and they have little or no health benefits. Whenever possible you should get a product that indicates it is 100% pure essential oil. Some additional uses for this essential oil include the removal of negative emotions and stress management.

Frankincense has even been shown to enhance your body's immune system which can help it fight off illness. Whether it's viruses or bacteria, the immune system can often destroy those if it is strong enough. A study done in the lab by a major University in Egypt found that this essential oil has immunostimulant activity.

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil from China ancient essential oils

This essential oil has been used for centuries in China and is now very popular around the world. It is considered an antiseptic as well as an anti-depressant and it can help relieve stress because it works like a sedative. It's even possible to use this to help lower high blood pressure.

This oil comes from fresh flowers that are growing on the ylang-ylang tree and steam distillation is used to get the oil. The main components found in the oil include methyl ether, methyl benzoate, caryophyllene, and a few other elements which help give it its medicinal properties and aroma. Although ylang-ylang comes from Indonesia it has been populated throughout many tropical locations.

When it comes to cosmetic products and fragrances it is commonly found in many of them. The oil can be used in a diffuser to freshen a room. When used together with a carrier oil it can be applied directly to the skin to help boost blood circulation. If someone is feeling depressed they can use this in a hot bath to help soak away the depression and relax the body.

The oil is effective for relieving anxiety, chronic stress, and feelings of sadness. It does it in part because it relaxes the body while uplifting the person's mood. Because the olfactory has a direct connection with the brain, essential oils like this one can often trigger the brain into releasing hormones that are useful to relieve depression and anxiety.

This oil can also be used to reduce inflammation within the body and is considered by some to be an aphrodisiac. This means that if there is difficulty achieving romance for couples then they might want to consider using this in the room when they're trying to have an intimate moment.

ancient essential oils Geranium Essential Oil from South Africa

The plant from which this oil comes is native to areas such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. This essential oil is one of the top 20 used for various perfumes around the world. When used medicinally it has a great many benefits.

As a medicinal essential oil, it can be used to help heal wounds as well as relieving depression. It's also great for those who suffer from dermatitis and eczema. You can use this oil as a beauty product for the reduction of wrinkles. It has a dermatologic use that helps reduce wrinkles caused by aging. It does this by tightening the facial skin and it's actually able to slow down effects caused by aging.

This oil can also be used to fight athlete's foot. It has antifungal properties. It could be used in this way by simply placing a few drops of oil into a foot bath that has warm water and a little bit of sea salt. When you do this a couple of times a day you'll begin to quickly see good results.

This can also be used as a natural deodorant. Because it is considered to be a circulatory oil it means it will actually come out of your body when you perspire. Instead of your sweat having a bad smell it will have a pleasant scent. This oil is also antibacterial and this means that it eliminates the very things that cause body odor. This means that it is an excellent natural deodorant.

Geranium essential oil is also great to use as a repellent against insects, and it can help heal bug bites. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the most common bug repellent on the market. Geranium essential oil, on the other hand, is completely safe to use and works effectively to repel bugs. It is simply a matter of mixing some together with some water in a spray bottle and then just spraying it on the exposed skin to help repel insects. If you add some baking soda to it you may find that it further boosts its effectiveness.

If you are suffering from nerve pain, then this might also be the right choice for that condition. In a double-blind study, geranium essential oil was found to reduce pain in those who had shingles. It was well-tolerated by those in the study and often the pain was reduced in mere minutes. The study concluded that when the oil was used at 100%, it was considerably more effective than when it was diluted.

Oregano Essential Oil from Turkey ancient essential oils

This perennial is found mostly in temperate climates. It is well known for its ability to kill bacteria and is also a very strong antifungal. When it comes to medicines that are completely natural, this is considered one of the most valuable. Over 800 studies that are all mentioned on PubMed, which is one of the top databases of scientific literature, shows that this essential oil has proven its efficacy.

This oil is extracted from the stem using a process of distillation. 3 It has many different species from which the oil is extracted. It is considered a natural antiviral, antioxidant, and antibacterial. It aids a person's digestive system and can reduce allergy attacks. It also helps with many chronic conditions by reducing the amount of inflammation in the body.

There has been some research which has demonstrated this oil as being effective against candida, e.coli, and other bacterial infections. It also has properties that fight fungus infections. It not only will fight off the infections but it will accelerate healing.

If you think that there is no treatment for colds available other than aspirin and cough medicine then you should consider using oregano essential oil. If you think the flu is about to come upon you and you want to stave it off as much as possible there is good evidence that shows this oil can help. It can also be used to relieve an upset stomach as well as acid reflux. Sometimes bacteria and other toxins can get into the stomach and cause the lining to become inflamed. Because this is a natural anti-inflammatory it can ease the stomach discomfort caused by these issues.

There are a number of reasons why a person might want to consider the use of essential oils for their powerful medicinal properties. One of these is because of the side effects and the resistance that people are now experiencing from antibiotics. When antibiotics were first discovered they were a miracle of medicine. But they're overuse both to humans and their use in livestock have exposed people to levels of antibiotics that has built up a certain amount of resistance.

No one has built up resistance to essential oils. With the numerous studies reported on PubMed and other government sites demonstrating the efficacy of these oils against many conditions shows that they can be effective treatments. Essential oils have been used through all of reported human history. This gives us ample proof alongside some of the modern scientific studies done that essential oils work.

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