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Which MONQ Blend Is Right for Your Personality?

With MONQ® you can experience the benefits of essential oils wherever you go. That said, there’s one major decision before beginning your MONQ experience: choosing a blend. The essential oils used in any particular blend are meant to inspire certain feelings or offer a variety of specific benefits.

Though there are different ways you can make the decision on which MONQ blend to get based on your desired experience, one way is based on your personality type. To help get you started with your MONQ experience, we have matched different blends with character groups based on the 16 personality types in the Myers-Biggs personality assessment. 1

The best way to choose the best MONQ blend for you is to find out which blends match your character and lifestyle. Pick the top two or three that are best suited for your personality, or maybe try a blend that falls into a group of traits that you aspire to have.

The Responsible One

Personality Types: The Advocate (INFJ), The Logistician (ISTJ), The Defender (ISFJ)

Recommended MONQ Blends: Focus, Forest

You are very responsible, thorough, organized, and dependable in whatever you do. To keep that going, it's important for you to be thinking sharply at all times, which makes the Focus blend a perfect match for responsible personality types. This blend is perfect for decluttering and rejuvenating your mind while keeping you goal-oriented.

On the other hand, the responsibilities and need for a peaceful and orderly environment might be overwhelming every once in a while. That is especially true if you are constantly on a busy schedule at work, home, or school. The Forest blend can help. It contains all the oils that you need to lift your spirits and provide some inner strength to keep going. It is also reflective of these personality types that stay firmly rooted in their values.

The Leader

Personality Types: The Commander (ENTJ), The Debater (ENTP), The Protagonist (ENFJ), The Executive (ESTJ)

Recommended MONQ Blends: Fresh, Sexy, Mountain

If you have leadership qualities, you are constantly coming up with new ideas and inspiring and directing others. You are an outspoken, enthusiastic, and idealistic person who doesn't shy away from challenges. The right MONQ blends for you are those that will help you excel in your leadership.

MONQ’s Fresh blend can help boost a cheerful attitude while heightening clear thinking. You can feel similar effects from the Sexy blend, which will provide relaxation and confidence so that the best parts of your personality can shine through, no matter how much pressure you're under. Finally, Mountain is also a natural fit for this personality type. The oils in this diffuser will help you feel inspired and strong.

The Kind One

Personality Types: The Mediator (INFP), The Campaigner (ENFP), The Consul (ESFJ), The Advocate (INFJ)

Recommended MONQ Blends: Happy, Peace, Joy

You are naturally tender and warm-hearted. It is of vital importance to you to put other people’s needs before your own. That tends to give you a very strong sense of duty and responsibility towards others. Apart from being very social and, you also find it easy to perceive other people’s feelings and empathize.

While that level of kindness is an amazing virtue, it does take a toll on your inner self because you make other people’s challenges and issues your own. Try MONQ’s Happy or Joy blends to boost positive feelings and calm your mind, body, and spirit. Combine it with the Peace blend to find strength and positivity regardless of how gloomy a situation may seem.

The Skilled One

Personality Types: Virtuoso (ISTP), Logician (INTP), Architect (INTJ)

Recommended MONQ Blends: Lively, Sleepy

If you are exceptionally skillful in sports, analysis, art, or logic, you're in this group. You are intellectually quick and excel at things that require talent or intelligence. You like to create plans in order to transform theories into actionable projects. That’s why you don’t want your mind to be sluggish—all the plans and projects will stall. Luckily there’s Lively to help you maintain momentum. It's perfect to give your mind a quick, stimulating boost, no matter the time of day or night.

Sometimes, however, you may find that your mind is working around the clock. You’re always analyzing and may have trouble turning your brain off when it's time to sleep. MONQ's Sleepy blend will help you relax, get some sleep, and keep stressful thoughts at bay.

The Creative Mind

Personality Types: Entertainer (ESFP), Entrepreneur (ESTP), Adventurer (ISFP)

Recommended MONQ Blends, Ocean, Bright

Creative people are always associated with deep thoughts and a sensitive soul. If you are one of these individuals, you understand how that can lead to deep feelings. That’s not a bad thing, except that with highly-developed senses and a unique perception of and appreciation for beauty, you are likely to take even the smallest things to heart.

With MONQ’s Bright blend you can easily keep overwhelming emotions at bay while maximizing the parts of your personality you value most. Its calming effect makes it a great remedy for worry, anger, and negative thoughts. If you find yourself needing a boost of creativity, try Ocean for an invigorating and refreshing effect that will have you feeling inspired in no time!

Final Thoughts

Which blends and personality do you most identify with? Are you a mix of multiple? Start with one blend or try a pack of multiple blends so you have the right one by your side for whatever situation you find yourself in. You might even be curious enough to grab a blend that doesn’t speak to you, yet, but will inspire you to embrace more characteristics of your ideal self.

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