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What Is a Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser?

An aromatherapy diffuser is a device that releases essential oils into the air in the form of mist or vapor. There are a few different technologies used to accomplish this and each has its own benefits. Essential oils that are diffused maintain their chemical composition, thus providing nearby people with the benefits of that particular oil. It's one of the best ways to experience aromatherapy due to its ease of use, flexibility, and range.

There are several different types of diffusers, but three of them are worth mentioning. Heat diffusers, portable diffusers, and ultrasonic diffusers are commonly used by those who love aromatherapy.

Heat diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers are both considered full-room diffusers. A portable diffuser is much smaller and is designed for use by a single person. Both are useful and whether you get one or both depends on your needs.

How Does A Heat Diffuser Work? aromatherapy diffusers

A heat diffuser only needs two components to work. The first is a tray and the second is a heat source. Some of the most simple heat diffusers have only a tray above a hollow chamber. A tea candle is lit and placed in the hollow chamber. It acts as a heat source and warms the bottom of the tray. The tray is filled with water and several drops of an essential oil blend. As the temperature increases, the water and essential oils evaporate and fill the room.

More advanced heat diffusers will rely on electricity to power a heat source. The entire device can be very compact with only the tray visible. The tray is still filled with water and essential oils. There is no need to continually purchase and light candles to use the diffuser.

Both types of heat diffusers work equally well. An electric heat diffuser is easier to use and doesn't require investing in a lot of candles. Many people still prefer the candle-style heat diffuser because of its aesthetic appeal. They are both very affordable so purchasing one or both is possible.

What About A Portable Diffuser?

Zen diffuser can improve mood

At MONQ you'll find a unique type of diffuser known as a portable diffuser, also known as a desktop diffuser that you hold in your hand. These ingenious devices are designed to help people enjoy aromatherapy on the go. They make it much easier to experience the benefits of your favorite essential oils without opening bottles, running a bath, or lighting candles. It's a very simple and straightforward process.

The design and technology of the portable diffuser are very similar to a vaporizer. Each diffuser comes with a mixture of essential oils and carrier oils. As you pull in air from the end of the diffuser it triggers a switch that powers a small internal heating element. The heating element causes the essential oils to evaporate, thus allowing you to breathe your favorite blends on the spot.

And, of course, using the MONQ AirTip, you can turn your portable aromatherapy diffuser to a Desktop Diffuser you Hold in Your Hand.

What Blends Are Available in Portable Diffusers?

MONQ currently offers many different portable diffusers, each with its own special blend of essential oils. Each blend contains three primary essential oils as well as a number of less-prominent additional oils. The blends are designed with specific results in mind. For example, one blend will contain oils that would help alleviate stress. Another might contain oils with energizing effects. Here are a few of the top portable diffuser blends.

Zen Woman Holding Zen Aroma Diffuser Near Mountain Lake

Zen has become one of the most popular blends available on MONQ. It is available in a bottle as well as a portable diffuser. It has received more than 5,000 reviews and currently maintains a five-star rating. The blend itself has also been used in various small scale clinical trials. One study revealed that the use of the Zen portable diffuser was extraordinarily relaxing.

The three primary oils used in the Zen blend are frankincense, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang. It also contains many other additional essential oils. Each of these oils has been studied at one time or another and it has been determined that they promote relaxation or provide other wellness benefits.

Pumpkin Spice MONQ pumpkin spice diffuser on essential oil necklace

This is a recently released blend by MONQ and it comes just in time for the fall season. The primary essential oils used in this blend are nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. These are the primary ingredients used to make pumpkin spice as well. The aroma of this blend is unmistakable and is guaranteed to bring back memories of your favorite autumns. The secondary oils used include coffee, Rosalina, ginger, and anise.

This particular blend has found a unique niche within the nostalgia therapy community. The idea is those pleasant feelings of nostalgia can help improve mood and increase social activity. Scent happens to be one of the most effective nostalgia triggers. It's difficult to create a scent that will trigger memories or emotions for everyone, but MONQ has come very close with this blend. It's such a familiar scent that it will likely cause fond memories of childhood to emerge.

 width= What Are the Benefits of Using a Portable Diffuser?

Many of these essential oil blends are available in bottles as well as portable diffusers. Using both can make sure you always have aromatherapy around and accessible. But are there any additional benefits associated with the portable diffuser?


The most significant advantage of using a portable diffuser is in the name itself. Imagine that you are taking an important business trip or even an impromptu vacation with friends. You may not remember to bring your room diffuser or even be able to. If so, then you are left with limited aromatherapy options during your trip. That's where the portable diffuser comes into play.

These diffusers are small enough to fit into your pocket. You can take them with you on the road and use them in most locations without any hindrance. You won't need to remember to bring a room diffuser, bottles of essential oils, and candles with you. All that you need is the portable diffuser and you are ready to go.

Outside Use

Many essential oils bring out feelings of peace and tranquility. Unfortunately, you are typically confined to an indoor space when you are using them. If you were allowed to use them outdoors, then those feelings could be increased tremendously. Imagine experiencing the benefits of essential oils while walking through a forest or gazing at a waterfall. After all, that is how the natural compounds in the oils were experienced by early man.

This is limited to just the outdoors either. Most workplaces will allow for diffuser use. The same applies to many stores and buildings. There are no harmful chemicals within the diffuser that could pose a risk to others nearby.

At Home or On the Go  width=

By investing in a room diffuser as well as a portable diffuser you can enjoy your favorite essential oil blends at home or on the go. Many of the portable diffuser blends from MONQ mentioned are also available in bottles that can be used with room diffusers. You can also experiment by purchasing individual oils and mixing your own blends at home. Always having aromatherapy with you no matter where is truly amazing!

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