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Exploring the Benefits of a Personal Essential Oil Diffuser


Explore the Benefits of a Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser

Ever wonder if breathing air from MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers is really better than diffusing essential oils in a room?

We certainly think so.

The benefits of MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers extend beyond basic aromatherapy, to concepts of human physiology, sustainable sourcing, and basic consideration for others.

Listen in as Dr. MONQ explains the benefits of personal aromatherapy diffusers. Or, read the transcript below:

There are quite a number of reasons why using a MONQ portable diffuser is preferable over room diffusers. One of them, for instance, is convenience. I can take this anywhere. I can bring it in the car and use it on my way to work. I can use it at work, and I'm not bothering anybody else in the office.

Some people love the fragrance of a room diffuser and some people don't, and if you're in an environment where there are others, using a MONQ portable aromatherapy device doesn't affect other people.

Another reason MONQ portable aromatherapy devices are better than a room diffuser is that it's direct into your olfactory bulb. When you breathe a fragrance from the room diffuser, you breathe it in your nose. It goes into your lungs, and the alveoli in your lungs absorb the active ingredient. But that's not how aromatherapy works. Aromatherapy works when the active ingredients stimulate the nerves in the olfactory bulb, and as the mist is being exhaled through your nose, the active ingredients—the terpenes found within the essential oils—stimulate the nerves in the olfactory bulb. They activate the limbic system. They go directly to your brain, and it is a more direct and personal method of using aromatherapy.

If you use a room diffuser—you put your lavender, for instance, inside and the aromatic compounds are diffused throughout the entire room—and you may breathe the tiny little bit of it. Your family, your friends, your officemates, your classmates— everybody—maybe the tiny little bit of it. But to be quite frank, the overwhelming majority of your aromatic compounds are wasted. They just go into the atmosphere.

And yet with a MONQ personal aromatherapy device, it is direct. And all of the active ingredients are used by you.

And so, there are tremendously large lavender fields in France, for instance, and in order to populate all of the room diffusers, you need to harvest acre after acre after acre of lavender. And yet, from an ecological standpoint, the benefits of using a personal aromatherapy device are amazing. The quantity of aromatic compounds necessary—the quantity of plants that need to be harvested—for you to get an effect from MONQ is so much smaller than the quantity of plants needed for a room diffuser.

One of the most compelling reasons why MONQ Therapeutic Air ® devices are better than a room diffuser is because of human physiology. It gets a little bit complicated, but there's this concept called sensory adaptation. When you sit down on a hard bench, you feel it right in the back of your thighs; and then you sit there for a little while longer—you don't have that sensation anymore.

The same is true with all of the senses. We were built in order to see motion, and if there's a tiger running at us, that's more important than a tiger way out in the distance that isn't moving. So again, just normal physiology in the presence of a constant stimulus, the body no longer notices it.

So if you have a room diffuser, there are active molecules all throughout the room. But there is a standard static concentration, and after you walk into the room, a few moments later—a minute later—you hardly notice it at all. You get used to it.

With MONQ, we recommend two or three breaths, two or three times a day. In that way, every breath is your first breath.

So I haven't breathed from a MONQ diffuser in a while. I'm breathing normal outdoor air, and that is the baseline. And when I use MONQ, I suddenly get a rush of the active ingredients. And it's a spike—and my nose notices that my brain notices it. And then I put it away, and I'm back to my baseline. So it's much more effective in that method of use.

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