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How To Use Different Types of CBD how to use CBD oils|woman placing CBD oil under tongue how to use CBD oils|CBD oil vape how to use CBD oils|CBD pills how to use CBD oils


How To Use Different Types of CBD

CBD oils offer a wide variety of therapeutic benefits to those looking for alternative forms of treating chronic pain, inflammation, anxieties, conditions of the skin, and the digestive system. Evidence also shows that CBD, the primary cannabinoid in CBD oils, may have benefits to heart and brain health.

It is important to note that CBD is not a psychoactive agent like another cannabinoid, THC. It is assumed the reader is fully aware of the many health benefits from CBD. Here we will examine what to do with your highly-beneficial CBD oils after they have arrived at your doorstep ready for application.

How To Use Your CBD Oils

As you search the products from a reputable purveyor of CBD products, you will notice that CBD oils are available in many different forms. Each of these methods will have their own advantages and special delivery methods to be aware of.

Following are the 5 most common ways to enjoy the healthy benefits of CBD along with vital pointers on using each one:

CBD Oil Concentrates

CBD oil concentrates are the purest form of CBD oils available. These are so natural that their color and consistency can vary greatly depending on the specific crop being sourced. Deep dark greens to lighter browns and yellows are all acceptable colors.

woman placing CBD oil under tonuge Sublingual

Only the smallest amount of this product is needed to gain a full dosage of beneficial compounds. A serving no larger than a grain of rice is typically recommended.

Simply apply the concentrate under the tongue with your finger. Allow the strong-flavored oils about 3 to 5 minutes to fully traverse the membranes of the mouth, then swallow.

Combined with Foods

One way to avoid the flavor is to combine your CBD oil concentrates with a smoothie, soup , or some other foods. Remember that these oils mix better with other oils versus juices or water. Also, try not to heat them too much as this can destroy some of the beneficial compounds.


CBD concentrates can be applied to the skin for clearing up acne , eczema, bacterial, or fungal breakouts as well as addressing inflammation and pain. There is nothing wrong with applying the CBD concentrate directly. However, you will get more value for those concentrated compounds by mixing a small amount with a carrier like sesame or olive oil.

CBD oil vape Vaping

Some personal vape units are designed for stronger resinous oils and can be used for vaping CBD oil concentrates. 1

CBD Oil Tinctures and Drops

CBD oils in tincture and drop form are another popular option. These have been ever-so-slightly diluted with other oils or ingredients that make them more palatable and widely applicable.


The most common way to use tinctures and drops is under the tongue. Simply apply the directed amount under the tongue and give it some time to work. The improved flavor makes this mode of application much easier.

Combined with Foods

Tinctures and drops can be more readily added to your favorite foods and many come in more tasty varieties with natural and/or artificial flavorings.


Most tinctures and drops can also be applied as topical agents. For more information read the instruction labels on individual products. 2

CBD Vape Oil

Another popular way to get an instant dose of pain-relieving and stress-busting CBD is through a personal vape unit. Remember that not all vape units are designed for this purpose, and not all CBD oils are meant to be vaped. Take time to do your research for the best results.

How to Use

Simply add the CBD oils to the vape tank as per instructions and inhale the decarboxylated compounds into your lungs. 3

CBD Topicals

CBD does not actually traverse the skin as easily as it is assimilated in the gut or inhaled in the lungs. Nevertheless, CBD oils can be applied for a fairly fast-acting relief to conditions like arthritis as well as many other skin conditions.

How to Use

Topical CBD treatments often include other carrier ingredients as well as compounds for skin health and fragrances. This will make them good for only one purpose, topical use. Simply apply your CBD oil topicals liberally to the affected area.

CBD pills CBD Oil Capsules and Pills

For those who truly can’t stand the flavor of CBD oils and concentrates, pills and capsule forms keep the flavors hidden from taste buds until after they have reached the stomach.


Capsules can be taken with meals for best results which are felt within 1 to 2 hours but are available longer than most other delivery methods. Other than topical use, ingestion is the least bioavailable and most capsules will contain higher levels of CBD.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oils

The best plan for using CBD to address long-term conditions like chronic stress, anxieties, inflammation, pains, and discomforts involves two approaches. For long-term relief, taking regular capsules or sublingual treatments can increase the body’s resistance and resilience to these conditions.

For those sudden flare-ups and crisis situations, a handy vape unit can deliver a higher dosage of CBD to the systems and greatly reduce the severity of the situation. Depending on the condition, a topical ointment can also be used for faster-acting relief.

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