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How Does a CBD Supplement Make You Feel?

Cannabidiol (CBD) health products of all types are gaining popularity as some of the most impressive alternative health products on today’s market . 1 Health enthusiasts everywhere are enjoying CBD’s health benefits like never before. Still, one factor prevents many would-be CBD enthusiasts from jumping on the bandwagon: how does a CBD supplement make you feel?

As responsible consumers naturally are, many people are concerned about the kinds of sensations this supplement can induce. No one wants to rid themselves of the distraction of pain and anxiety only to be taken on a psychotropic high at the most inopportune moment.

Some studies have shown that CBD does, in fact, have a significant impact on the way individuals experience their environment. However, it is not by producing a high, which is characteristic of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is because CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system that adjusts bodily functions to match their exterior world.

For those interested in knowing what CBD feels like before trying it out, this post contains the information you need to make an informed decision.

How Does a CBD Supplement Make You Feel?


Does Not Cause a Psychoactive High

CBD health products of all types are being designed to suit a range of needs. It is important to remember that the CBD molecule in these products does not cause the same psychoactive high that can be expected from a related cannabinoid, THC.

As a matter of fact, CBD can actually be used to ameliorate some of the effects of THC, which is why many recreational users seek cannabis strains with low levels of CBD. This means that CBD health products containing less than 0.3% THC will not delay or affect: 2

        • Sensory awareness

        • Perception

        • Behavior

        • Consciousness

        • Reaction time

Promotes Calm and Relaxation

If you are the type to get excited easily or stressed by external factors, CBD has been shown to have a soothing effect on the body by modulating anti-anxiety mechanisms. 3

In one study that researched rats in situations defined as “stressful,” researchers observed a reduction in physical and mental signs of stress. This was thought to occur because of the interaction between CBD and the rat’s 5HT1A serotonin receptors. 4

For humans, relief of such anxiety symptoms can result in better sleep and health.

Stimulates Appetite  width=

Eating habits in today’s world are fraught with problems from unhealthy options, irregular schedules, and stress. CBD addresses nutrition by improving appetite and reducing the effects of stress and anxiety that can contribute to indigestion. 5

For those suffering from a lack of appetite, a CBD supplement can improve energy levels and stimulate the appetite around mealtimes. Additionally, it has been shown to reduce nausea and vomiting for some individuals, including patients undergoing chemotherapy. 6

Improves Sleep Quality

For some, getting to sleep at night means lying awake nervously replaying the events of the day. Others are asleep before their heads even hit the pillow. Poor sleep habits are prevalent today, and artificial lights, unhealthy diets, and high levels of stress exacerbate the issue.

CBD can help address many of the issues that affect sleep habits and allow for high-quality sleep that increases energy levels and improves mood. 7

Boosts Confidence  width=

As it turns out, CBD might be the shot of courage many people are looking for when preparing for an important speech or presentation in front of an audience. There are plenty of times when a social setting can fill the heart and mind with petrifying panic.

According to clinical experiments, CBD has the ability to dull these emotions and reduce stage fright. 8

Relieves Pain

One of the most significant benefits of a regular CBD supplement is its capacity to relieve pain through several mechanisms.

First, it reduces pain levels through interactions with the endocannabinoid system. Additionally, it relieves pain by reducing the inflammation associated with many painful conditions. Most importantly, the pain relief that CBD provides has no other side effects and the body doesn't build up a tolerance to CBD. 9 , 10

Final Thoughts

The best way to gain the full scope of CBD’s health benefits is with an efficient supplementation regimen. Regular supplementation with meals can build a baseline of CBD and its health benefits and provides a slow release that maintains its effects throughout the day.

For those looking to address specific conditions at certain times, a fast-acting vape unit can deliver precise dosages and near-instantaneous effects. Whichever method you choose, now that the research shows that CBD shows great promise for helping you feel good. Hopefully, the information above helped you better understand the answer to the question "how does a CBD supplement make you feel?"

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