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CBD Pills: How to Purchase and Supplement with CBD

Cannabis has been used to improve human health since ancient times. Even better, cannabis culture has recently resulted in a flurry of products that suit just about every need from well-within the legal boundaries. Now, CBD pills are also commonly used for their varied health benefits.

CBD , the prominent health-boosting cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, can be isolated, extracted, and served up in a range of presentations with special benefits for each one. Because different users have a unique set of needs, it is important to know the advantages of any CBD product you hope to use.

Those who appreciate a discreet and easy-to-use route for CBD supplementation will be delighted by the CBD pill option. Have you ever noticed how many people are taking medication in pill form at any given moment? Probably not, because taking a pill form supplement is so commonplace and natural.

Inconspicuous delivery is only one of the advantages of CBD pills. Read on to learn more about finding the best option for you in the CBD pill market.

What’s Inside CBD Pills?  width=

CBD pills contain a variety of ingredients around a centerpiece of CBD or cannabidiol. Sometimes, the pill contains most of the herb's original organic compounds in a full-spectrum CBD pill. These take advantage of the entourage effect in which each of the natural components within CBD improves the effects of the others, which can be especially potent for relieving the symptoms of chronic pain, for example. 1

Then, there are CBD pills and capsules made from CBD isolates which contain only CBD and possibly a selection of other cannabinoids. While CBD pills contain the anti-anxiety, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and other properties of CBD, they contain no THC and are therefore legal in all 50 states.

What CBD Pills are Available?

This form of CBD supplementation is available in either pill, capsule, or gelcap form. 2 While seemingly similar, there are some differences to be aware of between these forms of supplementation:

CBD Capsules

The capsule form of a CBD pill provides the herbal treatment within a two-piece capsule typically made of gelatin. Most often, the product is a greenish-brown powder that looks like your average oregano spice. It is important to make sure these products contain no chemicals, additives, or stimulants that alter CBD's effects.

CBD Pills

There is nothing strikingly interesting about the CBD pill—it looks like the average pill you are likely used to taking. This makes it the most discreet option of the ones outlined here. These pills are made from CBD isolates that are carefully compacted into an easy-to-swallow pill. The benefit of this option is that these pills contain precisely measured contents that provide a uniform effect every time.

CBD Gel Caps  width=

Gelcaps are one of the most popular receptacles for CBD oils, as they are so easy to produce. Be careful with gel caps, however, as oils can be extracted from different parts of the cannabis plant. The oil inside the gel cap will be the deciding factor on the quality, efficacy, and legality of the product.

Furthermore, CBD oils should never be placed into two-piece type capsules. These are for dry ingredients only. If CBD oils are placed in a receptacle other than gel gaps, they can leak and their value will diminish.

Why CBD Pills?  width=

If you have been looking around the alternative health market, take a moment to consider the special advantages of CBD pills over more conventional options like sublingual or inhaled CBD supplements:

Discreet Delivery

There are a number of reasons why an individual may not want to broadcast their use of herbal remedies to the world, or at least not in professional or academic settings. CBD pills provide all the benefits you would expect from CBD in a simple, inconspicuous capsule form.

No Taste

Sublingual tinctures, drops, sprays, and concentrates come with a potent taste of natural cannabis oils or they have been treated to mitigate these tastes or mask them. CBD pills provide the same health benefits as these other CBD products without any overpowering tastes.

No High (or THC)

If THC content could be a problem in your area, you can find a wide variety of CBD options that have zero THC content and are marketed as legal in all 50 states. As a matter of fact, CBD products, even those with a full spectrum of natural ingredients, lack psychoactive properties because the larger CBD content mitigates the effects of THC.

Few/No Adverse Side Effects

If you are looking for an effective remedy for symptoms of chronic pain or inflammation , it's important to find something that you can take regularly but will not cause adverse side effects. CBD pills can provide ongoing support that gradually mitigates the pain and discomfort of conditions like arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A faster-acting delivery system can then be relied on to control acute flare-ups.

Powerful and Long-Lasting Results

When CBD is digested, it takes a longer time to reach the bloodstream and begin delivering its effects than sublingual or inhaled CBD products. However, they tend to deliver a much larger concentration of compounds and more potent effects. This means that a lower concentration of CBD is required to provide the same effects as other products.

Furthermore, the effects are much longer-lasting, and you won’t need as many uses throughout the day to maintain the effects of CBD in your system. As such, CBD pills can be a more economical option.

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to fully research the contents and specifics of each CBD pill you hope to try is essential. All reputable providers provide extensive information on the contents and legalities of their CBD products. High-quality providers will also submit their items to third-party testing, allowing a non-biased party to test their products and verify its contents.

Once you have determined the specifics and decided that CBD pills are the option for you, know that your choice is backed by a range of research and could prove to be effective for your health needs. And, do realize that there are other delivery methods of CBD that can be beneficial as well.

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