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Breathing is natural, an act that you do thousands of times per day, and it directly impacts your mental and physical health in a number of ways. Therefore, it is important to understand how to breathe properly. You might be shocked to learn that a majority of people are in fact breathing improperly. You might be also surprised how much healthier you could be if you simply learned how to breath and some of the techniques to enhance your breathing. Breathing can directly dictate your emotions, emotional responses, and more. Below, we will be going over various topics covering breathing including how breathing impacts your exercise, why pollution is bad for your breathing, how yoga impacts breathing, how breathing can impact your mental health and mind, how aromatherapy can enhance your breathing, and more.

How Breathing Impacts Exercise

Exercise is something that can have a direct impact on your lung health. During exercise, your body works two essential organs within your body which have a direct effect on your overall health. These two organs are your heart and your lungs. The lungs are the organs that bring oxygen into your body to do everything from providing energy to removing carbon dioxide that is produced as a byproduct of energy production.1 Your heart works in conjunction to pump the oxygen to the muscles throughout your exercise. Because physical activity and the more intense activity you perform requires increasing amounts of oxygen, you are going to require more air. This is why your lungs, when healthy, keep a ‘reserve’ tank on hand to supply you with energy when you need it. However, when your lungs are not healthy, this tank is empty and you might feel shortness of breath as a direct result. This typically impacts those that have very poor lung function either due to having some sort of lung disease or condition that impairs total lung function altogether.

woman with hands on headThe Many Benefits of Exercise for Breathing

Optimize Muscle Function

One of the best things that can come from exercising regularly is the ability to make your muscles much stronger. By generating more strength in your muscles and building your muscles up, you will be able to maximize your muscles output which means that your muscles will require less oxygen in order to complete various tasks. This will ultimately make your muscles much more efficient by requiring less oxygen and producing less carbon monoxide. This is why those that are ‘in shape’ typically do not get breathless or tired as often during exercise. At the same time, it is the same reason those that are ‘out of shape’ often get tired and breathless. By working out more and getting stronger, you will be able to work out for longer periods of time without experiencing the same effects.

Decrease Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Another benefit that you are going to be able to get from incorporating exercise is the ability to decrease the risk of various health problems including but not limited to heart disease or the risk of a stroke. This is going to occur because exercise increases the blood flow that is delivered to your lungs and it can allow the lungs to deliver much more oxygen to the body.

Improves Your Lung Capacity

Another significant benefit that exercising is going to be able to do for you effectively improves your overall lung capacity. While you cannot restore lung function, you can, in fact, increase lung capacity. In fact, you can easily do this by incorporating more aerobic workouts into your routine. By incorporating more cardio and aerobic workouts in your routine, you will be able to improve overall endurance primarily because of your lung capacity is increased. This is going to allow you to take in more air each breath which can improve overall lung function as a direct result.

woman exercising in gymExactly How Much Exercise Should You Get Daily?

There is no hard number that you should stick to when it comes to the amount of exercise that you should be getting in each day. However, it is recommended that the average person get around 30 minutes of moderate exercise at the minimum 5 days a week according to the European Lung Foundation.2 Ideally, you want to make your lungs work. Therefore, you should be incorporating exercises in your daily life that can help to maximize your lung function and require you to really work your lungs in large capacity.

Various Lung Conditions That Can Impact Your Ability To Exercise


This is a condition that can directly impact your lung function and your ability to breath in some instances. While there is no cure for this condition, a doctor should be able to prescribe various medications to help improve your lung function and control your symptoms. Therefore, many people with asthma will be able to perform and exercise at the same level as a completely healthy person.

doctor looking at lungs x rayLung Fibrosis

This is another condition that can cause direct problems associated with breathing. This condition can directly impact your lungs and their ability to expand. As a result, it will be much more difficult to take in sufficient air during each breath you take.


This is another condition that can cause major issues with your breathing. This condition means that you have damaged airways which means that you are going to have troubles providing your body with a sufficient amount of oxygen. Thus, it can cause you to wear out quicker during exercise and have issues maintaining a healthy stamina.

air pollutionWhat Is Pollution?

There are so many different kinds of pollutants in the air at any given time and there are some that are much more harmful than others. Unfortunately, the level of pollution throughout the world is rising at alarming rates. The level of pollution is largely going to depend on where you are located. After all, the highest concentration of pollution is going to be found in large metropolitan cities. This is where there is much more industrial sources of pollution along with road traffic. The total amount of pollution in the air is also largely impacted by both the weather and the season. When there is very little air movement, the pollution becomes much more densely contracted which can cause dangerous levels to accumulate. This is why it is important now to check to see the Government’s air quality index prior to going outside. This will help to keep you from venturing outside when pollution is at its worst.

Where Does It Come From?

Air pollution is something that can come from a variety of different sources. As mentioned previously, some are much worse than others. A lot of the pollution stems from man-made machines and the use and dependence on oil. Thus, a lot of it comes from road transportation. Due to the amount of vehicles during on the roads each and everyday, it can cause massive nitrogen dioxide to release into the atmosphere resulting in air pollutants. However, it can also stem from power generation emissions, industrial emissions, burning fuel, and even from agriculture.

How Can Pollution Affect Your Lungs?

Air pollution can have varying effects on your lungs. The overall effect it has is largely going to depend on a variety of factors including but not limited to the type of pollutants in the air, how many pollutants reach your lungs, and even the concentration of pollution in the air. Along with this, if you are someone that suffers from any sort of lung condition, you are likely going to experience symptoms at a much quicker rate than someone with healthy and normal lung function.

Can Long-Term Exposure Lead To Lung Conditions?

Studies have shown that long-term exposure can lead to a variety of lung conditions and diseases. In fact, long-term exposure has been shown to be linked to both the development of asthma and even lung cancer in extreme instances. Along with this, various studies according to the Lung Association have found that air pollution can be directly linked to increasing the risk of preterm births. Not only can it cause preterm birth, but long-term exposure to young and developing kids can also result in a significant drop in lung function or reduced lung growth throughout development.3

woman wearing a face mask in cityHow To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution

Check For Air Pollution Alerts and Look At The Air Quality Index

The main thing that you are going to want to do in order to try to protect yourself from excess amounts of pollution is to constantly check the Air Quality Index each and every day. By doing this, you are going to be able to avoid going outside for extended periods of time when the air is at its worst. Along with this, you will want to completely avoid doing any sort of outdoor exercise when the Air Quality Index is poor. When you perform exercise outside during periods where pollution exposure is high, you are going to end up causing yourself even more issues because the exercise is already straining your lungs enough. By combining it with excess pollution, you could end up putting yourself in a dangerous spot. This is particularly true for those that have any sort of lung condition.

Avoid Highly Polluted Areas

Another big thing that you are going to want to do is to attempt to avoid areas that have high amounts of pollution. You want to stay away from known polluted areas including but not limited to industrial areas, busy roadways, and more. While this won’t keep you from pollution altogether, it can help you avoid some of the most densely polluted areas.

Go Out When There Is Less Traffic

If you are looking to minimize your exposure to pollution, it might be worth going out when there is much less traffic on the roadways. That way, you can get where you need to go without exposing yourself to excess amounts.

Dealing with Asthma

If you are someone that has asthma or another sort of lung condition, you are going to want to do various things to protect yourself. You should discuss anything with your doctor. However, you want to use some sort of prevent inhaler when you are going into highly concentrated and known polluted areas.4 Along with this, you want to carry with you a reliever inhaler that is going to help you when or if you need it.

bowl of greensCan You Do Anything To Curb Air Pollution?

While you are not going to be able to get rid of air pollution entirely, there are various things that you can actively do to minimize your negative impact on air pollution.

Don’t Eat Meat

Believe it or not, but eating meat causes a significant amount of pollution in a variety of ways. For one, it can take a tremendous amount of water to grow crops for farm animals to drink. A single cow is capable of drinking up to 50 gallons of water every single day according to PETA.5 Along with this, animals that are raised for food can produce over 500 million tons of manure each and every year.6 It gets worse, all of the runoff from farms and livestock grazing is one of the largest contributors to pollution from our waterways.

However, the greatest impact is on our air. Because animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than any other industry including the world’s transportation system combined, it is the largest contributor to our pollution epidemic. These greenhouse gasses include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. In fact, the United Nations has gone on record stating a global shift towards a vegan-based diet is necessary to lessen the impact of climate change.

It has a direct impact on pollution levels and pollution density largely due to the issues it can cause with temperature inversion which traps pollution at a ground level and makes air quality and conditions even worse.7 Various geographic conditions can cause this problem to worsen and enhance the negative effects of it. One of the biggest examples of this is areas in California like Los Angeles which has one of the worst Air Index Qualities whereas a city without the same geographic conditions with more pollutants like New York City doesn’t have the same devastating pollution disasters.

Walk More

Another way that you will be able to reduce the negative impact you cause the environment and air pollution is by walking more. By reducing the amount that you drive vehicles, you should be able to significantly contribute to the betterment of the environment and the air quality we enjoy. If you are going to be using your vehicle, you will want to be sure to get it serviced at regular intervals to avoid causing excess air pollution due to a lack of routine maintenance. Another thing that you could do if you want to reduce your negative impact would be to purchase either a hybrid or electric vehicle.

young woman doing yogaBreathing and Yoga

Yoga is centered around breathing. In fact, breathing exercises are the very core of yoga practices. While many yoga participants are told about the importance of breathing during sessions, they might not actually know how they should go about breathing. There are various reasons breathing is so important when it comes to gaining all of the benefits of yoga practice.

What Impact Does Breathing Have On Yoga?

The State Of Mind

One of the main reasons breathing in yoga is so important is due to the practice effectively altering your state of mind. By changing your pattern of breathing, you can directly alter your state of mind and put yourself in a state of relaxation. This is exactly why studies have shown that deep breathing exercises can reduce the negative consequences of stress in healthy adults. This is primarily due to the fact that the frontal cortex and the right middle temporal cortex are the regions that are directly involved during meditation.8 Therefore, deep breathing can have a direct impact on cortisol levels in the body which is the body’s natural response to stress.


Another direct impact breathing can have on your ability to practice yoga is through the ability to engage in conscious breathing. This is actually one of the primary purposes of yoga. You are taught in yoga to breath consciously which can help you ‘center’ yourself and connect your mind and body. It is directly through breath and breath control where you are able to directly navigate through different levels of consciousness. When you are breathing consciously, you are putting yourself in a present mind state. Thus, it can offer you the ability to truly improve not only the practice of meditation but the implementation of it. Conscious breathing can directly engage different parts of your brain which allow you to actively engage with the cerebral cortex and the other much less used and more involved areas throughout the brain. This alone can have a direct and positive impact on your ability to control your emotions.

Pranayama Breathing

This is a type of yoga that involves both meditation and yoga. It’s the practice of voluntary breath control. The entire purpose and philosophy behind this specific type of yoga are to increase awareness and understand the relationship between different cognitive states and breathing styles.9

Control of Emotions

Another way that breathing can play a role in yoga is through the control of emotions. Essentially, breath is the driving force of emotions. With breath, you can control everything including the subtle energy that flows through your body. Studies have shown that there is a direct link between emotions and someone’s breathing patterns.10 Therefore, one of the best ways to effectively manage our emotions is by altering our breathing patterns. If you have ever noticed that you breathe much more rapidly when you are angry or scared, you have seen first hand how your body reacts. During these times, our breath is shallow and from the very top of the lungs. Along with this, you might even find yourself holding your breath. This typically happens subconsciously. Thus, by changing your breathing patterns, you will be able to effectively ‘trick’ your body into elicit a different emotional response. For instance, when you are relaxed, you are much more likely to breath deeply. Therefore, by changing your breathing patterns to breath deeply, you are going to put yourself in a much more relaxed state.

woman with hands behind her backWhat Benefits Can Yoga Breathing Exercises Have?

Decrease Stress

One of the primary benefits that breathing can have is a decrease in stress. Research has shown that breathing exercises like deep breathing can have a direct ability to help reduce stress levels in the body. This is primarily due to this type of breathing being able to activate different areas in the brain that can better process emotions and the practice and its effects it can have on cortisol levels in the body. When coupled with aromatherapeutic products like MONQ’s Zen Blend, deep breathing is something that can effectively stimulate and activate the primary nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system which can effectively slow down your heart rate which has a direct effect on your stress levels. Along with this, it can even help to lower your blood pressure and provide a soothing and calming effect on your mind.

Minimize Emotional Impact

Another significant benefit that comes with this type of deep breathing exercise can have on yoga is the ability to activate areas of the brain which allow us to calm nerves and slow down the impact emotions can have on our mental state. This lessened reactivity allows us to put our mind and body in the present and to achieve greater focus. This is why a lot of people that practice yoga typically have a better ability to control their emotions.

Breathing has been shown to alter the way we feel and how we think. This is why you will notice breathing pattern changes as our emotions change. While you might normally think that it is a one-way street, studies have shown that we have an ability to induce either positive or negative emotions by simply changing our breathing style and the rhythm by which we breath.11 This just goes to show that our minds are much more powerful than we might inherently believe and our breathing plays a critical role in shaping how we feel and react to things. Our bodies ultimately respond to what we eventually do with our breath. This is essentially the process by which yoga and other meditation practices tap into. By altering the way you breathe, you can effectively alter your emotional state and your ability to tap into the raw power potential of your brain by default.

Studies have shown that different types of breathing can have a significant impact on our emotional state and our ability to stimulate different areas of our brain. For instance, nasal respiration has been shown to tap into certain areas of the brain and modulate cognitive function which cannot be done with mouth breathing.12 This is precisely why you will notice almost all of the forms of meditation prefer nasal breathing. When you breathe through the mouth, you are not going to be able to gain the same benefits as breathing through your nose. Nasal breathing has been shown to effectively stimulate the olfactory nerve which is precisely responsible for sending messages to the brain including smelling sensations. Thus, it is going to be a much more effective method of breathing for calming and relaxing the mind with the power of smell. If you implement mouth breathing techniques you will not get the same messages being sent, thus the power of smell and the effects it can produce will be inherently diminished as a result.

Below, we will be going over some of the different ways that breathing should be able to help various bodily processes and your brain. As noted, breathing can have a significant impact on a variety of bodily and brain functions which makes it a very powerful tool that you can learn to control.

How Breathing Can Help

girl sleeping in bedFall Asleep

One of the best ways breathing can help your mind is by allowing it to rest properly. The mind is a powerful thing. However, your brain is not nearly as effective or efficient when it doesn’t get ample rest. That is why you will likely notice a decreased ability to perform as effectively as possible when you are tired or exhausted. With a lack of sleep, your brain will not function at optimal capacity and it can affect virtually every brain function in day to day life. While you might not necessarily assume that breathing can play such a critical role in your overall brain health, it is one of the primary things that can impact your brain's ability to rest. By getting in deep breathing sessions, you will be able to get your heart and mind to slow down. This alone is going to make it much easier to fall asleep.

Better Control of Your Emotions

By getting in different and proven breathing control techniques, it will allow you to better control your emotions. Those that are unable to control their emotions effectively typically have an inability to control their breathing patterns. Studies have shown that controlling breathing can effectively help influence neuronal oscillations throughout the entire brain.13,14 This is especially true in the areas of the brain that directly influence and control emotional response. This shows that introducing deep breathing techniques can directly influence emotional response and control. It indicates that there is something about deep breathing that can help one tap into a specific area of the brain that can lead to a specific desired emotional response.

doctor checking mans blood pressure

Helps To Regulate Blood Pressure

By getting in proven breathing techniques, you will be able to much more effectively control your blood pressure levels. While it’s not entirely proven that you can completely reduce or control your blood pressure levels with breathing exercises alone, there have been studies that indicate that controlled breathing and slowing your breathing patterns down, does, in fact, increase the mechanism by which your blood pressure is regulated through your heart rate.15 Because of this, you will be able to effectively reduce the chances that improper breathing results in an increase in blood pressure. By using controlled breathing techniques and deep breathing, you will be able to effectively lower blood pressure over time and reduce your heart rate. This alone can allow you to become much more healthy overall because it can help to reduce your risk from suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

Helps Your Memory

Believe it or not, but breathing can even play a role in your ability to remember things clearly. If you have ever noticed that you tend to forget things when you are panicking and shallowly breathing, you are not alone. Studies have shown that the overall rhythm of our breathing can directly impact how well we are able to remember information. The rhythm of our breathing can generate electrical activity throughout the brain which can influence how much we are able to remember and how well we are able to remember. Throughout the studies, it was confirmed that subjects were able to remember things much better when they were given information while inhaling. The theory is that inhaling taps into increased activity in the hippocampus which is directly where information is stored to be recalled.16

Now that we have gone over some of the primary reasons that breathing can help your mind, we will be going over how aromatherapy and breathing practice can have a direct impact on not only your mind but your overall health. We will also be going over some of the different things that you should know about the ancient practice of aromatherapy and some of the benefits that it offers.

Aromatherapy and Breathing

Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries.  It has been a natural healing medicine practice used for a long time for various purposes. It has shown to have positive benefits for various health issues. The entire premise is centered around inhaling/breathing in essential oils derived from various healing plants.

These plants contain beneficial compounds that can produce positive effects on the body and mind. It is thought to work by effectively stimulating the different smell receptors in our nose which effectively transmit the signals through the entire nervous system to the limbic system which is the part of the brain that regulates emotions. Therefore, it can have a direct impact on a lot of different aspects of our brain and body due to its ability to directly impact various areas of our brain. It is typically performed with the use of a diffuser or through direct inhalation.

herbs and essential oils in the woods

Who Can Benefit From Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has been well researched and it has been shown to have a wide variety of health benefits. Due to its potential positive impact on various health issues, it can be used by a wide variety of people dealing with a range of issues. Below, we will discuss some of the different people that might benefit from breathing and inhaling essential oils through aromatherapy.

Those Experiencing Elevated Stress Levels

One of the benefits that can be gained from aromatic use of essential oils is the ability to decrease stress levels. Those that are experiencing elevated stress levels can benefit greatly from incorporating essential oils into their breathing practice sessions. By combining deep breathing exercises with proven essential oils known to promote relaxation and decreased stress levels like lavender, you should be able to minimize stress response and stress levels in total.17 Lavender has been shown to have a direct impact on the nervous system and those that have participated in lavender studies have shown significant improvement in stress levels.18

Those Seeking An Improvement In Quality Of Sleep

Another benefit that can be gained from incorporating aromatherapy into breathing practice would be the ability to positively impact the quality of sleep. Those that are having issues with either falling asleep or remaining asleep will likely experience the most benefits from this. However, even if you are not experiencing issues with your sleep, it will still help you become much more relaxed which can help you achieve optimal sleep as a result. There are all kinds of essential oils that have been proven to have a positive effect on our ability to not only fall asleep but our ability to remain asleep. Lavender specifically has been shown to have a direct ability to help with sleep. In studies, it was shown to increase stage 2 (light sleep) and increase the percentage of deep sleep in both men and women.19 Along with this, it has been shown to be an effective mild sedative allowing people to fall asleep easier when practicing aromatherapy with it.

Those Looking for Help with Various Respiratory Issues

Another benefit that can be gained with the practice of aromatherapy is the ability to directly and positively impact one’s ability to breathe. Different essential oils have been shown to positively impact one’s ability to breathe in various ways. For one, some essential oils have a lot of antiseptic properties which allow them to effectively clear the way for those that might be suffering from various respiratory illnesses due to an infection of some sort. In fact, studies have shown that various essential oils like Ravensara, frankincense, and sandalwood were able to alleviate symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis.20 This goes to show that essential oils can, in fact, play a positive role in helping to clear respiratory issues and potential allergies that could be negatively impacting one’s ability to breathe properly.

Those Looking to Raise Alertness

It can also play a role in your ability to improve your alertness. A lot of people that experience mental fatigue have a direct negative hit on their brain’s performance and alertness. Essential oils have been shown to have a direct ability to maximize alertness levels. When exposed to aromatic rosemary essential oil, people experience an increase in alertness through a direct decrease in beta power.21 This means that those who breathe rosemary essential oil will be able to efficiently compute things much quicker post aromatherapy sessions.

Those Experiencing Fatigue

Along with helping to promote greater alertness, essential oils can also play a critical role in helping boost overall brain power and brain energy. Many people experience serious brain fatigue due to depression symptoms or for other reasons. Aromatherapy and breathing practice has shown an ability to help reduce fatigue that is caused by an onset of depression.22 Thus, it can be good for those that might be experiencing increased fatigue primarily because of symptoms of depression.

Now that we have gone over some of the different reasons it might be beneficial, we will be going over the practice of forest bathing and why it can be so beneficial for those that are looking to experience a lot of the healing properties that Mother Nature has to offer.

herbs and essential oils in the woods
Practice of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is essentially the practice of connecting with nature to improve your health. A majority of forest bathing centers around immersing yourself in Mother Nature and focusing on your breathing patterns. It is not about exercising or working up a sweat. Instead, it is about centering yourself, putting yourself in a relaxed state, and breathing in terpenes that the forest gives off.

The Many Benefits of Forest Bathing

Boost Overall Immunity

One of the primary benefits of this practice is the ability to create NK cells which are cells that can help to ward off cancerous cells and even bacterial or viral infections.23 The study clearly showed that the practice of forest bathing can significantly increase NK cell activity with a mere two hours of exposure to forest air.

Positively Affect Mood

Another significant benefit that can be gained from forest bathing is the ability to have your mood positively altered. Whether you are experiencing depression symptoms or other mood-altering conditions, you will be able to positively impact your mood by spending time forest bathing. This is primarily because of its ability to help trigger various hormones and processes throughout our body and mind that can help improve sleep quality. Along with this, it has been shown to effectively limit the amount of cortisol that flows throughout the body which can help reduce stress levels by a significant margin. This alone is going to allow you to experience fewer mood swings and have a much more stable and positive mood.

Better Energy Levels

Another significant benefit that can come from the practice of forest bathing is the ability to experience better overall energy levels. If you have ever noticed that you feel much better when you take a deep breath outside, you are likely experiencing the benefits that forest bathing has to offer in limited quantities. When you completely immerse yourself in the forest with fresh air, you are going to be able to implement various deep breathing techniques that can completely transform your energy levels. Forest bathing has proven to be effective at maximizing energy levels.24

What Is Paleo Air?

Paleo air is essentially the air that is filled with secondary metabolites which are organic compounds that are produced by plants that are not directly involved with the development of an organism. While they are not necessary for survival, they aid in the protection of the species. They have a lot of positive health benefits that they offer humans including offering antioxidant properties and even the ability to positively affect mood regulation.25

How Paleo Air Can Help

One of the biggest issues associated with forest bathing is the inability to really implement it into your daily routine. After all, a majority of people live busy lives and some people simply do not have access to forests that they can use for forest bathing. This is where merging the ancient practice of forest bathing and the ancient practice of aromatherapy together becomes such a great way to experience the benefits that each offers. This is exactly what MONQ was able to do with its introduction of Paleo Air.

Do It Anywhere

With Paleo Air, you will be able to experience the many benefits of forest bathing without having to actually immerse yourself into a forest. With a portable diffuser, such as MONQ’s Healthy Blend, you will be able to leverage some of the best essential oils that you would normally find naturally in the forest. Whether it’s lavender, rosemary, or other kinds of essential oils, it is going to allow you to breathe these essential oils even if you are in the heart of a big city with no forest around.

Deep Breathing and Yoga

You will be able to incorporate Paleo Air into your yoga, meditation, or deep breathing sessions. Instead of having to immerse yourself in a forest to experience the benefits of forest bathing, you can simply invest in a diffuser and use the best essential oil blends in order to allow you to optimize your deep breathing and/or yoga sessions. A lot of essential oils can help enhance your yoga and meditation sessions.26

Better Sleep

A lot of people might need to get essential oils in their routines while they are sleeping or looking to fall asleep. Because you cannot practice forest therapy when you are looking to go to sleep or while you sleep, you will need to leverage the use of Paleo Air or diffusers to expose yourself to beneficial essential oils. This is a great way to give yourself a lot of the benefits that you will be able to get from essential oils while you sleep.

Better Memory

Another significant benefit that can be gained by introducing Paleo Air in our daily lives is the ability to improve our memory at specific times. As noted previously, inhalation is directly linked to enhanced memory function due to its ability to directly impact the hippocampus. Thus, by introducing various known memory-enhancing essential oils during long study sessions or at any point when you want to experience better memory function, you should be able to improve the rate at which you are able to remember certain information. By having a portable diffuser, you will be able to experience the heightened memory enhancements that you would only be able to get with forest bathing wherever you are.

Overall, there is a lot to understand about breathing and the way that it can impact brain function and our overall health. Breathing is one of the most important things to get right if you want to experience the best overall health because of the potential it has to impact the basic day to day tasks and bodily processes. By incorporating better breathing techniques and practices in our routines, we will be able to directly influence our general health and well-being. Everything can play a role in determining how well we are able to breathe from our own breathing exercises and practice to our environment. Without placing ourselves in the right environment, even breathing practice cannot help. This is why pollution is such a detriment to not only our world but also our individual health. Mother Nature has so much to give in terms of healing potential and by destroying it we are destroying ourselves. By incorporating aromatherapy into your everyday breathing practice, you should be able to alleviate some of the negative impacts that pollution exposure can have on our bodies. By changing the way we breathe and focusing on improving our breathing, we should be able to alter our mind, how well it functions, and how we regulate our emotions and mood. Our mind is extremely powerful and without complete control of our breathing, it is clear we cannot tap into its full potential. By incorporating aromatherapy or forest bathing and leveraging the power of breathing, we can maximize our brain’s potential.

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