Breaking the habits with meditation

Do you ever find yourself just stuck? Too often, we find ourselves in a cycle of self sabotaging habits. It took me years to get out of that cycle, and it all started with increasing my level of self awareness. The core of my problem was simply I did not know how to learn. If you’ve ever made the same …

Stress vs. Anxiety: What is the difference

How to know if you’re suffering from anxiety…..or just stress We know what you’re thinking: “What do you mean, JUST stress?? Feeling stressed out is terrible!”  And we agree – feeling stressed definitely isn’t fun. But neither is dealing with anxiety. Discovering that there’s a legitimate difference between stress and anxiety comes as a surprise to some people.  Often, “stress” …

19 Signs and Symptoms You Suffer from Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  Imagine walking up on stage to deliver a speech. Everyone in the room is staring at you, waiting for you to begin. Your heart is racing. You start sweating. Your breathing becomes quick. Maybe too quick. You begin to feel lightheaded. “Am I going to pass out?” you ask yourself. Sure, this is nerve-racking — but I’m not dying, …

Zen Guided Meditation Graphic

MONQ Guided Meditation Series: Zen

Enjoy this guided meditation using Zen, and help yourself find presence, peace, and balance. This meditation can be practiced regularly to reinforce the virtues exemplified by MONQ’s Zen blend.

The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Beginners

You’ve heard about all the great things meditation can do: relax the mind, calm the body, bring inner peace. While these goals are certainly within the grasp of meditation, it is important to remember that meditation is a process with never ending targets.