Mood Enhancer

How Safe Are Natural Mood Enhancers?

Learn about various ways to naturally enhance your mood, and specifically about how to use aromatherapy for this purpose.

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Breathe to Believe: MONQ at The 7th Nashville Beer & Wine Fest

Read about our first official MONQ Event as a vendor at the 7th Nashville Beer & Wine Fest, benefitting Cupid Charities and the Children's Tumor Foundation.

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Anxiety Series Part I: An Introduction to Anxiety

The First in a Three-Part Series: What is the difference between stress and anxiety? Why does anxiety happen? How can anxiety affect you?

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Why MONQ? An Overview

Get the low-down on MONQ Therapeutic Air® - why, when, and how to use our diffusers and what the different blends can do for you.

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You Evolved to Breathe Plants

Terpenes are compounds released by plants that our ancestors breathed in every day. If you live in an urban environment, these terpenes may be missing from your life.

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5 At-Home Ways to Reduce and Avoid Stress

Not ready for medication or therapy? Here are 5 easy ways you can change your everyday routine to lower your stress level!

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The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Beginners

If you’re interested in meditation but are not sure where to start, or just need a refresher, we’ve put together some tips and practices for beginners and novices alike!

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MONQ: Let’s Start at the Beginning

Read about our Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Fishman, and how he came up with the idea for MONQ, a brand that has since become iconic in the Health & Wellness industry.

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No More Stress, Please!

What are the causes of anxiety and, more importantly, what can I do to minimize feeling anxious? While it’s difficult to list every possible cause of anxiety, it is clear that a huge source of this dreadful feeling is stress. But stress comes from so many ...

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What Is Forest Bathing, and How Does It Relate To MONQ?

Learn about the countless benefits of being immersed in nature, and how MONQ's portable aroma therapy diffusers allow you to take the forest with you where ever you go.

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MONQ Guided Meditation Series: Zen

We are excited to announce the release of our first guided Meditation video on our Youtube Channel. Captured in stunning 4k the mediation transports you mentally and visually to a different place.

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Benefits of Meditation: The scientific reasons to sit and do nothing

In today’s time, anxiety type disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States. We know about depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD and ADHD...

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Be Present: How MONQ can help with Mindfulness

We often hear about the idea of “mindfulness”, or being present. Though the idea is old, it has found new relevance in our modern world-- yet, it's meaning can be elusive.

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Could Your Environment be Contributing to Your Stress?

We all have many stressors in our lives. Did you know that the air you breathe could be one of them? Read about why terpenes are important to your health.

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5 Benefits of Aromatherapy: Why Your Sense of Smell is Important

Did you know that aromatherapy does more than just smell good? Here are 5 key benefits you can gain from this ancient practice.

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How Do You Pronounce MONQ?

We are often asked how MONQ is pronounced. There have been some interesting and amusing attempts but we aim to clear the issue up once and for all!

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