6 Gifts For The Different Personalities In Your Life

Stressed about what you're going to give your friends and family this holiday season? We're here to help! Check out our Gift Guide here.

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5 Easy Ways To Start Exercising Today

Want to get into a new fitness routine but having trouble getting started? Read these easy tips to get yourself in gear today!

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Anxiety Series Part III: Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Third in a Three-Part Series: What are some signs of anxiety and panic attacks to look out for in your daily life? Why do these bodily responses occur?

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Which MONQ Blend is the Right Gift for Each of Your Friends?

Stumped for gift ideas as the holidays get closer and closer? Here's a guide that will help you choose a MONQ blend for each of your friends or loved ones.

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5 Benefits of Aromatherapy: Why Your Sense of Smell is Important

Did you know that aromatherapy does more than just smell good? Here are 5 key benefits you can gain from this ancient practice.

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How Do You Pronounce MONQ?

We are often asked how MONQ is pronounced. There have been some interesting and amusing attempts but we aim to clear the issue up once and for all!

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What Are Qualia and Why Are They Important in Your Life?

You've probably never heard of qualia before, but they are a huge part of making your experiences of the world around you unique! Learn more in this post.

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A Note From Our Founder & CEO This Thanksgiving

Our Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Fishman, has written a message of thanks to our MONQ family in anticipation of the holiday. Read about what he is thankful for.

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What Is Aromatherapy And Where Did It Come From?

Read about the uses of aromatherapy in different civilizations throughout history, and discover why this practice has survived through the ages.

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1 Easy Way to Improve Your Yoga Practice

MONQ and yoga go hand and hand. Hear the story of one yogi and how she uses MONQ in her practice for both herself and her students.

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Anxiety Series Part II: Anxiety Disorders

The Second in a Three-Part Series: What is anxiety? What are some types of anxiety disorder? How common are anxiety disorders?

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Send Us Your MONQ Story!

We love hearing about the positive impact MONQ has made on the lives of our customers. Now you can share your story for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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Study | The Effects of Zen on Meditative and Relaxed States

If our almost 3,000 five-star reviews weren't enough to convince you that MONQ diffusers work, we now have a study to prove it! Check out our results here.

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Breathe to Believe: MONQ at The 10th Annual BOO-lesque

Read about MONQ's recent appearance at Music City Burlesque's 10th Annual BOO-lesque Halloween Event in Nashville, Tennessee!

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A Brief History of Meditation

Meditation is an art that has a long and rich history. Learn about how this practice began and how it has evolved over centuries to what we practice today

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What Does MONQ Mean?

Our Founder & CEO, Dr. Eric Fishman, explains the meaning of the acronym that represents a revolution in aromatherapy.

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