Can Personal Aromatherapy Help Induce an
ASMR Experience?

You may not have heard of ASMR. But you may have felt it.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it is a euphoric experience characterized by a pleasurable tingling on the skin, usually starting at the scalp and moving down the spine. The triggers are varied. You personally may have felt this tingling sensation while using a scalp massager, and people purposefully trigger these feelings with sound design: Soft tones, close whispering, tapping, and personal attention all seem to lead people to an ASMR experience, and YouTube features many creative examples of this pursuit.

What does aromatherapy have to do with ASMR?

By putting you into a more relaxed and aware state of mind, aromatherapy may be a perfect starting ritual for a full ASMR experience. In this video, Olivia taps on different MONQ diffusers to create sounds. But you as the listener may be able to use MONQ personal essential oil diffusers to become more responsive to ASMR triggers yourself.

So which blend may help trigger an ASMR experience the best? We suggest using Zen, which is designed to create a meditative and clarifying relaxation. By inhaling and exhaling the relaxing aromas of frankincense, orange, and ylang-ylang, you may be able to more deeply connect to the soothing sounds made by Olivia or another ASMR practitioner.

Steps for an aromatherapy enhanced ASMR experience: 

1. Inhale any blend through the mouth and exhale out through the nose prior to your session.

2. Be somewhere you’re comfortable, whether it be sitting or lying down, and in a secluded, quiet environment.

3. Use a pair of headphones for listening since ASMR is strengthened when the sounds are alternated from ear to ear.

4. Find an audio or video clip that triggers your ASMR. Triggers include: whispering, scratching & tapping, blowing, and personal attention. Visit one of our favorites by GwenGwiz here.


Have you used MONQ in association with ASMR experiences? We would love to hear from you – Please comment below!

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