MONQ Ambassadors
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MONQ Ambassador?
MONQ Ambassadors is a system which allows us to reward you as a loyal customer. We at MONQ are passionate about aromatherapy and want you to be excited about sharing MONQ with the world, too! You can earn cash or store credit.

Who can be a MONQ Ambassador?
Most MONQ customers and others who create an account are eligible to be a MONQ Ambassador.  You must be over the age of 18 to participate. Visit Become an Ambassador to apply.

What is Store Credit?
You can redeem Store Credit at checkout to purchase MONQ products. 

How do I earn Store Credit or Cash?
You earn Store Credit by sharing MONQ online & referring a friend.

Do my Store Credits expire?
Store Credits expire six (6) months after being earned. 

Can Store Credit be applied to cover shipping cost?
At this time, Store Credit will not be able to cover the cost of shipping. 

MONQ Ambassador
Troubleshooting Questions

How do I apply Store Credit to a purchase?
Add your favorite personal essential oil diffuser(s) or other items to the cart and select proceed to checkout. Validate your cart looks correct, and select the blue checkout button. Select “Apply Store Credits” at the top left-hand side of the page to redeem.

How do I reset my password? 
Visit My Account from the menu bar located at the top right corner of the page. Choose “Lost Password” located beneath the blue login button.

Why am I seeing “invalid email address” when I try to log in?
Register your account here.

*Disclaimer: Multiple offers cannot be combined at checkout. Attempts to use coupon codes in conjunction with your earned Store Credits will not work. MONQ is not responsible for technical glitches that can create any unearned Store Credit balances. MONQ reserves the right to remove any unearned Store Credit from your account should we find such a technical glitch to have occurred. Sharing your referral link through search engines or other paid marketing sites is prohibited. MONQ reserves the right to deactivate any user’s account, including rescinding any existing credit, or to rescind referral links, if it is deemed there was abuse of the Ambassador Program, including promotion of referrals using paid media or third party coupon sites.


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